Friday, March 21, 2014

April Line-Up

Oh Wow I'm so excited for April because I am so done with Mother Nature and her joke of last winter which will NOT go away :)

Any way here's my line - up for April and let's hope for April (rain) showers that will lead to those beautiful May flowers.

Tuesday 4-1

Philip Donlay Deadly Echoes interview plus giveaway

Wednesday 4-2 Theresa Rizzo Just Destiny Interview

Thursday 4-3 Holly Robinson Beach Plum Island Interview

Monday 4-7 Anne Clinard Barnhill- Queen Elizabeth's Daughter Interview

Tuesday 4-8 Mariana Fiorato Venetian's Bargain interview

Wednesday 4-9  Barbara Taylor Sissel Safe Keeping interview

Tuesday 4-22  Marilyn Kelly- All The Boys I Ever Kissed Interview (no pic yet)

Those are on my calendar already, these are yet to be scheduled but will appear sometime during the month

Jane Green - Tempting Fate

Elizabeth Loupas - The Red Lily Crown

Lisa Jackson - Summer Days (Antholgy with Elizabeth Bass, Mary Carter and Holly Chamberlin)

MJ Rose - The Collector of Dying Breaths interview and my review courtesy of LibraryJournal

Dani Collins - An Heir To Bind Them - Interview and my review courtesy RT Magazine

Lauren Monroe - Letting Go Interview

Deborah Cooke - Serpent's Kiss

Tara Taylor Quinn - Wife By Design

Let's hope that the weather improves but no matter the weather April will be fun on the blog


  1. Easter is really late this year. Awesome line up I look forward to learning more about some of these :)

  2. You've got some major hitters in there girl. Wow

  3. Oh me too Debbie! I am so ready for Spring! What a great line up. A bunch of new to me authors and a couple I already love like Cooke! Can't wait to see what you've got in store :)