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**GIVEAWAY** Author Interview Adam Gittlin- The Deal:About Face

Please welcome today an author whose turned his day job into an interesting and intriguing avenue for fiction. Enjoy our interview then hang around and enter the drawing for your copy of his novel, The Deal: About Face US ONLY sponsored by Adam's publisher Oceanview.

  • ISBN-13: 9781608091072
  • Publisher: Oceanview Publishing
  • Publication date: 3/4/2014
  • Series: The Deal Trilogy , #2
  • Pages: 378


New York City commercial real estate power-broker Jonah Gray has finally resurfaced and he has a lot of unfinished business. Since becoming a fugitive and fleeing his own country, the road traveled has been a long and shocking one. It has been a road of singular purpose: the methodical preparation for his return. Saddled nine years ago with a rare Faberge Imperial Easter Egg thought lost in the Russian Revolution, Jonah made sure the treasure ended up at its destination. 

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Adam welcome to The Reading Frenzy
Thanks so much for having me. It’s nice to be here.

Give my readers a tidbit about your newest novel The Deal: About Face
THE DEAL: ABOUT FACE is a high-stakes, sexy, sophisticated financial thriller based on the commercial real estate market in New York City (and in this particular installment the Netherlands as well).

Adam did you know there would be a sequel to The Deal from the get go, or was there just something you felt was unfinished with the characters and story from the first novel?
Great question. When I was writing THE DEAL, I was so focused on getting the story right that I didn’t really think about it. But as I started nearing the end, seeing how the story was shaping up, I loved the idea of having an end that could work either way: as an ending that could stand alone if I wanted it to, or while satisfying to readers could still leave the door open for a sequel. So that’s what I did.

Both Deal novels star Jonah Gray
Will he be coming back after this novel?
Absolutely. I’m already well into the next Jonah Gray installment, and I have ideas already down on paper for many Jonah novels to follow. I’m a big fan of the series concept. Silva, Coben—I don’t just love the characters they’ve created, I love seeing what happens with them next. Not just with their next adventures, but with their lives. I love watching them grow and live, all while tackling whatever obstacles a new book brings them.

Adam, Jonah and you share the same profession.
What drew you to write about this dark side of your trade?
Yes—I’ve been involved in commercial real estate from all sides of the industry. I wouldn’t necessarily say the dark side of the profession is what I set out to write about—I set out to write about the profession as a whole. It’s a world that’s never been used as the direct backdrop for a series of financial thrillers, and everything about the industry is as straight up fascinating as it is intense. The business of office buildings in major cities like Manhattan is one of—if not the—biggest industries I the world. Yes there are dark facets and nuances to this world, but for every sinister character there’s an individual truly looking to make New York City a better place to work, to live. For each greedy type, there’s a giver. Commercial real estate in a place like Manhattan is full of all sorts of good and bad characters. For each monster, there’s a saint (yes—I took that line straight out of THE DEAL). Owners, brokers, tenants, attorneys, insurance types, bankers, security companies, maintenance issues, contractors, engineers, commercial interior designers, architects—it is simply amazing how many different competencies need to harmoniously co-exist for the commercial real estate world in a place like New York City to run on a daily basis. That’s why I chose to use this world for the backdrop of this particular series. You take the good and the bad from all these aspects of this huge money world—throw in love, revenge, lust, murder, sex, drugs, family, friends—and you’ve got the makings of something (I hope) that’s both sophisticated and sexy.

Adam the first Deal novel is being adapted for a feature film. Congrats!
How much involvement will you have in this?
Thank you. As much as they’ll allow me. Speaking seriously, they’ve actually been pretty cool about wanting my input. The first order of business was the script. Two fantastic writers primarily handled the adaptation but I had a lot of input in the script as well—both in terms of the story and making sure the commercial real estate aspects were handled properly. At this point the script is in the hands of different directors to see who’s ultimately going to be at the helm, and the discussions have been ongoing about who the producers want playing the different roles. My input has been included in these discussions as well, which has definitely been fun. Now we’ll just all have to wait and see who’s going to play Jonah.

