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New Release Feature Vanished In The Dunes review + Q&A w/author Allan Retzky

New Release Feature Vanished in the Dunes
and Q&A with author Allan Retzky

Allan Thank you for your time and welcome to the B&N.com General Fiction forum

Debbie - Vanished in the Dunes is your first novel, tell us a little about it please
Allan - The story follows a character that has been left psychologically weakened after his career is upended. This vulnerability allows an innocent encounter with an attractive woman to take a dark turn and lead him into a pattern of deception that spirals dangerously out of control.
You spent a long time in the business sector, how has this or has it infiltrated in your writing.
The major influence was in the development of my characters. Since I worked in international business for so many years I needed to concentrate on understanding different cultures in order to determine the most effective way to approach people.  A by- product of this was realizing that most people have vulnerabilities.  When I began writing I found that it was interesting to explore such flaws.  
On your conversation on the publisher’s website you mention that you started writing after you stopped working, and you also list some very varied interests.
Is there one in particular that you’ve considered taking up, or are they equal opportunity interests.
Writing was the only interest I wanted to pursue. I was once an avid sculptor but I wanted something different. I had taught myself to be a decent cook and I do still work at that, but it doesn’t have the daily pull of writing.
Are you a reader and if so what authors and genres interest you
Yes I do still read, although ironically not as much as I did before I began writing. A few of my favorite modern authors are Ian McEwan, Jose Saramago, Ann Patchett, Alan Furst and the Swedish mystery writer Henning Mankell.  They all write clear and straightforward prose with elements of believable tension.

Being a relatively new author what advice would you give an inspiring author
Believe in yourself and what you have to say. Don’t be discouraged. It’s a tough literary market. Even if you never sell a word always remember that success is as much of a journey as it is a goal.

Do you belong to a writer’s group
I did at one time, but I found it too distracting to read other in-process work while I was involved with developing my own. I do periodically show my work to a few readers for feedback and to see if I’m reasonably on track. That’s an important part of the process.

What’s next for you in terms of writing
I have a few projects in the works. The setting is still the East End of Long Island with its beaches, ocean proximity and seasonal influx of visitors. I like the dynamic inherent in such a mixture.

How would fans find you, do you have a website, or belong to a social media platform.
My web site is www.allanretzky.com and I have an author’s link on Facebook.

Now tell us something personal, you’ve traveled to many foreign places for business so where and what would your perfect vacation be.
Italy offers the best combination. One can go from Lake Como and Florence in the north and down through Rome and to the Amalfi Coast and it’s all impressive and beautiful. And after you’ve seen the ruins, the art and the views there’s always the food. Bella!

I’m sure that you’ll have many new fans that would love to meet you in person, do you have any B&N events or signings planned.
Yes I do, and I post them on my web site as they are scheduled.

Allan thank you so much for taking the time to let us get to know you a little better and good luck with the new novel.

My Review of Vanished In The Dunes

Vanished In The Dunes
Allan Retzky
Oceanview Publishing
240 pages

Debut author Allan Retzky does a great job spinning his tale of mystery, mayhem and disaster and he does it with an economy of words. In his thrifty use of dialogue he brings me into the life of his main protagonist Amos Posner who’s semi innocent actions brings about the unraveling of his life, a life that was already in turmoil, then his Detective Peter Wisdom comes on the scene to hopefully solve a strange series of events that eventually lead me to an unsuspecting and powerful ending. He gave me enough information about his characters to know them and enough insight into his plot to lead me to conclusions , he used his lifetime of experiences to put validity in his novel and kept enough secrets to keep me turning pages to find out what comes next. This novel will appeal to a wide fan base from Noir, to Thriller, to Crime Drama, even Cozy lovers. And as he perfects his newest trade I know that we will hear from this talented author in the future, I in fact look forward to his next journey.

When your life falls apart where will you be, that’s what Amos Posner asked himself after the events leading from the bus ride from NYC to the Hamptons. When an innocent question from a beautiful woman leads to disaster what will he do to clean up the mess that has become his life. When questions from the police make answers into lies what will he do. With his marriage holding on by a thread will he choose the truth or deceit.  And when the end doesn’t justify the means where will all the mistakes eventually lead him. With all these questions going through his mind where will he be at the end of it all.
When Detective Peter Wisdom gets the disappearance of a NYC doctor on his desk little does he know where that case will lead him, what twists and turns it will take him on and what the eventuality of it all will mean to him personally, but he’s about to find out.
When a doctor from NYC goes in search of his missing girlfriend little does he know that his demons will follow him and his life will be altered forever.
Buy the book here visit the author's website here

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