Friday, August 5, 2011

Review of Inside by Brenda Novak

Brenda Novak
440 pages
ISBN 13: 9780778329930

Vrigil Skinner spent 14 yrs in prison for a crime he didn’t commit, now thanks to the efforts of his sister he’s out but far from free because to survive “INSIDE” you need more than determination, you need friends but they come with a high price in prison, they come with a gang tag and Virgil entwined himself with one of the most notorious The Crew. Now that he’s out his ex-brothers think he’s going to turn on them so they want to get him and all those he loves before he gets them. The Feds want to get the lowdown on another gang so they send Virgil undercover to flush out the truth by infiltrating the gang, his reward he and his family will go into WITSEC, the witness protection program.
Deputy Warden Peyton Adams has a very personal reason for choosing her career path and she gives it her whole heart, so when she learns that the Feds want to put a plant inside she fears for his safety but ultimately agrees to using him. They only have a few days to prepare, but what they weren’t prepared for was the way they feel about each other and it’s more than just lust. Now Virgil has more incentive to stay alive and Peyton to keep him that way, but the odds are stacked against them in love and in living.

Brenda Novak is an awesome mom, a champion of causes and an award winning author and in this first of her Bulletproof trilogy with In Seconds coming in September and In Close coming in October you’ll see why.  Inside is a runaway train that won’t let you breath until it finally comes in for a smooth landing at the end of a treacherous trail. You get amazing good guys masquerading as bad guys, you get bad guys wearing white hats and pretty soon you don’t know who to trust, well trust your heart. Her dialogue keeps the frenzy going and your heart beating double time while the narrative shows you despicable crimes and heartwarming romance. The characters are incredibly true to life, depicted so accurately that you can see the gang tattoos, feel the sea breeze in your face and feel the heat in the presence of our hero and heroine.  The romance is doomed from the start, but that doesn’t stop these two from wanting what they know they shouldn’t, do they get it, for that you’ll have to read yourself. The love scenes are as explosive as it gets and yet you can feel the innocence in the Virgil character and the tenderness in Peyton towards him. It’s just a have to have it now read.

You can check out my review of In Seconds the second in the trilogy in the September issue of RT Reviews magazine.

Thank you Ms. Novak for a splendid journey
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  1. Thanks for the wonderful review, Debbie. Did you also review INSIDE for RT?

  2. You're so welcome Brenda, I can't wait to read the third one too.
    No I didn't review this one for RT, I do a lot of reviews for Mira and they sent me this one.