Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Review of Stolen Prey by John Sandford

Stolen Prey
John Sandford
G.P. Putnam’s Sons
416 pages

In a high end neighborhood a whole family is murdered and worse tortured and mutilated in a way that’s not often seen in the upper Midwest. In fact it’s usually associated with crimes below the border, which is what has Lucas Davenport scratching his head trying to figure how this family got in the crosshairs of the Mexican Criminales. In puzzling the pieces together it seems that there’s a deeper connection between the crime and a theft of millions of dollars and the BCA and Lucas will need to find the culprits before the body count rises which is bringing in the DEA, and a couple of Mexican Federales as well as the whole Minneapolis-St. Paul law enforcement community. And while all this is going on he has Virgil Flowers looking into the locating and apprehension of the two Meth heads who robbed him at his ATM.
John Sandford is a brilliant strategist when it comes to putting complicated pieces together and making sense out of what seems to be a senseless collection of information and to make readers really think the complications through. His characters are all well thought out and developed even the villains we just meet but especially the long cultivated characters that we’ve known for years like Lucas, Shrake, Weather and in this volume Letty as well. His dialogue is all street cop and robber combined with your everyday average Jill and Joe and he’s an expert of putting me right in the middle of the scenes good, bad and ugly. In the realm of crime drama there are very few who excel an Mr. Sandford is right up there at the top.
I can’t wait to see what hoops he puts Lucas through in the next novel.
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  1. ooh this sounds creepy and i love a good criminal suspense thriller..thanks for sharing this Deb

    1. Kimba, do you read Sandford. you know there are not many men authors I like in Crime Fiction but Sandford is at the top along w/Michael Connelly. You can't get any more diabolical villains then in Lucas Davenport novels.
      thanks for the post

  2. The pacing of the story is well done as the author takes us through what is happening with the killers. Then we learn the status of the investigation and then view the amature theives who had no idea of what an explosive situation they were getting themselves into.

    John Sandford is a master of dialogue and rates in the class with Elmore Leonard. His central character, Lucas Davenport, is a legendary criminal investigator whose actions and manner of apprehending criminals are realistic and make Davenport a pleasure to follow.

    1. Thank you Netherland I agree with what you said
      In fact I have an author friend who became a writer recovering from surgery after reading some Sandford novels.