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Review: Back to You + Exclusive author interview with Richard Plourde

Today I have a double feature, my thoughts on a wonderful novel, Back to You and a Q&A with author Richard Plourde

ISBN-13: 978-2924099865
Publisher: Editions des Merisiers
Release Date: 01-24-2024
Length: 256pp
Source: Author for review
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John Fisher will risk everything to find the anonymous bone marrow donor who gave him another chance at life.

After thirteen years of unhappiness, self-absorbed millionaire John Fisher becomes convinced that the anonymous female bone marrow donor who saved his life could be the answer to all his woes - his true love, his soulmate.

There is a problem… Donor information is kept confidential under lock and key in a secured building thousands of miles away. John believes he has found a way to get to his file, but a slight mishap will certainly land him in jail and ruin his career.

Risking everything, John embarks on an epic journey in search of this mysterious woman.

What he uncovers along the way challenges everything he thought he knew about fate, love, and the true meaning of second chances.


« You just have to read this book. » Rayo Reads

« A real gem! » Christine Michaud, Le Lundi

« I was captivated by this cleverly woven tale. The storytelling was brilliant. » DJ Sakata, Books & Bindings

« Wow, what a great discovery. I had difficulty putting my tablet down. » Books With Natasa

My Review:

Back to You
The Astonishing Fate of John Fisher
Richard Plourde


Back to You is a love story, but it’s also a romance that will check every mark for fans plus it’s a journey of self-discovery for protagonist John Fisher, a man who really needs a wake-up call, a man who may not seem like a hero at first.

A bone marrow donor would save John Fisher’s life after a cancer diagnosis but instead of taking care of the life that was saved he turned into a workaholic, vain hard-living man who lived each day as if it was his last day on earth. Then his boss gives him an ultimatum- find the decent man he once was, or John can kiss his partnership goodbye.

This ultimatum is a blessing in disguise and gives John an epiphany sending him on a journey to find the woman who donated the bone marrow that saved his life, the woman he now believes is his soul mate.
He begins his journey by going home, a place he never thought he set foot in again and turns to two old friends from his youth to help him.

There aren’t many men who really get romance, but Richard Plourde is one who does. His characters are realistic, and his main protagonist John will make readers angry and want to slap him often as he learns about life and love.

The plot is unique and compelling and the author’s engaging narrative will draw readers right into this exceptional one sitting read.

Exclusive Author Q&A :

Richard I really enjoyed reading your novel, Back to You, The Astonishing Fate of John Fisher
Tell my readers a little about it please.

First thank you for having me and second, I’m glad you liked the novel.

« Back to You… » is my second novel, but the first one to be translated to English. The story revolves around John Fisher : a young, self-absorbed millionaire who becomes convinced that the anonymous female bone marrow donor who saved his life from leukemia could be the answer to all his woes - his true love, his soulmate.

Forced to unearth long-buried demons, John embarks on an epic journey of a lifetime alongside childhood friend Daniel and beautiful Emma, an old flame he was sure the years had extinguished, in search of this mysterious woman.

What John uncovers along the way challenges everything he thought he knew about fate, love, and the true meaning of second chances.

In my experience there are few male authors who can write romance, love stories yes but romance no, but you have written an exceptional romance novel.
What was the inspiration for this story?

Thank you for the compliment; I truly appreciate it. I believe that within each of us exists both feminine and masculine aspects. In my writing, I find inspiration from tapping into both these dimensions, weaving them into the fabric of my stories.

As to how I got the inspiration to write this story in particular, it came when my son was 4 years-old, he had a relapse of his leukemia. In order to attempt to save his life, he had to undergo a bone marrow transplant. The odds of survival were starkly set at 50-50. What was then a pioneering procedure, they grafted him with the blood from the umbilical cord of a young girl living thousands of miles away.

Today, my son stands tall in his twenties, a testament to resilience and triumph. He is now cancer free, yet, curiously, carries within him the lifeblood of a girl now a woman, a silent hero we may never meet. The confidentiality of records veils her identity, denying us the chance to express our profound gratitude for this life-altering gift. 

