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***GIVEAWAY*** Author Interview-Terrell Griffin-Found Matt Royal series # 8

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The quiet of Longboat Key, Florida, is shattered when an old man is shot to death and his murderer is killed while fleeing the police. Strange documents in German and Arabic are found in the killer's car then an old friend of the murdered man disappears.

Publishers Weekly:
Royal turns to his best friend, Jock Algren, whose ruthlessly applied justice provides counterpoint to Royal’s relaxed Florida lifestyle and good-natured banter with Duncan. Griffin’s fans should be pleased.
Library Journal:
VERDICT Griffin's eighth entry in his Florida mystery thriller series (after Fatal Decree) roars by in a flurry of high-octane encounters guaranteed to keep readers up all night. Heavy on dialog, like the best of buddy flicks.

Terry welcome to The Reading Frenzy.
Thank  you for having me.

Tell us all about your new Matt Royal Mystery?
It’s a mystery set on the Southwest Florida island of Longboat Key. Matt’s friend, Longboat Key’s sole detective, Jennifer Diane (J.D.) Duncan receives a text with a photograph of a friend she thought had been murdered a year before. A few hours later, an elderly World War II veteran who was seeking legal help from retired lawyer Matt Royal was murdered on Longboat. Matt and his buddy Jock Algren work with J.D. in trying to resolve the questions of whether J.D.’s friend is still alive, the motive for the murder of the elderly man and the disappearance of another elderly man who a friend of the murder victim.

Matt was also a lawyer at one time.
Do you see him when you look in the mirror?
Matt’s younger, handsomer and in better shape than I am. However, Matt carries with him some of the same disappointments that I do about how the practice of law has degenerated from an honored profession into just another business. Matt and I were both soldiers, and we retain a respect, bordering on awe, for the men and women of the U.S. military and of the honor with which they serve.

This is your eighth novel in your Matt Royal series.
What about this protagonist keeps you interested in telling his stories?
Matt is an interesting man, full of flaws and goodness, like most of us. I think he sees his world through lenses that are refracted with humor, honor and tragedy. That world includes bad guys that most of us can’t begin to understand, but it also includes men and women of honor and integrity, people who would give their lives for their friends, and sometimes, for their countrymen. In some ways, Matt is my window on the world, and his ruminations give voice to the endless questions about life that I have no answers to.

Do you have a planned number of novels in this series?
No. I’ll quit when I don’t have anything else to say, or Matt runs out of mysteries to solve. I hope I’m perceptive enough to know when it’s time to hang up that particular set of spurs.

Terry I’m always interested in “how I became an author stories” can you share yours with us please?
I’ve always wanted to write. My dream was to pen the next great American novel. I had a very busy trial practice and just never seemed to find the time to start the writing project. When I was about to retire from the practice of law, my wife Jean told me that I’d been talking about writing for fifty years, and now that I had time on my hands, I’d better put my butt in a chair and get to writing. The result was not the next Great American novel, but it was a book, and then a series, that I find satisfies my yen to write and, much to my surprise, has been well received by readers all over the world. This writing has been the icing on the cake, a second career that I often dreamed about, but never expected to have.

Terry I can’t think of a better place to live and write than the subtropics, I’m trying to convince my husband to move to Florida soon, before another Midwest winter.
How does the atmosphere of the locales where Matt solves his crimes add to the story line?
I think you are a wise person and your husband should follow your advice. The Suncoast of Florida, which encompasses the Gulf coast from St. Petersburg down to Naples, is truly a paradise. I don’t think my books would be the same without the locale. I see Longboat Key and its environs as a character as much as a place. I try to describe the essence of the island, including its beaches, the water that surrounds it, and most of all, the people who define it.

So where is your favorite place to write and do you write on a schedule?
I don’t write on a schedule. Some days I don’t write at all, and on other days, I just about wear out my keyboard. My last two books have pretty much been written in a Starbucks near my home in Maitland. I also spend a lot of time in my home on Longboat Key, and find inspiration just by being there.
Terry are you a reader? Big time

Fiction or Non-Fiction?
 I read a lot of both. My non-fiction reading tends toward history and biographies, while my fiction reading is almost exclusively mysteries.

You’re a terrific crime novelist.
Have you ever thought of trying another genre?
Thank you for the compliment. I have recently published a book, “The Assassin’s Game,” that falls more into the thriller genre. I enjoyed writing that, and I may follow up with a second book. However, I don’t see any other fiction genre in which I’d be interested in writing

Terry, thank you so much for taking the time to answer some questions.
Good luck with the new novel.
Will there be any signings/events that fans could meet you in person?
Thank you for thinking of me.
I’d suggest watching my website at for any coming events. They do crop up from time to time, and I enjoy doing them. I’ll post them on my website as they are scheduled.

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  2. Woot! One set in my home state. Neat :) It sounds great. Been a while since I've read a good crime mystery. Adding it to my tbr pile :) And Terry--Thank you for your service! <3