Friday, March 21, 2014

April Line-Up

Oh Wow I'm so excited for April because I am so done with Mother Nature and her joke of last winter which will NOT go away :)

Any way here's my line - up for April and let's hope for April (rain) showers that will lead to those beautiful May flowers.

Tuesday 4-1

Philip Donlay Deadly Echoes interview plus giveaway

Wednesday 4-2 Theresa Rizzo Just Destiny Interview

Thursday 4-3 Holly Robinson Beach Plum Island Interview

Monday 4-7 Anne Clinard Barnhill- Queen Elizabeth's Daughter Interview

Tuesday 4-8 Mariana Fiorato Venetian's Bargain interview

Wednesday 4-9  Barbara Taylor Sissel Safe Keeping interview

Tuesday 4-22  Marilyn Kelly- All The Boys I Ever Kissed Interview (no pic yet)

Those are on my calendar already, these are yet to be scheduled but will appear sometime during the month

Jane Green - Tempting Fate

Elizabeth Loupas - The Red Lily Crown

Lisa Jackson - Summer Days (Antholgy with Elizabeth Bass, Mary Carter and Holly Chamberlin)

MJ Rose - The Collector of Dying Breaths interview and my review courtesy of LibraryJournal

Dani Collins - An Heir To Bind Them - Interview and my review courtesy RT Magazine

Lauren Monroe - Letting Go Interview

Deborah Cooke - Serpent's Kiss

Tara Taylor Quinn - Wife By Design

Let's hope that the weather improves but no matter the weather April will be fun on the blog