Adam on the FAQ page of your website you mention that your favorite time to write is early in the morning.
Would you like to be a fulltime writer or do you enjoy having more than one occupation?
That’s right—for me, early morning for a few solid hours is when I’ll be at my best. Because life is so busy and it gets hard to fit it all in, there are definitely days where I’ll steal whatever couple hours I can get even if that means later in the day or at night. But let’s just say those are the times where I see a good amount more of the delete button.

As for being a full time writer, that’s an interesting question for me. Part of me thinks I’d love that, but there are two reasons why I’m not sure that would stick. One—I think I just need all that other stimulus that fuels my life—writing included. And unfortunately I know my limits time wise—I have a few great (early) hours in me a day. If that ever changes, and I can make it happen all day, new discussion…

You also mention there that you have no formal education in writing.
Has your writing changed/matured from the first novel to this one?
If so how?
That’s right—my writing education has been more of a ‘crawling around in the dark’ kind of thing over the years. But this, as well as with each book I write learning to better outline in a way that guides me yet never confines me, has helped me develop my style and mature as a writer. I think because of all the reading I’ve done over the years I’ve been able to take bits and pieces of different techniques—from what I think works about plot development to character development—and meld them into a style all my own that never had anyone else’s ‘mark’ on it, if you will. That’s not to say looking back I don’t wish I’d had some more formal guidance—there’s a lot to be said for learning not just writing but any craft from experts. That just wasn’t in the cards to be my path. Because of this, while I count on the terrific editors and reading groups I have who assist me in the process, my biggest critic is myself. The biggest force behind figuring out how to improve is myself. Once a book is complete I never second guess what the team has decided is the finished product…until it goes to press. That’s when I sit down, examine each facet of the project, and look at where I can continue to improve. I truly believe I’m maturing as a writer—my goal with every book—but I guess that’s ultimately up to my readers to decide.

Adam you tell us also that you write the same kind of books you like to read.
In fact some of your favorite authors are mine too.
Is there something specific about the genre you love or is it a combination of things?
Definitely a combination of things. Silva, Coben, Dugoni, Brown, Berry—while they all have an awesome ability to create interesting, thought-provoking characters to drive their stories, each has an uncanny knack for giving readers who love thrillers what I call ‘The Dream’. ‘The Dream’ is what readers seek when they read; readers want to be taken to a parallel universe where different people and places they’ve never been collide in a scintillating vortex of life-altering and life-threatening scenarios. And as a reader, to live ‘The Dream’ is to never have a reason to lift your eyes from the page. For me, as a reader, ‘The Dream’ has always been inside of thrillers. I simply love sophisticated, edge-of-the-seat stories I can’t put down. So I decided to take on the challenge of creating the same kinds of stories I love using writers like the ones I’ve noted, as well as others, as my bench mark.

Adam thank you so much for taking the time to answer these questions.
Good luck with the novel and your new movie adaptation too!
Will there be any signing events for fans to meet and greet you?
Thanks so much for having me—these are great questions that were a pleasure to answer. Yes—the first signing event is the official release event on Tuesday, March 11th, at 7 pm at the Barnes and Noble on the Upper West Side of New York City (82nd and B’Way). I look forward to seeing everyone there. Following that, my signing schedule is still being put into place but will be available for viewing on my website shortly.

Adam Gittlin is a private investment executive in New York City who has been involved with commercial real estate transactions from all sides. Gittlin received a BA in Psychology as well as an MBA in Itnl Business, both from Syracuse University. A member of Mystery Writers of America, Authors Guild, & International Thrillers Writers, Gittlin is also the author of two previous novels: The Men Downstairs & The Deal. He is at work on the next Jonah Gray novel, & lives in NJ & NY with his son.

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  1. Now that's a different backdrop for the story! I love when authors do that and bring their real life (or facets of it) into their writing. Sounds like a pretty fascinating one :)

    1. Thanks Anna, this one's going on my must read shelf :)