Wednesday, June 18, 2014

July on The Reading Frenzy

Summer is in full swing and it's time for fun in the sun, vacations and the 4th of July too!
Read on to see what I've got lined up for July here on The Reading Frenzy

First I'd like to make two announcements

Stay tuned for a special Summer Giveaway sponsored by Harlequin I'll post all the details next Thursday.

here's a sneak peek at the goodies

2-My new Goodreads General Fiction Expats forum will be hosting the inaugural book club read

Random Acts of Kindness by my friend and fantastic author Lisa Verge Higgins

Lisa will be with us for the entire month to answer questions and just hang out with us.
If this sounds like fun join in we'd LOVE to have you there!! Click the link for all the details for this read and you're welcome to stay awhile and check it all out.

July Line-Up

July 1 -  
 Terminal Life-author interview-giveaway - Richard Torregrossa

July 2 - 
In The Mood for Love - author interview- Beth Ciotta

July 3 -  
Gold Digger - Showcase Partners in Crime blog tours

July 4th -         

July 7 - 
Random Acts of Kindness read begins

July 10 - 
Sand and Fire - Author interview - Tom Young

July 11 - 
Alias Hook - Blog Tour - Author Interview - Lisa Jensen

July 15 - 
Sight Unseen - Author(s) Interview- Iris & Roy Johansen

July 16 - 
The Psalmist - Showcase - Partners in Crime Blog Tour

July 17 - 
Up To Me - Guest Post - Christi Barth

July 18 - 
Riding The Wave - Guest Post - Lorelie Brown

July 21 - 
Tempting The Player - Cover Reveal - Kat Latham

July 22 - 
Elective Procedures, Partners in Crime - Showcase - Merry Jones

July 29 - 
Jane Austen's First Love - Guest Post- Blog Tour- Giveaway - Syrie James

I hope your June is warm and your July is SMOKIN!!!


  1. Looks like you have a lot of fun stuff lined up! I will be sure to check it all out. :D

  2. A totally different list than mine, I'll be sure to catch your reviews, I specially want to hear your thoughts about Random Acts of Kindness.

    1. Oh Loupe Thanks for the comment. I've already read Random Acts of Kindness here's a link to my editorial review courtesy of RT Magazine-

      I'd love you to join in the group read

  3. Oh nice Debbie! I've only read one of your July authors (Christi Barth) and really enjoyed her. Looking forward to meeting all of the rest!

    1. Thanks Anna, Christi is actually a new to me author so I'll be looking forward to adding her to my eclectic stable

  4. In the Mood for Love was super cute, and what a line up! Looking forward to it!