Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Review of Paris in Love by Eloisa James

Paris In Love
Eloisa James
Random House-Release date 4-3-2012
272 pages

In the aftermath of a successful battle against cancer Eloisa James aka Mary Bly and her family decided to sell everything and head to Paris for a year. It was a year of celebration, it was a year of reconnecting, it was a year of reflecting, it was a year of learning, it was a year of fun.
See how the family copes with language barriers, the culture shock of going from the suburbs of New Jersey to an apartment encased in a building built in the 1700’s. Join in family celebrations, friends visits, shopping expeditions and the challenge of school for the kids. See how chocolate solves more than most of the worlds troubles and how the fashions of Paris inspired more than one chapter in the book.

I have traveled many places and different eras thanks to the amazing storytelling talent of Eloisa James and now she gives me a perspective of Mary Bly and her family seldom seen by fans. I’ve been taken to Paris where I ate, shopped, worked, played and lived with her family, Alessandro, Luca, and Anna, I didn’t need a passport, airline tickets or reservations, the cost in fact was very little, the return however was enormous. I laughed on the very first page and didn’t stop until I closed the book and although it’s not all laughing it’s a main ingredient in the memoir as she took me through their year in Paris, the year she and her family ran away from home, when she in fact learned that she was really running toward something and not away from it.

If you enjoy a lighthearted escape from your own reality, you’ll enjoy this liberation. If you like or like me love the romances of Eloisa James, you will love the true story told by Mary Bly. If you love great writing look no farther. Just buy it and read it you will be glad you did.
Thank you Mary for this sojourn and I look forward to the next expedition brought to me via your alter ego Eloisa.
Please be sure and visit the website dedicated to the book here where you’ll get even better acquainted with the real characters in the book. Buy the book here, visit the author’s website here.


Here is a picture of Eloisa (Mary) w/husband Alessandro


  1. I'm so looking forward to reading this. I have great memories of Paris, but only of a few short visits. Living there must have been quite an adventure!

    On my refrigerator I have a heart-shaped magnet of Paris I won in one of Eloisa's contests. I love it!

    1. Hi Becke, you know i'm not a huge fan of historical romance with exception to a very small number of authors which Eloisa is one of them. i know you'll enjoy it
      thanks for the post