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Review of Big Sky Country and Q&A with Linda Lael Miller

5-29 Q&A w/Linda Lael Miller
Big Sky Country
Please welcome #1 NY Times Best Selling author Linda Lael Miller one of my all time favorite and go to authors and the undisputed Queen of Western Romance. 
Linda it’s a real pleasure to have you here to celebrate the release of a brand new novel and a brand new series, this one is set in Big Sky Country.

Debbie - Tell us a little about the new novel and the new series 
Linda -“Big Sky Country” is the first in a series set in a fictional Montana town called Parable, patterned after my mom’s hometown, Choteau.  The heroes are all cowboys, and their women are all strong, motivated people, able to hold their own.  Each couple has a very good reason not to fall in love, but…and it’s that ‘but’ that makes the story.
“Big Sky Country” features Sheriff Slade Barlow, the illegitimate son of a local rancher.  His lady is Joslyn Kirk, once a small-town queen, returning to make an old wrong right again.
In “Big Sky Mountain”, you’ll meet Hutch Carmody, Slade’s half-brother, and Kendra Shepherd, who is learning to be a mother without the usual nine-month waiting period.
“Big Sky River” continues the Parable saga with Boone Taylor and Tara Kendall.  Boone has given up on love, and Tara is truly a square peg in a round hole.  What ever made her think she could be a chicken rancher????

What happens to the McKettricks-
They just seem to go on and on, that McKettrick bunch.  In “An Outlaw’s Christmas”, this year’s gift hardcover, you’ll get acquainted with Sawyer McKettrick (son of Kade and Mandy, of “Shotgun Bride”) and the schoolmarm, Piper St. James.  The other characters make sort of a cameo appearance in the book, too.

Why do you think that Cowboy romance is so popular
 I think people have always loved cowboys, all the way back to Tom Mix.  They’re a north American archetype, standing for honor, courage in the face of adversity, and a love and appreciation for animals.

You have published over 100 novels, do you still get butterflies on release day 
Oh, yes.  Each new book is like the first one—I always wait anxiously to see how it will be received.

Tell us a little about your scholarship program 
I offer the Linda Lael Miller Scholarships for Women on my website, www.lindalaelmiller.com, and give out a total of $10,000 each year.  The money can be used for tuition, of course, but also for other needs, like transportation, daycare, etc.  The project is near and dear to my heart—my way of giving back, since I was a single mother once.

What authors and genres do you enjoy reading 
Surprisingly, I read mainly histories, spiritual stuff, and memoirs.  My fiction preferences are suspense (not too graphic in the violence department, though),long, complicated historical novels, and the occasional romance.  I love romance, but I don't read a great deal of it because it’s what I do all day, so when reading time comes around, I want something different.

Tell us what you like to do when you’re not writing 
I love to do art, mainly mixed media.  I make artist trading cards and keep an art journal.  I love spending time with my critters and watching whole seasons of shows like “Downton Abbey.”  I walk and listen to a lot of podcasts—mostly ones like Craftcast, but also This American Life.  My guilty secret?  I love to play slot machines.

Do you belong to a writer’s group
No.  I just don’t have time, though I was a member of an active critique group when I lived in Arizona.  I always recommend Romance Writers of America to aspiring romance authors—it’s a fabulous way to learn, network and find encouragement.

I’m sure the fans here would love to meet you in person, I know I would
Do you have any events or signings scheduled for Barnes&Noble. 

No, but I’m open to that.  :)

Thank you so much Linda for taking the time to answer my questions, good luck to you and to your new series.
Please visit Linda’s website here for a booklist, about her scholarship or to find out what’s happening on her blog.

My Review of Big Sky Country
Big Sky Country
Linda Lael Miller
377 pages

Sheriff Slade Barlow has always known who his father was even though the man never claimed him. It didn’t matter that his father was the richest rancher in Parable Montana, Slade raised himself up with determination and a mother’s love. But now the man is dead and he did in death what he never did in life, claim him as his son. This however isn’t sitting well with his half brother and the legitimate heir to the family fortune. Now Slade has a lot to think about especially when a fallen angel comes back to town and to make matters more difficult his stepdaughter too.
Joslyn Kirk was a spoiled rich girl living in a mansion in town until the day her stepfather broke the law and scammed many of Parable’s citizens out of their life savings. This has never set well with her and now, after he’s died in prison and with the means available she’s back to set right the wrongs done by him, but not everyone is glad to see her home and the jury’s still out about what Slade thinks. But what they both know is that fate has crossed their paths for a reason and it’s up to them to give into the fierce attraction they feel for each other and if their sheltered and damaged hearts and souls can just open up they may find the happiness each one has been unknowingly searching for.

Linda Lael Miller brings us a new series with her debut novel set in the big sky country of Montana. Her characters are what she’s famous for hard working salt of the earth people who remind this romance lover of a time long ago when respect and a man’s word were all that were needed. She brings this in her customary aw shucks dialogue that makes her one of the worlds leading ladies of Western Romance and in this reader’s opinion Queen of the crop. The romance is sweet and yet sensual and the conquest is not the end-all it’s the chase, but not to worry if you’re looking for some smokin love scenes because she delivers those as well. So sit back and let her take you to a simpler life yet with enough complications to make the read that more interesting.
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  1. I finished Big Sky Mountain this morning. I enjoyed both of the books in the series. As a matter of fact, I reread the Country book before I started Mountain yesterday. I probably own most of your books. Some I borrowed from the library, some purchased from mail order second hand, but I am truly stuck on your stories. Keep writing, please.

    1. Thanks I know Linda loves to hear that from fans, I can't wait to start Big Sky Mountain