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Q and A with Sarah Morgan and review of Once Upon A Christmas

Q&A with Sarah Morgan
Once Upon A Christmas

Available in the US as
The Doctor’s Christmas Bride & The Nurse’s Wedding Rescue)

As I’ve said before I review two series by Harlequin for RT reviews magazine and like all readers who have their favorite author, I’m no different. So I’m pleased to present Sarah Morgan to you, my favorite Harlequin Presents author and one of my all time favorite authors to boot. Sarah lives in the UK. So without delay let’s get to know her a little more.

Debbie- Sarah, thank you for participating in my all month holiday features starring the authors of Harlequin.
Sarah - Thank you for having me! It’s great to be here.

So first for some cool facts. You live near London. Have you ever seen the Queen?
Actually I have!  This year in the UK we’ve celebrated both the Diamond Jubilee and the Olympics so there was plenty of royal activity!

Do your books appear on both the shores of the US and the UK? Anywhere else?
One of the very cool things about being published by Harlequin is their global audience – their books are translated into 34 languages and sold in 114 countries so I have some really interesting editions dropping through my door. My favorites are the Japanese Manga editions – seeing my story drawn by a skilled graphic artist gives me such a thrill.

Your bio says you knew you wanted to be a writer when you were 8. Can you tell us why and how long it took to realize that dream?
I loved writing, but I didn’t consider it as a career. Even when I eventually submitted and was published, I didn’t think it would be something I would do full time. For quite a few years writing was something I did in my spare time alongside another job, as it is for so many people. I do feel very, very lucky to be able to do this full time! I make a living by telling stories and that is truly Dream Job. Looking back, I don’t regret working as a nurse first. I saw a lot and learned a lot about human emotion and I’ve used so much of that experience in my books.

Are you a city girl or a country girl?
I’m a country girl with city edges :) Truthfully, I need both. I love mountains and being outdoors but I also need people and an excuse to pull off hiking boots and wear pretty shoes.

Why write romances?
Quite simply because writing romance makes me happy, and so does reading romance. I enjoy exploring the path the characters take to their happy ending.  I love the optimism and hope that is reflected in the romance genre.  Writing about love and romance is uplifting and it’s a great way to spend a working day!

Where do your ideas come from?
Ideas come from everywhere - from something I’ve read, or something I’ve heard (if I meet a couple I will ALWAYS ask how they met). Sometimes ideas appear from nowhere and that is the magic of writing. It is so exciting when that happens and all you want to do is rush and write the book immediately! Creating characters is fun and gives endless scope for variety. People ask me whether I’m running out of plots but there are as many plots as there are people, so the answer is no.

You write quite a number of Middle-East romances staring sheikhs and princes etc.. Why do you think they’re still as popular as ever?
There are times when a reader wants to be transported away from the reality of their lives and a Sheikh romance does that. I think the appeal of these stories is a mixture of the exotic settings and the strong, alpha male characters that tend to populate these books. It’s a pure escapist read.

You write about some beautiful opulent places. Where would your dream vacation be?
There are so many places I would love to visit. Top of my list is Brazil. I wrote a Presents a few years ago set in the Brazilian rainforest and since then I’ve been desperate to go and explore in person. But I love travelling and vacations and wherever I go I’ll take books with me and be happy!

Sarah, thank you so much for chatting with us. I hope you and your family have the Merriest of Christmases and if you ever get to this side of the pond and have any events at a Barnes & Noble store please let us know. And if you’re ever in my neck of the woods I hope you’ll let this rabid fan know so I can meet you in person.
I would be so thrilled to meet in person! Thank you so much for the warm welcome and a Happy Christmas to all.

My review of Once Upon A Christmas
Available in the US as
(The Doctor’s Christmas Bride & The Nurse’s Wedding Rescue)

Once Upon A Christmas
Sarah Morgan
Mills & Boon
ISBN13: 9780263902327
379 pages
Sarah Morgan must live a charmed life, must have her own prince charming at home, because one thing she does extremely well, better than most is write romance. I’ve read many romances by her and she’s never disappointed me, whether the characters are larger than life or just full of life they’re always rich, emotional and sexy. This one is no different. Sarah gives us two romances for our money in this delightful romance in a small English mountain town, far away from the bustle of big city life, but with it’s own versions of drama and excitement where the doctors are heroes in more than one way. In part one she gives us the romance of long time friends doctors Jack Rothwell and Bryony Hunter and in part two we get to see Bryony’s brother Doctor Oliver Hunter and distraught visiting nurse Helen who’s been dumped at the altar.
Sarah, I hope you have a very Happy Christmas and keep writing.

Part One:
It’s Christmas time and Lizzie Hunter just put in one special request for her gift. She wants a daddy for Christmas. Bryony’s aghast at her daughter’s request from Santa and she’s also decided she should do something about it, get on with her life, find a daddy for Lizzie. She knows that the man she’s loved all of her life, Jack Rothwell, will never settle down, he’s strictly the no marrying type. But as she tries to get into the dating game she’s constantly running into the immoveable wall that is Jack.

Part Two:
Doctor Oliver Hunter’s been given a mission by his baby sister Bryony. Her friend Helen’s got a problem, one she won’t discuss with Oliver. She’s letting Helen stay in her cottage for a month while she’s away on her honeymoon and has asked Oliver to look in on her. The minute Oliver lays eyes on Helen, he’s a goner. He knows it’s cliché, but it’s definitely love at first sight for him. But Helen’s been through a terrible love trauma, so he needs to tread gently.
Visit Sarah's website here

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