Thursday, August 27, 2015

Goodbye Summer – September 2015 Line Up

Yeah its a very bittersweet time of year for me. While I love the crispness of autumn weather I know what's coming right around the corner too!

Here's whats on tap for September on The Reading Frenzy

September 1- Interview with Kim Harrison about her debut series novel The Drafter

September 2- I am so excited about this
Dinner + meet and greet at my local library with Kristan Higgins whose touring with her new release If You Only Knew

September 3 - Interview/Giveaway with H Terrell Griffin Chasing Justice

September 8 - Interview Nicole Dweck - The Debt of Tamar

September 11- Interview Kate Forsyth - The Wild Girl

September 14 - Monica Beggs by Sheri Fredericks Blog Tour stop

September 16 - Interview Karen Katchur- The Secrets of Lake Road

September 22 - I'm so excited to present debut author CA Higgins who is the daughter of my dear friend and author extraordinaire, Lisa Verge Higgins with her exciting wonderful Sci-Fi series debut novel Lightless - interview-review.

September 28 - I'm also excited to be a part of the Partners In Crime blog tour of yet another favorite author Mary Anna Evans upcoming novel Isolation I'll be featuring an interview and a review.

Well that's all I've got planned for now but I know there will be additions, subtractions and giveaways added on too, so the best way to stay on top of things is to visit every day.

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Tuesday, August 25, 2015

**GIVEAWAY** Interview/Review If You Only Knew - Kristan Higgins

I'm so happy to be hosting one of my all time favorite authors as part of her blog tour, please welcome the fabulous Kristan Higgins. She's here answering a few questions about the economy, the state of the union, ;-) okay not really – she's here talking about her brand new, just out today, novel, If You Only Knew.
Enjoy our conversation a short excerpt then her wonderful publicist, Little Bird Publicity is sponsoring a giveaway of one print copy US ONLY of her new book, details below.
And be sure to check out Kristan's website for a list of where she's going on her book tour, I'll be meeting her in person at my local library in just a week and I'm still pinching myself.

ISBN-13: 9780373784974
Publisher: Harlequin
Release Date: 08/25/2015
Length: 416pp
Buy It: B&N/Amazon/Kobo/Indiebound/Audible


The drama, hilarity and tears of sisterhood are at the heart of the thoroughly captivating new novel by New York Times bestselling author Kristan Higgins—a funny, frank and bittersweet look at marriage, forgiveness and moving on
Letting go of her ex-husband is harder than wedding-dress designer Jenny Tate expected…especially since his new wife wants to be Jenny's new best friend. Sensing this isn't exactly helping her achieve closure, Jenny trades the Manhattan skyline for her hometown up the Hudson, where she'll start her own business and bask in her sister Rachel's picture-perfect family life…and maybe even find a little romance of her own with Leo, her downstairs neighbor, a guy who's utterly irresistible and annoyingly distant at the same time.

Giveaway is for one print copy
If You Only Knew by Kristan Higgins
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Monday, August 24, 2015

**GIVEAWAY** Guest Post by P. J. Brackston The Brothers Grimm Mystery series

Please welcome back to the blog a frequent visiting author, Paula Brackston, who today comes to us under the guise of her new alter ego, P. J. Brackston under which she pens her new adult fantasy series staring Gretel (yes that Gretel) whose now 35, living with her older brother Hans (yes that Hans) solving crimes in her quaint Bavarian village.
Her guest post is titled "Hearing Voices" enjoy it! At the end you'll find my reviews of both her current releases, The Case of the Missing Frog Prints and Once Upon a Crime. Then stick around because Paula's publisher Pegasus Books is offering one lucky entrant a copy of both novels as a giveaway. 



Giveaway is one print copy of each
Gretel and the Case of the Missing Frog Prints
And Once Upon A Crime
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Friday, August 21, 2015

Interview with Bradley Somer - Fishbowl

Please help me welcome Bradley Somer to the blog, he's here to chat about his fantastic new novel, Fishbowl. I can't wait to get my hands on my copy and I bet you'll be chomping to get one of your own by the end of the post.

