Thursday, June 30, 2016

Showcase/Review Light the Lamp Audible Edition by Catherine Gayle Narrated by Angel Clark

Those who are regulars know that I've been loving this series. Stay tuned if you're a fan or just want to know more about the genesis of this series or anything about the fab Ms. Gayle because sometime soon she's going to be on the blog with an interview!
Light the Lamp:
Portland Storm, Book 3

Written by: Catherine Gayle
Narrated by: Angel Clark
Length: 8 hrs and 48 mins
Series: Portland Storm, Book 3
Unabridged Audiobook
Release Date:04-07-15
Publisher: Catherine Gayle
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USA Today bestselling author Catherine Gayle presents another novel in the Portland Storm hockey romance series.
Hockey star Liam Kallen lost his scoring touch when his wife died. Still broken up over her loss, Liam's darkness overpowers him, but his new team-the Portland Storm-needs him. A chance meeting brings him face to face with Noelle Payne, the most positive and upbeat woman he's ever met, and his darkness begins to fade.
There's never been a challenge that Noelle can't conquer. Brightside optimist to a fault, Noelle refuses to succumb to the luxurious life Liam can give her, as she longs to find deeper meaning and purpose in her life. Now it's up to Liam to open up and show her that she's the light he's needed all along-giving her the greatest purpose of all. He might have saved her, but can Noelle be the light that saves him?

My Review

Portland Storm book 3
By Catherine Gayle
Audible editon Narrated by Angel Clark
The audible version is a great way to get a 360ยบ feel of this fast paced sports romance. The narrator, Angel Clark has a great grasp on all the different voices and inflections, plus her delivery of all the emotions is fantastic.
Gayle’s Portland Storm series continues, focusing on the life and times of a professional hockey team, its players plus dealing with some real serious societal issues. In the case of book 3 untimely death and homelessness. Her hockey jargon filled narrative keeps fans in the hockey know and entertained and her cast of jock co-stars are great sideliners. Her couple is likeable especially Liam who’s an open book compared to the complicated sometimes too angst filled conundrum that is Noelle. Happily for me the high drama on and off the ice doesn’t deter from enjoying the read too much, but if you’re not a fan of uber angst and drama it may not be for you.

The night Liam Kallen (Kally) lost his wife to a drunk driver he also lost his hockey scoring mojo. Now a year and a half later, playing for the Portland Storm he got it back when he saved the life of a young woman. He’s not sure what to make of his intense attraction to her but he knows he can’t let her go and not just because she’s his puck scoring lucky charm.
Homeless, jobless and living in her car Noelle Payne didn’t think anything worse could happen, until her car was destroyed in a freak accident. She’s thankful for the handsome Good Samaritan who saved her life; she’s not sure why he feels the need to keep helping her, or why she keeps letting him when she knows it’s not the right thing to do.

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MEET Catherine:
Catherine Gayle is a USA Today bestselling author of more than thirty contemporary hockey romance and Regency-set historical romance novels and novellas, with more than half a million books sold. She’s a transplanted Texan living in North Carolina with two extremely spoiled felines. In her spare time, she watches way too much hockey and reality TV, plans fun things to do for the Nephew Monster’s next visit, and performs experiments in the kitchen which are rarely toxic

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  1. I love hockey romances even though I don't watch much hockey. Haha!

    Oh, but the angsty stuff is a hit or miss for me so I'll try the earlier books first.

    1. Yeah Sophia, I actually put the reviews out of order I have book two scheduled for next week LOL
      One and two are great, this one was a really good read if you just skim over some of the heroines antics :)

  2. Lately I haven't been a fan of angst or drama but this does sound like a cute read regardless. Thanks for sharing this one Debbie!

    1. You're welcome Kindlemom, not a soap opera fan huh?

  3. Hehe! I must have read one of your other reviews of this series because when I went over to Audible I had a Bk 1-3 in my wish list already! I see your review sitting there and the one below it is so pouty and sulky. I like the sound of this one, I enjoy Susan Eliz Phillips sports books and this seems to have similar touches.

    1. Yes it is like Phillips funny, witty but Catherine Gayle deals with some pretty serious stuff. I'll have the review for book two in a post next week. In a mad senior moment I put them out of order ;-)

  4. Sports stories aren't really my thing, despite my love of sports. This does sound good and I am curious about the narrator. Great review Debbie!

  5. I need to try out that narrator! Glad you're enjoying these, Debbie!

    1. Yeah me too Anna, I just wish this one would have been better!