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#GIVEAWAY Showcase Broken Ground by Joe Clifford

It's my pleasure to feature #4 in Joe Clifford's Jay Porter series, Broken Ground. In this installment Jay looks into the disappearance of a newspaper intern and the deeper he digs the more the more it seems that this case eerily takes him back to the past and his brother's death.
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ISBN-13: 978-1608092437
Publisher: Oceanview
Release Date: 06-05-2018
Length: 304pp
Jay Porter #4
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At an AA meeting, handyman and part-time investigator Jay Porter meets a recovering addict who needs his help. In the midst of another grueling northern New Hampshire winter, Amy Lupus’ younger sister, Emily, has gone missing from the Coos County Center, the newly opened rehab run by Jay’s old nemeses, Adam and Michael Lombardi. As Jay begins looking into Emily’s disappearance, he finds that all who knew Emily swear that she’s never used drugs. She’s a straight shooter and an intern at a newspaper investigating the Center and the horrendous secret hidden in it—or beneath it.
When Jay learns of a “missing” hard drive, he is flung back to five years ago when his own junkie brother, Chris, found a hard drive belonging to Lombardi Construction. For years Jay assumed that the much-sought-after hard drive contained incriminating photos of Adam and Michael’s father, which contributed to Chris’ death. But now he believes the hard drive harbored a secret far more sinister, which the missing Lupus sister may have unwittingly discovered. The deeper Jay digs, the more poisoned the ground gets, and the two cases become one, yielding a toxic truth with local fallout—and far-reaching ramifications.

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Praise for Joe Clifford––

"An estate recycler picks up the fragments of his life by helping others to pick up theirs. What a brilliant noir concept. And Broken Ground, the newest addition to the terrific Jay Porter series, has brilliant writing to match. 'Freezing rain pelted the glass, like bb pellets fired from a bully’s tree fort.' Wow. The depth of the characters. The vividness of the New Hampshire winter setting. The importance of the novel's theme. Joe Clifford’s a crime writer to pay attention to."
   —David MorrellNew York Times best-selling author of Murder As a Fine Art and First Blood, on Broken Ground
"Joe Clifford's latest in the Jay Porter series is a tense, emotional tour de force ferried along on a mystery that's both timely and chilling. Don't miss this!"
   —Jamie Mason, author of Three Graves Full and Monday's Lie, on Broken Ground
"Clifford's edgy prose and masterful pacing, combined with flawed and profoundly human Jay Porter at the helm, make Broken Ground irresistible."
   —Wendy Walker, author of All Is Not Forgotten and Emma in the Night, on Broken Ground
"Joe Clifford writes with empathy, wisdom, and wicked wit about characters at the edge of society, sobriety, and their own tenuous sanity. Broken Ground is a feast, and Jay Porter is a unique noir hero who shines brightly in a dark world."
   —Nick Petrie, author of Light It Up and other Peter Ash novels, on Broken Ground
"Compelling!" 5 Stars
   —Break Away Reviewers on Broken Ground (read the full review)
"Beware, this voice is so well-written you might get drawn into the story too much. Whenever I was reading it I felt a craving to smoke or drink, just like Jay. I had to be careful to be nice to my wife. There were times when I looked at my son and almost cried at the idea of having to be without him."
   —Sons of Spade blog on Broken Ground (read the full review)
"Joe Clifford is an underground star. Give Up The Dead should finally expose his star to the light. Jay Porter is a hard-bitten and hard-boiled loner who manages to make you root for him and all the world's underdogs."
   —Reed Farrel ColemanNew York Times bestselling author of What You Break, on Give Up the Dead
"There is something incredibly fascinating about an unconventional hero whose life is on the verge of unraveling at any moment. Joe Clifford's propulsive third installment starring Jay Porter, a flawed but surprisingly thoughtful and self-aware protagonist, kept me turning the pages long into the night. Give Up the Dead is character-driven noir at its finest."
   —Jennifer Hillier, author of Creep and Freak, on Give Up the Dead
"Clifford has written a very human tale of redemption."
   —Publishers Weekly on December Boys
"December Boys is gritty and addicting. Clifford doesn't waste any time diving straight into the plot, dragging his readers into a conspiracy so enthralling they won't be able to put the book down until they've unraveled all the knots. December Boys drowns in snow, and this cold will cut straight through you in more than one way."
   —LitReactor on December Boys
"December Boys is sprawling yet oddly intimate, character-driven yet mysterious and involving and psychologically accurate yet not necessarily bound by the need to belong to a particular genre. It is a gorgeous and thoroughly unique novel."
   —Dead End Follies on December Boys (read the full review)
"Clifford understands human potential for moral collapse and redemption, and his lean, gritty prose never lets characters or readers off the hook."
   —Publishers Weekly on Lamentation
"Joe Clifford's Lamentation is a the kind of wrenching, powerful work that defies easy categorization—call it a thriller, call it a propulsive family drama—the result is a work that stands comparison with talents as diverse as James Ellroy and JD Salinger. Clifford knows how to craft sentences that sting and situations as savage as they are compulsively readable. Clifford is an author with many great novels ahead. Lamentation is terrific, compulsively readable debut."
   —Jerry Stahl, author of Permanent Midnight, on Lamentation
"Clifford paints true-to-life characters with the same gritty touch as the best of Dennis Lehane. Straightforward and edgy, Lamentation gnaws with nail-biting tension on every page. A must-read for contemporary hardboiled mystery fans who appreciate the type of terse dialogue and real life conflicts and settings Elmore Leonard so richly brought to life."
   —Robert Dugoni, bestselling author of The Conviction, on Lamentation
"When it comes to bleak and grim, Joe Clifford's Lamentation is right up there with Nordic crime fiction, because the February weather in northern New Hampshire—where Clifford's book is set—adds to the novel's sharp edge.... family is family, author Clifford seems to be saying in this touching, insightful novel, and we take what we can get—whatever the damage to ourselves."
   —Mystery Scene Magazine on Lamentation (read the full review)

"...a sharp narrative that cuts to the bone of life on the wrong side of the tracks... In a world full of stories where there are clearly defined good and bad guys, Clifford offers a narrative in which there are only shades of bad to chose from, and the odds are stacked against the less evil, and that makes it simultaneously a touching read and one that’s really hard to put down."
   —Mystery Scene Magazine on Lamentation (read the full review)

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Meet Joe:
After spending the 1990s as a homeless heroin addict in San Francisco, Joe Clifford got off the streets and turned his life around. He earned his MFA from Florida International University in 2008, before returning to the Bay Area, where he currently lives with his wife and two sons. His autobiographical novel, Junkie Love, chronicles his battle with drugs and was published by Battered Suitcase (2010).
Joe Clifford is acquisitions editor for Gutter Books and producer of Lip Service West, a "gritty, real, raw" reading series in Oakland, CA. His bestselling Jay Porter Thriller Series (Oceanview Publishing) has received rave reviews from Publishers Weekly, Library Journal, and the San Francisco Chronicle, among many others. Joe is also editor of Trouble in the Heartland: Crime Stories Based on the Songs of Bruce Springsteen and the forthcoming Just to Watch Him Die: Crime Fiction Inspired by the Songs of Johnny Cash. Currently Joe teaches online writing courses for LitReactor and around the country at various conferences and retreats.

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