ISBN-13: 9781250057808
Publisher: St. Martin's Press
Release Date: 08/04/2015
Length: 304pp
Buy It: B&N/Amazon/Kobo/IndieBound/Audible


A goldfish named Ian is falling from the 27th-floor balcony on which his fishbowl sits. He's longed for adventure, so when the opportunity arises, he escapes from his bowl, clears the balcony railing and finds himself airborne. Plummeting toward the street below, Ian witnesses the lives of the Seville on Roxy residents.
Read an excerpt courtesy St. Martin's Press:

In Which the Essence of Life and Everything Else Is Illuminated There's a box that contains life and everything else. This is not a figurative box of lore. It's not a box of paper sheets that have been captured, bound, and filled with the inkings of faith, chronicling the foibles and contradictions of the human species. It doesn't sport the musty smell of ancient wisdom and moldering paper. It isn't a microscopic box of C, G, A, or T, residing within cell walls and containing traces of everything that ever lived, from today back through the astral dust of the Big Bang itself to whatever existed before time began. It can't be spliced or recombined or subjected to therapy. It's not the work of any god or the evolution of Darwin. It's not a thousand other ideas, however concrete or abstract they may be, that could fill the pages of this book. It's not one of these things, but it's all of them combined and more. Now we know what it isn't, let's focus on what it is. It's a box containing the perpetual presence of life itself. Living things move within it, and at some point, it will have been around long enough to have contained absolutely everything. Not all at once, but over the years, building infinite layer upon infinite layer, it will all wind up there. Time will compile these experiences, stacking them on top of each other, and while the moments themselves are fleeting, their visceral memory is everlasting. The passing of a particular moment can't erase the fact that it was once present. In this way, the box reaches beyond the organic to the ethereal. The heartbreaking sweetness of love, the rending hatred, the slippery lust, the sorrow of losing a family member, the pain of loneliness, all thoughts that were ever thought, every word ever said and even those which were not, the joys of birth and the sorrows of death and everything else will be experienced here in this one vessel. The air is thick with the anticipation of it all. After it's all done, the air will be heavy with everything that has passed. It's a box constructed by human hands and, yes, if your beliefs trend that way, by extension, the hands of God. Regardless of its origin, its purpose is the same and its structure reflects its purpose. The box is partitioned into little compartments in which all of these experiences of time are stored, though there's no order to their place or chronological happening. There are compartments stacked twenty-seven high, three wide, and two deep that house this jumble of everything. Melvil Dewey, the patron saint of librarians, would cringe at the mere thought of trying to catalog the details of these one hundred and sixty-two compartments. There's no way to arrange or structure what happens here, no way to exert control over it or systematize it. It just has to be left a mess. A pair of elevators connects all of these compartments. Themselves little boxes, each with a capacity of ten people or 4,000 lb./1,814 kg., whichever comes first. Each with a little plaque attached to the mirrored wall near the panel that says it's so. The irritating pitch of the alarm that sounds when there's too much weight inside also says it's so. The elevators trundle tirelessly up and down their dingy shafts, diligently delivering artifacts and their custodians to the different levels. Day and night, they shuttle to one floor and then to the next and then back to the lobby. There's a staircase too, in case of fire or power outage, so the custodians can grab the artifacts most dear to them and safely exit the box. The box is a building, yes. More specifically it's an apartment building. It sits there, an actual place in an actual city. It has a street address so people who are unfamiliar with the area can find it. It also has a series of numbers so lawyers and city surveyors can find it too. It's classified in many ways. To the city it's an orange rectangle with black crosshatching on the zoning map. "Multi-Residential, High-Density High-Rise," the legend reads. To many occupants it's a "one-bedroom apartment for rent, with underground parking and coin laundry facilities." To some it was "an unbelievably affordable way to experience the convenience and excitement of downtown living. This two-bedroom, one-bathroom condo with uninterrupted city views must be seen to be believed," and is now home. For a few, it's a place to work on the weekdays. For others, it's a place to visit friends on the weekends. The building was constructed in 1976 and has hobbled through time ever since. When it was still new, it was the tallest building on the street. Now that it's older, there are three taller ones. Soon there will be a fourth. For the time, it was an elegant and stately building. Now it seems dated, belonging to a period in architectural history that has its own name, a name that was not known at the time it was built but is applied knowingly in hindsight. The building was renovated recently because it was in much need. The concrete was painted to hide the spalling cracks and compiled graffiti. The drafty windows and gappy doors to the balconies were replaced to keep the evening chill outside and the temperate air in. Last year, the boiler was upgraded to provide adequate hot water for washing up. The electrical was updated because building codes have changed. It was once a building entirely full of renters. Now, it is a condominium where most people own but others still choose to rent out their suites to offset other investment risks, to "diversify their portfolios." The building fulfills an Arcensian mission of carrying everything mentioned thus far, housing the spirit and the chaos of life and those beings in which they reside, through the floods and to safety every time the water recedes. Depending on where you live, this box may be just up the street. It may even be within walking distance from where you read these words. You may drive past it on the way home from work if you work downtown but live in the suburbs. Or you may even live there. If you see this building, pause for a second to ponder what a marvelous arcanum it is. It will sit there long after you turn the last page in this book and long after we are dead and these words have been forgotten. The beginning and end of time will happen there within those walls, between the roof and the parking garage. But for now, only a handful of decades old, it's a growing marvel in its nascent days and this book is a short chronicle of its youth. Spelled out above the front door, bolted to the brick in weeping, rusty black metal lettering, is the name of the building: the Seville on Roxy. Copyright © 2015 by Bradley Somer

