Thursday, August 21, 2014

OH NO Summer is almost over-September Line Up

Summer once again waves goodbye and I hope that you all had some great Summer memories. The air will begin to have a crispness that it lacked in Summer, school will once again begin if it hasn't already and we'll once again have to put summer behind us as we prepare for Autumn!

First for a FANTASTIC announcement The Reading Frenzy's Facebook page is just about to hit 500, wow thanks everyone. As soon as that milestone is hit I'll be having a giveaway so spread the word and if you haven't yet.

My Goodreads General Fiction Expats group is reading Orphan Train by Christina Baker Kline
join us!

August had 4 giveaways
4 Guest Posts
10 interviews
and my introducing my philanthropic
partner GoneReading

Thank you all for your support!

Now on to my September line-up!

September 1st - HAPPY !!!

September 2nd- Interview with Nancy Coco - To Fudge or Not To Fudge

September 3rd- Interview with Barbara Davis- The Wishing Tide

September 5th-Interview with Alyson Richman- The Garden of Letters

September 8th-Partners In Crime blog tour-showcase of Track Presius series by E.E. Giorgi

September 9th-Interview with Julie Lawson-Five Days Left

September 15th-Interview with AE Jones- Mindsweeper

September 17th-Partners In Crime Blog tour-Interview with Alan Brenham- Cornered

September 18th- My monthly post dedicated to GoneReading

September 19th-Interview with Regina Kyle-Triple Threat

September 24th- Partners In Crime Blog Tour-Guest Post-Michael Allan Scott-Flight of the Tarantula Hawk

September 30th-Interview with Kimberly Belle-The Last Breath

That's all thats planned but be sure and check in every day because there are always add ons and last minute changes.

Have a great September!!!


  1. Looks like you have a lot of great stuff lines up. Congrats on almost hitting 500 likes of FB, that is awesome!

    1. Thanks Kindlemom. It's friends like you who spread the word!! xo

  2. Congrats!! And wow you have it all lined up!

  3. Awesome line up for September Debbie..some of these titles are on my wishlist.

    1. Great Kim If I see one of your reviews I'll connect it w/my interview :)

  4. Oh wow all new to me authors. Looking forward to meeting them all :)

    1. Cool Anna I hope you'll meet someone you want to take home LOL ;)

  5. I don't know if I would read any of them, but some of them look good. I hope you enjoy them all!

  6. I just liked the facebook page. Bring on 500!