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**GIVEAWAY** Interview - L.D. Crichton - The Enchantment of Emma Fletcher - Blog Tour Simon and Schuester

Happy Friday!
What a better way to start off the weekend than with a great interview about a new book and a #Giveaway.
Today is my stop on the Enchantment of Emma Fletcher blog tour, read my interview with the author then enter for a chance to win a copy for your self. I know once you read all about it you be excited to get your hands on a copy, I know I am!
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ISBN-13: 9781501152313
Publisher: Pocket Star e-books
Release Date: 03-13-2017
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After Emma Fletcher is viciously attacked and left for dead, she flees to her old childhood hometown where she’s confronted with bitter memories of her damaged past and alcoholic mother. Emma is determined to make her stay temporary and get out with minimal emotional damage. What she doesn’t count on is Tristan Banks: auto mechanic, coffee addict, and town hottie with dark secrets of his own.

Tristan’s track record of saving girls has historically led to failure. The last thing he needs is trouble in the form of a leggy brunette with an attitude, but when he starts to fall for Emma, Tristan realizes the only way he can save her is to help her save herself.

Praise for The book
“The character development will draw readers into the story and have them rushing to find out what happens…Verdict: Romance readers who prefer a love story with a thriller twist will enjoy this page-turner. It’s perfect for those jumping from YA contemporary romance to more adult fiction.”
Library Journal STARRED REVIEWstarred review star

“L.D. Crichton has written a compelling story of overcoming tragedy and moving forward. I truly experienced the wide range of emotions felt by all the characters, as all feelings are conveyed with genuineness. THE ENCHANTMENT OF EMMA FLETCHER is heartfelt and very realistic…THE ENCHANTMENT OF EMMA FLETCHER is emotionally rewarding…L.D. Crichton has created an interesting story about true-to-life people, and I look forward to more books from this author.”
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Hi LD, welcome to my blog.
Tell my readers and me a bit about, The Enchantment of Emma Fletcher.

Thank you so much for having me! The Enchantment of Emma Fletcher tells the story of a young woman desperate to outrun things in her past that haunt her. She flees to a small town where she spent summers as a child and once she’s there, friendships both old and new empower her to make peace with her fears. While Emma is taking her life back, she unexpectedly falls in love.

That’s quite a title and a fabulous cover.
Did you have any say in either?

The title was there from the beginning. I honestly wondered if my publisher would ask me to change it, because it is a bit longer than is perhaps considered normal, but I was thrilled when everyone loved it. We never spoke of changing it once and I’m glad. I can’t imagine it being called anything else.
The cover came from some amazingly talented individual. I sent examples of covers that I loved to the powers that be, and they sent back the cover you see. As soon as I saw it, I fell in love with it because to me, it very much suits the story. It almost looks as if it’s raining, so it has a heavier/gloomy feeling to it, yet there’s Emma looking down a path ready to see where it takes her. The only change was the font in “The Enchantment of” – it was not originally in all caps, but otherwise, everything is the same. I got lucky!

LD this is only available in digital.
Are there plans to put it in print in the future?

That’s an excellent question. Pocket books is a ‘digital first’ publisher and I assume there is some kind of metric used to determine which books go on to be printed. I’m unsure of what those are though, but I like to hope The Enchantment of Emma Fletcher may one day meet those requirements because I would love to see it in print.

Tell us what it means to you to have your debut/baby put out there for the world to see.
This is the hardest question ever because it’s a struggle to find the right words to describe it. It means that the uphill climb with a boulder strapped to my back has been worth it. Writing can be grueling. No one I know does it for fame or money, we do it because there are stories to tell even when the journey is excruciatingly difficult. To have it finally be out in the world after eleven years of working toward that goal, it’s a very validating experience. It’s shown me that yes, I can call myself an author, and I can do that with pride.
On the more personal side of things, my dad was a writer. He’s the reason I’m a writer, and he passed away last year before the book came out, but I was fortunate enough to be able to tell him about my book deal before he died. I don’t think he could have possibly been more proud of me. Now that it’s out there, I feel him with me.  So it really means a lot on so many different levels.

LD even though this is your debut novel you are not new to the writing world.
Will you tell us about what you’ve already accomplished and where you see yourself going in the future?

I’m not new to writing! I’m very active on the platform Wattpad, where I’m one of their top writers. Because of Wattpad, I have worked with several brands for various writing campaigns including:
The only official fan fiction for One Direction.
The only official fan fictions for Emblem3.
A unique campaign to spread awareness for bleeding disorders in women through the power of story telling with the Canadian Hemophilia Association.
And most recently with Warner Bros Canada in a campaign for their movie Collateral Beauty.
Where I see myself going in the future? I hope to be able to write enough books that I can do it full-time. I hope I can continue to grow and learn as a writer and I hope that I can show people who are still struggling with the boulder strapped to their back and walking uphill that it can pay off.

What’s LD stand for?
Leah Danièle

LD you’re a very socially connected woman.
Do you attribute this to getting your novel published?

To a point yes. I think my Wattpad following and the fact that I was commissioned to write for One Direction definitely helped me springboard from the slush pile initially. With that in mind, I’m also confident that my agent would not have offered to represent me if I didn’t have some kind of skill in terms of writing. With that in mind though, I’m sure having a pre-existing fan base that was already fairly strong didn’t hurt when we went on submission with The Enchantment of Emma Fletcher.

LD thanks for taking the time to answer my questions, good luck with the new book. Do you have another coming anytime soon?
I hope so! I’m just about finished my next manuscript which will be in the hands of my agent as soon as possible. I definitely have many more stories to tell, so I’ll celebrate my debut for a minute and then pick that boulder back up to keep climbing!

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Meet LDL.D. Crichton is the author of the only official fan fictions for both One Direction and Emblem3, commissioned by Sony Music Entertainment and Faculty Management Group. Crichton has over 7.5 million combined reads on Wattpad and her work has been featured in Publisher’s Weekly, the Daily Dot,Marketing magazine, Just Jared, VentureBeat, and Contently. She lives in Alberta, Canada. Please, and L.D. Crichton on Facebook and Twitter.

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    1. I love this genre too Kim and the cover and title had me intrigued from the get go

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