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#MacmillanAudio review of Lone Wolf by Gregg Hurwitz

Today I'm sharing my review of, Lone Wolf, book 9 in Gregg Hurwitz's Orphan X series. This is a series that I would have never picked for my self so here's a big shout out for Drew from #MacmillanAudio for introducing me to Evan Smoak and the rest of the Orphan X gang.
If you're looking for a non-stop action packed series look no farther than the Orphan X series.

Publisher: Macmillan Audio
Release Date: 2-13-2024
Length: 13 hours & 13 minutes
Source: Publisher for Review
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This program is read by multi-award-winning narrator Scott Brick.

"Brick employs perfect timing and emphasis to portray Evan and plays him with heart...Brick shines in long passages of exposition, setting up the stakes with deft talent, and quickly shifts into periodic high action."—AudioFile

Once a black ops government assassin known as Orphan X, Evan Smoak left the Program, went deep underground, and reinvented himself as someone who will go anywhere and risk everything to help the truly desperate who have nowhere else to turn. Since then, Evan has fought international crime syndicates and drug cartels, faced down the most powerful people in the world and even brought down a President. Now struggling with an unexpected personal crisis, Evan goes back to the very basics of his mission—and this time, the truly desperate is a little girl who wants him to find her missing dog.

Not his usual mission, and not one Evan embraces with enthusiasm, but this unlikely, tiny job quickly explodes into his biggest mission yet, one that finds him battered between twisted AI technocrat billionaires, a mysterious female assassin who seems a mirror of himself, and personal stakes so gut-wrenching he can scarcely make sense of them.

Evan's mission pushes him to his limit—he must find and take down the assassin known only as the Wolf, before she succeeds in completing her mission and killing the people who can identify her—a teenaged daughter of her last target, and Evan himself. Matched skill for skill, instinct for instinct, Evan must outwit an opponent who will literally stop at nothing if he is to survive.

A Macmillan Audio production from Minotaur Books.

My #MacmillanAudio Review:

Lone Wolf
Orphan X #9
Gregg Hurwitz


Lone Wolf, #9 in the Orphan X series is the best yet full of non-stop action, rolling gun play and pitting two almost perfect assassins against each other.

When the daughter of Evan Smoak’s half-brother calls his No Where Man hotline number and requests Evan’s help finding her lost dog even against all his better judgement he agrees to help.  Then to his dismay this small request leads Evan down a rabbit hole of danger and some too close calls with death when he interrupts the murder of a tech engineer by a female assassin almost equal in abilities to his own. When the assassin also tries to kill the dead man’s daughter, an innocent, Evan knows he’ll stop at nothing to protect the girl.

This mission takes Evan deep into the burgeoning AI tech business where he needs not only his own prowess as an assassin to put an end to this mysterious female assassin known as the Wolf but he’ll need to rely heavily on Joey, his ward and a superhuman hacker to finish the job and save the life of the innocent girl.

There’s just no doubt about it Gregg is a magician with words keeping his readers and listeners on the edge of our seats and constantly amazed at the things he dreams up. And yes I know that I say each of the installations is the best so far and it’s heavily due to the steady humanization of Evan, with each novel not only does the audience see an action adventure scenario that’s non-stop and nail biting but also with each book yet another layer is peeled to reveal more of who Evan is and who he may become in the future. And in Lone Wolf we see Evan as a brother and an uncle albeit an unwilling one who always manages to do the right thing. Fans of this incredible series (which should be read in order) and of this master storyteller will not be able to put this novel down until The End!

And as Gregg brings the series to life with his written word, so does Scott Brick with his narration. Scott’s impeccable timing and ability to seamlessly flow from one character to another bringing Evan and all the characters to life while keeping the audience breathlessly waiting for the next scene to unfold is simply masterful.

is the author of the New York Times bestselling Orphan X novels. Critically acclaimed, his novels have been international bestsellers, graced top ten lists, and have been published in thirty-two languages. Additionally, he’s sold scripts to many of the major studios, and written, developed, and produced television for various networks. Hurwitz lives in Los Angeles.




  1. I loved this so much! I'm glad you are enjoying it also.

    Anne - Books of My Heart

  2. Seeing how much you love this series and latest book reminds me that I need to get busy and read this series.

  3. Nr 9 and still going strong. Nice

  4. I need to try this series/authors. You seem to enjoy all of them :)

  5. Sounds fascinating and Evan actually seems like a very wonderful human being.