Thursday, March 23, 2017

2017 Rita Nominees - Shout out to My Faves

Congratulations to all the 2017 Rita Nominees!

 here's the link to see them all

And Here's a shout out showcase of my faves!!!

Miracle on 5th Avenue by Sarah Morgan
--> Harlequin, HQN
Flo Nicoll, editor

My Review courtesy RT Book Reviews
Morgan’s magical series finale hooks readers from page one. Morgan’s phenomenal storyline and humorous play-on-words-filled narrative is a symphony for all senses, starring a cynical crime writer who’s lost his muse and a spontaneous, eternal-optimist heroine.The character quote snippets are priceless, but it's definitely the slow-building, sizzling romance and the amazing connection she gives her duo that makes for an unforgettable read.
Determined to get the Christmas spirit back, Eva Jordan agrees to decorate the 5th Avenue penthouse of a reclusive mystery author. She also has getting horizontal with a man on her Santa list, but never expected to kill two turtledoves with one stone when said sexy author pins her under him, mistaking her for a thief! Crime writer Lucas Blade thought he’d lost his muse when his wife died. Then a beautiful, steely, blue-eyed blonde breaks into his apartment, which gets his creative juices flowing.
Snowfall on Haven Point by RaeAnne Thayne
Harlequin, HQN
Gail Chasan, editor

Back in the Saddle by Karen Templeton
Harlequin, Special Edition
Gail Chasan, editor

My Review courtesy RT Book Review
BACK IN THE SADDLE (4) by Karen Templeton: Former Hollywood star Mallory Keyes comes to New Mexico to escape a media storm and finds herself desiring a widower and single dad. The last thing veterinarian Zach Talbot wants is his untimely attraction. But hearts mend under the wide New Mexico sky in Templeton’s latest tearjerker. The dialogue, both conversational and comical, rocks. But it’s the poignant love story between the tenderhearted, grieving hero and the brave, disabled heroine that is exceptional. 

Christmas on Crimson Mountain by Michelle Major
Harlequin, Special Edition
Gail Chasan, editor

Searching for Disaster by Jennifer Probst
Pocket Books, Pocket Star
Lauren McKenna, editor

My Review courtesy RT Book Reviews
Probst’s novella Searching For series closer is a poignant tale of starting over and second chances, told via her witty, sexy, fast-paced dialogue. The depiction of her wary, recovering heroine and bulldozing hero is flawless. The past character catch-ups and the four-legged co-stars are memorable, but it’s the way she genuinely resolves the stars’ seemingly insurmountable obstacles that make for a tearful revelation.
Having been sober for two years, former wild child Isabella (Izzy) MacKenzie is ready to test the dating waters again. Then she’s blindsided by an unforgettable one-night blast from her past. When Verily, N.Y. cop William Devine comes face-to-face with the woman who blew his mind one night six years ago. He hasn't forgotten anything about her, especially that she chose drugs over being with him. Can this second chance lead to happily-ever-after, or are they searching for disaster? 

Searching for Mine by Jennifer ProbstEvil Eye ConceptsLiz Berry and M J Rose, editors

Two Doctors & a Baby by Brenda Harlen
Harlequin, Special Edition
Susan Litman, editor
My Review courtesy RT Book Reviews

TWO DOCTORS & A BABY (3) by Brenda Harlen: Dr. Avery Wallace blames loneliness for giving into her unwelcomed attraction to lothario ER doctor Justin Garrett. This explains their mind-blowing liaison in the hospital supply closet. Although Justin is hoping for more, Avery is having none of it. It’s the baby carriage before love and marriage in Harlen’s latest tale. Her ill-fated, commitment phobic couple have great chemistry and presence, and the humor and drama give the novel a perfect balance. Unfortunately, the unsafe sex scene between the two doctors is disappointing and improbable. The vulnerable heroine learning to trust and love again, however, is excellent.

Ravenous by M. S. Force
HTJB, Inc.
Linda Ingmanson, editor

The Beast by J R Ward
New American Library
Kara Welsh, editor
 My Review of the Audible edition of The Beast
Jim Frangione’s mesmerizing, melodious narration is wonderful and not just his voice but the intonations he manages, the emotions he portrays are amazingly good. And his going from character to character even male to female is exceptionally good!

I am truly amazed at how interesting this series continues to be after 14 novels plus spinoffs but JR Ward does it again with The Beast. Her signature slanged-up, ganged-up, hip-hoped, rapped, street speak narrative moves the novel at warp speed while her uber recognizable characters continue to awe, plus we get one small vampire girl co-star who absolutely steals the show. The hints for upcoming battles in the bedroom, throne room and war room make me curious and want it NOW, especially where on earth (or The Fade) she’s going with Layla and Xcor. Bravo JR for yet another page-turning hit!

In every relationship, even the perfect mated pair, a little rain must fall. And in the case of The Black Dagger Brother Rhage and his mated shellan Mary it's the fact that they can’t have young together. Now don’t get them wrong, they know that it’s also because of that fact that they’re even together but even perfect pairs want things they can never have. It happened after a near death experience for Rhage and he doesn’t know how to break it to Mary without breaking her heart that he’s mourning for something that’s impossible to have. Mary in the mean time is grieving for a young, not her own but a girl who’s Mahmen just died at Safe Place who is now totally alone in the world. Will they get through another mountainous obstacle alive and well or will the Scribe Virgin see them both in the Fade?

Field of Graves by J. T. Ellison
Harlequin, MIRA Books
Nicole Brebner, editor
You can read my interview with JT about Field of Graves HERE
My Review of Field of Graves

 J.T. Ellison takes readers back to the genesis of her award winning Taylor Jackson series with a brilliantly delicious dark twisted tale of murder and madness. Starting with a huge bang from Taylor’s glock not a moment or emotion is wasted as JT spins her wonderful crime drama web giving her audience a perfect fly on the wall observation. Her eloquent prose like narrative and timely injection of humor enhances her cop-speak no-nonsense dialogue and lightens the dark content. Fans will get a look back and new fans a first look at her amazing, unforgettable stable of stars and co-stars. JT has amazed me with every novel and this one is no different and I can’t wait to see where she takes me next!
Lieutenant Taylor Jackson is still reeling from repercussions from a sticky professional situation that’s got her on edge and out of sorts, when she’s handed a vicious murder case. A female Vanderbilt student is found dead, ceremoniously posed naked at the Parthenon in Centennial Park. While she and her team start digging for clues another female Vanderbilt student’s body is found. Suddenly all Taylor’s previous dilemmas have to take a backseat to what she and her team are hoping is not but could be a serial killer preying on Nashville coeds. And to make matters worse now she’s got to babysit some burnt out feeb too. Just Perfect!


  1. Debbie can Field of Graves be read as a standalone?

  2. Jennifer Probst and JR Ward are good ones, for sure. I've been meaning to read the Rae Anne Thayne books.

    Fun to see your list, Debbie! And hope they turn out winners.

    1. Me too thanks for sharing your wishes Sophia Rose

  3. Yes I enjoyed reading the list and love seeing your favs. I have only read the Sarah Morgan one, I like Marie Force's writing but not her more erotic ones, but good to see her book in that list. She works so hard.

    1. She does work hard and e-rom isn't for everyone. I'm not a big fan unless its only one couple and it has to be kind of tame e-rom too ;-) oxymoron I know

  4. Some of my favorites-- like Roni Loren-- made the list, too! How fun!