Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Review of A Christmas Hope by Joseph Pittman

A Christmas Hope
Joseph Pittman
ISBN13: 9780758276957
336 pages

Nora Conners left Linden Corners NY years ago with stars in her eyes and dreams on her horizons. Now with the stars faded and the dreams that didn’t come true, she’s come home with her son in tow. Not for a visit, she’s staying and the former attorney’s gone into the antique business and she’s got her first customer and a big job to do for him.
Thomas Van Diver’s come home to Linden Corners too, he’s been gone for all but five of his 84 years. But he’s back with a promise to find a memory and perhaps some of the innocence of childhood that he knew here. He’s here to find a certain Christmas book, a very special edition of a certain Christmas book and he’s hoping that Nora can help him find it.
The funny thing about Linden Corners is that Christmas is a special time here where the residents tilt at windmills, believe in fate and most of all believe and take care of each other. Nora and Thomas have secrets, losses and hopes and in Linden Corners NY might just be where they find what they’re searching for.

If I had to choose one word to describe Joseph’s Pittman’s town and residents it would be Americana. Thank God I don’t have to choose because then I couldn’t tell you that no one depicts small town America quite like him. Where the characters quirky and conventional alike shine like no others. Where hope reins supreme as he once again gives readers a Christmas tale full of love, loss, and hope. We not only get to reunite with the characters he’s introduced us to but we meet some new and wonderful folks who’ve come to different yet equally important forks in their road through life who’re changed dramatically by this community of caring and committed residents. If you’re looking for a feel good novel, your look is over. Mr. Pittman, I can’t wait until your next tale from bucolic Linden Corners.Buy the book here, visit the author's website here.

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