Thursday, June 2, 2016

Showcase Lone Star Nights- Book 2 in the McCord Brothers trilogy - Delores Fossen

I'm happy to showcase for you today another new to me author USA Today bestseller Delores Fossen and number two in her hot steamy McCord Brothers trilogy. Note this book comes with another novel by Delores, Cowboy Trouble.

ISBN-13: 9780373789627
Publisher: Harlequin
Release Date: 05/31/2016
Length: 432pp
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No strings attached is pretty much Lucky McCord's calling card in Spring Hill, Texas, but when family is on the line, this cowboy's honor and heart are about to get lassoed, tied and branded
Every family needs its black sheep, and Austin "Lucky" McCord is happy to oblige. The bad-boy bull rider lives fast and loose, until his business partner leaves him an unexpected bequest. Suddenly Lucky is sharing custody of two children with Cassie Weatherall, one of the few homegrown women he hasn't bedded. And not from lack of trying…
Cassie fled her messy past to become a celebrity therapist in LA. So why does it feel so right to come back and share parenting duties—and chrome-melting kisses—with a man she's striven to avoid? Loving Lucky always seemed like a sure bet for heartache. But for this perfectly imperfect family, Cassie might just gamble with everything she's got.

Read an excerpt:

The ranch hand opened the gate, and the bull charged out. Snorting and bucking. Its massive head was down while the animal spun around, trying to hurl off the rider. But Lucky held on. He squeezed his legs around the bull’s sides, the chaps reacting to that pressure.
Cassie reacted, too.
And she thought about how it would feel to be that bull right now. Oh yes, she was worked up, all right.
The bull bucked even harder, slinging Lucky around, but Lucky just adjusted, his long, lean body sliding into the bucking moves. His left arm stayed high, dipping and lifting only when his body did. It was like watching some kind of dance. With a guy wearing chaps and spurs.
Cassie completely lost track of time. Eight seconds or an hour could have passed for all she knew, but then Lucky threw his left leg over the bull’s head, and he jumped off. Lucky landed on his feet and hurried to get out of the corral before the bull came back at him.
He laughed.
That’s when Cassie realized she was holding her breath. Possibly drooling, as well.
Lucky looked at her again, their gazes connecting and holding for a couple of seconds. Cassie didn’t believe in ESP, but something passed between them. He said something to the hands who were still watching the bull, maneuvered off the railing and came toward her. She had another chance to assess that ESP thing, but this time she knew what it was.
A really hot look.
Lucky walked toward her, the spurs jangling and the chaps swaying to give her another Look here! Look here! moment. Cassie tried to seem unaffected by all of this and failed so badly that she just gave up.
“Yeah,” Lucky said, his voice doused with testosterone. He bit down on the fingertip of his right glove to remove it. Then did the same to the second one. “It has the same effect on me.”
This probably would have been a good time for her to play innocent and say oh? or maybe a huh? But after watching what he’d done to those gloves, her innocence was shot to Hades.
Lucky kept coming closer, and the moment he reached her, he slid his hand around the back of her neck, hauled her to him and kissed her.

The McCord Brothers series
Available now                         10-2016 release

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MEET Delores:
When Delores Fossen was a child, she used to sneak around and collect fingerprints, hair strands and fibers left by family members and guests. At age eight, she solved a crime. Well, sort of. When someone nibbled off the ear of her chocolate Easter bunny , she searched for clues and soon discovered that her sister had chocolate bunny breath. With that "case closed," Delores believed she’d discovered her calling--she wanted to be a Texas Ranger or FBI agent. But after realizing that she just wouldn't be very good at chasing down bad guys, she opted for a slightly different career path--she creates fictional cowboy cops and other law enforcement officers. Writing romantic suspense is something she enjoys immensely, and it has earned her the Romantic Times Reviewers Choice and Booksellers Best Awards, and she was a finalist for the prestigious Rita.
Married to an Air Force colonel and the mother of four children, Delores has lived in England and all over the U.S. She’s had a variety of careers and jobs: an Air Force captain, a special ed teacher and a rehab counselor. None was as fun or challenging as the time she’s spent as a stay-at-home mom. She still collects fingerprints, hair strands and fibers every time she dusts or vacuums, which isn’t very often.

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  1. Thanks for posting these, this series look like it would be fun for summer!

  2. Oh boy, a cowboy, some kids, and a small town romance. Sounds splendid, Debbie!

  3. Now you know I love everything about these type of stories :)

  4. *pets the pretty* I have book 1 on my review pile. I think it's officially become a blogger shame book. lol