Thursday, February 6, 2014

Review and Challenge - Younger Next Week By Elisa Zied

A few weeks ago I hosted author and dietitian Elisa Zied to talk about her new book Younger Next Week. Here's the link to the interview if you missed it.

Here's My Review and my challenge to all of you out there!
Plus Elisa has offered to answer any questions anyone has so read up!!!

Forget the magic diet/stress pill, they dont exist and forget the strict diets cutting out carbs because carbs give us energy. We dont need diets we need a lifestyle change and Elisas book gives us that. She also takes into consideration that were human and doesnt set us up to fail from the start like some diets do. And most importantly she doesnt scold, or belittle and she doesnt make us feel like losers.
What she does is gives us real tools to use in our battle to relieve stress and reduce calories and sets us on a realistic path to a Younger Next Week!
Let me give you some examples:
She gives you a Vitality Test at the front of the book and then she goes about to tell us how we can improve our vitality through exercise, better eating and getting enough sleep.
My score was a 27, which is the middle of the road so I do need some improvement. J

She gives us the real/scientific scoop on carbs, what they do to us and for us. Did you know that eating the right carbs actually help in weight management? Surprise!
Did you know that shredded wheat is the super cereal?
Did you know that potatoes rank amongst the most vital of foods?
But she also covers protein, fat, vitamins, and your beverage choices.
But she doesnt stop there because then she goes into Part Three and gives us easy to follow and easy to accessorize The Seven Day Vitality Plan that includes menu planning, R&R and exercising.
She even gives a great selection of recipes.

So heres my challenge for you:
Over the next few weeks I
m going to read the book more closely and  follow Elisas Vitality Plan and I challenge any of you out there to get the book and try it with me.
s check back every week or so to give an update of how were doing. Just leave me a message on the blog to tell me how youre doing.


  1. I am glad you found this to be informative and that she breaks things down and makes it realistic for the average woman.

  2. Thanks Kim, I'll let you know how it goes for me :)
    wish me luck LOL