This poignant episode sparked the imagination of my avid author's mind. What if another young man, navigating the labyrinth of life post-transplant, became convinced that his anonymous donor held the key to all his struggles? That she was his soulmate, the love of his life. This inspiration culminated in 'Back to You… - The Astonishing Fate of John Fisher,' a narrative that explores the intertwined destinies shaped by an act of unparalleled generosity.

I have to admit that I may have wanted to slap John upside the head a time or two, hes such a narcissist at first.
Was a character as multi-faceted as John easy to write?

Surprisingly, yes. John was a delight to bring to life on the page. I sought a character with ample room for growth, and John Fisher fit the bill perfectly. Despite his initial conceited demeanor, beneath the surface lay the heart of a genuinely generous man. The trajectory of the plot provided the ideal framework for his evolution.

Johns friend Daniel was an unlikely friend and someone I wouldnt have thought the John readers first meet would even want as a friend. But they somehow mesh as friends.
Was Daniel in your creative process from the start or did he find his way in the novel later?

He was an integral part of my creative process from the very beginning. I love side-kick characters in movies and thought it would be fun to have one in this story. Drawing inspiration from my real-life friend who shares the same name, I fashioned John's best friend after him. What's amusing is that although the character of Dan in the book may be slightly exaggerated, he still bears a striking resemblance to my actual friend. I hold a deep affection for him, and if ever faced with a situation akin to John's, I wouldn't hesitate to have him join me on my quest in an instant.

I have to say that I love Emma, shes so genuine and of the three major characters shes, my favorite.
Do you have a favorite character or would that be like picking a favorite child?

Selecting a favorite character would undoubtedly feel akin to choosing a favorite child. Each character holds a special place in my heart, whether they're secondary figures like John's boss, his grandparents, and his father, or the central protagonists like John, Daniel, and Emma. Every character contributes significantly to the storyline, adding layers of depth and making the narrative all the more captivating and endearing.

Richard you are a retired Optometrist.
Where did your love for writing start? 

It all started at university when my English teacher told the class that we had to read and review a book as a semester project. I approached him and asked if I could write a short story instead.To my delight, he embraced the idea wholeheartedly. Drawing inspiration from my childhood escapades in the nearby golf course, I penned "A Day at the Pond." The result? An A+ grade and a newfound passion for storytelling.

And what made you actually sit down and write your first book?

It took me over a decade to discover the perfect story for my debut book. The inspiration struck when my two-year-old son was diagnosed with leukemia, and we embarked on the daunting journey of life-threatening treatments to save him. As I sat by his bedside, my writer's imagination ignited, concocting a compelling plot: What if my younger self could time-travel and witness the future, where his own son faced such dire illness and potential death? Would he still choose to have him? This question fueled the creation of my first novel, "Si tu savais..." (If You Knew...), a 259-page exploration of this dilemma. Its English version is set to be released in early 2025.

You have also published a childrens book.
Do you have a favorite genre to write in?

I find myself drawn to literary fiction and romance. I enjoy crafting unique love stories that feature multifaceted characters. For me, the beauty lies in watching these characters evolve as their narrative unfolds.

Your books are originally published in French.
Are they all available in English now?

Not yet. Two of them are, but I am currently working on the translation of my debut novel which should be ready for release early next year.

Richard thanks for taking the time to answer my questions.
Whats next for Richard the writer?

A few things : Besides translating my debut novel, I am currently working on a third novel in French which should be finished by fall. I also have my sights set on further developing the screenplay adaptation of my first book.

Again, thank you for having me. I wish you and your readers all the best.

About the author:

Bestselling author Richard Plourde is a retired optometrist with a genuine passion for writing captivating stories. His two novels, originally published in French, were both critically acclaimed and were finalists for the coveted France-Acadie literary prize.

Richard also published a children’s novel that was selected as a one of the top children’s book of the year by the consumer guide “Protégez-vous”.

Two of his books have been translated and published in English.

Father of two accomplished young adults and two beloved cats, he lives in a lovely town nestled in a valley surrounded by mountains in New Brunswick, Canada.

Richard is currently working on his fourth novel and is also writing the screenplay for his first book.


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