Thursday, August 20, 2015

Interview with Martha Cervantes - Pedro

Please welcome yet another new to me author, Martha Cervantes whose novel Pedro will surely thrill fans of psychological thrillers. Read on to learn more about the novel and about Martha too!

ISBN-13: 9781909477926
Publisher: Clink Street Publishing
Release Date: 09/15/2015
Length: 608 pp
Available for pre-order: B&N/Amazon/Kobo

Abandoned as a baby to an old couple who kept him outside in their barn, Pedro suffered years of abuse and neglect. Looking for a way to rid himself of a life as a beast of burden, he begins to seek immortality in all the wrong places. Pedro's desire to live a life free of the burden and fear of fatality ultimately leads him to a cantina where a man playing the guitar as if in a trance tells Pedro of the Great Spirit. Eager to live a new life, Pedro sells his soul to the Great Spirit but at a great cost. Immortality may not be all that he bargained for, as Pedro suffers the consequences of having his wish granted.

Monday, August 17, 2015

**Giveaway** Blood Rose by Danielle Rose Blog Tour - Interview - Showcase

Thanks for stopping by my stop on the Blood Rose Tour 
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Book Blurb:
There's no wrath like that of a witch scorned.

Avah Taylor has been given a death sentence: as one of the only spirit users in her coven, Avah has been chosen to wield The Power, the ultimate weapon against the immortal vampire species witches have been at war with for centuries. The Power, given by the gods to one witch of each generation, is considered a great honor, but every witch before has died trying to master this all-too-powerful gift, one that the shell of a mortal can’t contain for long.

On the night of her birth rite, Avah’s coven is attacked, and Avah is left for dead. Confronted with a terrible choice, Avah must decide to either die or save herself by becoming like her enemies. Forced to seek refuge among the very beings she has sworn to kill, Avah vows revenge on those who took her former life from her. 

As Avah slowly transitions into a life of blood and war and battles her own feelings for a man she is supposed to hate, she realizes everything she’s been told is a lie.

First Prize is one signed copy of Blood Rose
Second Prize(s) 5 e-copies
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Friday, August 14, 2015

Showcase - Deadly Assets - W.E.B. Griffin & William E Butterworth IV

Please enjoy a little showcase I put together in celebration of W.E.B. Griffin and William Butterworth's new timely novel, Deadly Assets! Number 12 in the Badge of Honor series.

ISBN-13: 9780399171178
Publisher: Penguin Books US
Release Date: 08/04/2015
Length: 400
Buy It: B&N/Amazon/Kobo/IndieBound/Audible


The dramatic new novel in the Philadelphia police saga by #1 New York Times–bestselling author W. E. B. Griffin.
In Philadelphia—suffering among the country’s highest murder rates—the tension between the Philadelphia Police Department and its Citizens Oversight Committee has long been reaching a boiling point. That turmoil turns from bad to worse shortly after the committee begins targeting police shootings—especially those of twenty-seven-year-old Homicide Sergeant Matt Payne, the “Wyatt Earp of the Main Line”—and then the committee’s combative leader is found shot dead point-blank on the front porch of his run-down Philly row house.
As chanting protesters fill the streets, the city threatens to erupt. Payne, among many others accused of being complicit in the leader’s death, becomes quietly furious. He suspects there’s something deeper behind it all, but what? Ordered to stay out of the line of fire, he struggles ahead to do what he does best—his job. He’s been investigating the murder of a young family. A reporter, working on an illicit drug series for Pulitzer Prize–winning journalist Mickey O’Hara, has been killed with his wife and child, a note stapled to his chest warning that the drug stories are to stop. Period. While Payne knows that he, like his pal O’Hara, cannot back down, he also knows that they damn sure could be among the next to die. . . .