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Sophia Rose Reviews Risky Attraction by Kendall Talbot Wolf Security #1


Today Sophia Rose is here sharing her thoughts on Risky Attraction by Kendall Talbot

Risky Attraction by Kendall Talbot

#1 Wolf Security

Romantic Suspense

Publisher:  Kendall Talbot

Published:  3.15.24

Pages:  410

Rating: 5 stars

Format: eARC

Source:  author

Sellers:  Amazon

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GoodReads Blurb:

Two grieving strangers are thrust into a deadly chase, now both their hearts and lives at risk.

Ryder Westwood is still reeling from the revelation that the love of his life had lied to him before her shocking death. Now all he craves is solitude. But when the grumpy Border Force Captain rushes to rescue a yacht that's sinking after colliding with a mysterious object, his pain and anger are tested by Piper Harrison, the yacht's feisty skipper.

Piper, a single mom and grieving widow, was sailing around Australia with her rebellious teenager. But as their yacht vanishes beneath the waves, a gruesome discovery catapults them into the crosshairs of a sinister underworld.

When Piper's daughter is kidnapped, Piper and Ryder are drawn into a whirlwind of desire and danger. Bullets fly, and with the body count rising, they enlist the help of the Alpha Tactical Ops heroes to rescue Piper's daughter from ruthless enemies.

Will they save all that Piper has left?
Or will their shattered hearts remain broken forever?

RISKY ATTRACTION is a standalone, grumpy/sunshine, fight for justice, romantic thriller featuring a tortured alpha hero who doesn’t believe in love, and a feisty single mom who doesn’t think she needs saving. This race against time, romantic thriller is book one in the Wolf Security Series, which is a series of standalone books featuring interconnecting characters and appearances from characters in the Alpha Tactical Ops series.

 Sophia Rose's Review:

Risky Attraction takes to the high seas, a labyrinth of an old wharf, and an enemy not unlike a hydra who grows with each deadly strike against them.  Kendall Talbot has a gift for writing adrenaline rush romantic suspense with fully developed characters and solid romance usually in an exotic locale or unusual situation. 


While I’ve read the original Alpha Tactical Ops series in order before diving into Risky Attraction, I could see how a new reader might pick it up and do just fine. 


Captain Ryder Westwood of the Border Force is on routine patrol off the Australian coast when he and his crew encounter a hostile craft firing on them.  A storm comes up and he has to break off contact without much fire power of his own plus there is a distress call nearby.  He was in a mood before all this due to the death of his wife and her lies and actions before her death, but now, he is distracted.  His grief and bitterness feel a little lighter to bear thanks to the quietly, strong woman he rescues from the sea and the mystery she has discovered when her sailboat went down.


Piper is was barely keeping her head above water while grieving her husband’s death and at a loss for handling her teenage daughter and that was before their sailboat struck something in the water during a storm.  Scout, her daughter, is prone to blame Piper for everything and lashes out at Piper, but they both get a jolt from their grief and anger when they are pulled into a dangerous investigation alongside Ryder.  Someone wants the investigation dead in the water and will come after them all to keep them from discovering who is behind it all and the connection to the past.


Risky Attraction was a sizzling hot opener to the series for both the high-octane suspense side and for the simmering of attraction for two grief-stricken widowed leads.  Kendall Talbot didn’t hesitate to explore their different situations and how that affected them both including a hurting and lost teenager who broke my heart the way she lashed her mother and couldn’t get her footing. 

I liked the hints of a connection of this current case to what came before, but also the revelation of a new shadowy, formidable baddie.  Ryder isn’t sure he can trust locally after the corruption was uncovered and is still coming out, but it was great seeing him tap into Aria and his other friends with Wolf Security to back him up. 


I can’t wait to see where it all goes next with a new romance pair introduced as new side characters in this one.  A no-risk recommendation to romantic suspense fans in Risky Attraction.


Author Bio:

Kendall Talbot is a thrill seeker, hopeless romantic, virtual killer, and award-winning author of stories that’ll have your heart thumping from the action-packed suspense in exotic locations and the swoon-worthy romance.

Kendall has sought thrills in all 46 countries she’s visited. She’s abseiled down freezing waterfalls, catapulted out of a white-water raft, jumped off a mountain with a man who spoke little English, and got way too close to a sixteen-foot shark. When she isn’t writing, she’s enjoying wine and cheese with her crazy friends, and planning her next thrilling international escape.

She lives in Brisbane, Australia with her very own hero and a fluffy little dog who specializes in hijacking her writing time. Meanwhile, Kendall’s two sons are off making their own adventures – look out world.

Kendall’s book, Lost in Kakadu won the acclaimed title of Romantic Book of the Year 2014, and her books have also been finalists for Best Romantic Suspense, Best Crime Novel, Best Continuing Series, and Best New Author.

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  1. I haven't read the other series yet but since I have the first one I'll probably read it first. This is my kind of read though.

    Anne - Books of My Heart

    1. Yeah, this is definitely a spinoff that makes so much more sense if you've read the first series already. Right from the first chapter there are mentions of the events from the last book in that series.

  2. This sounds so good! I only wish it was in audio as well. Just checked.

  3. I like grumpy/sunshine :D Grumpy is always so grumpy