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Review- Dark Operative: A Shadow of Death - A Glimmer of Hope - The Dawn of Love by I.T. Lucas

Those who follow me know that I was introduced to The Children of the Gods series by I.T. Lucas by a friend and have been eating them up ever since. The series is unique in it's storyline and it's characters and that's quite a feat in a genre that seems at times too alike. Another unique element of the series is that every love story is its own trilogy and yet is so apart of the whole that they can't be read out of order.
I had a chance to interview I.T. earlier click HERE to see it.

Enjoy my review of books 17, 18 & 19!

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                                           A Shadow of Death          A Glimmer of Hope          The Dawn of Love

My Review of the Dark Operative trilogy:

Dark Operative:
A Shadow of Death - A Glimmer of Hope - The Dawn of Love

Series catch-up:
From the beginning of time there have been near immortal beings who have molded humanity, been the object of worship but who as a race almost destroyed each other and human civilization.
Now only two Gods remain both sworn enemies:
The followers of Morta, the Doomers and the descendants of the Goddess Annani.

Books 17, 18 & 19 the Dark Operative mini-series novels are the love story of Bridget, the immortal clan’s doctor and (Victor) Turner who we’ve met in former novels, Andrew’s former boss and the only human who is allowed to know about the existence of the immortal clan. Lucas’ series continues to wow with an inventive spin on paranormal romance, keeping it fresh with her inventive storytelling and ever changing world building. These books had a turning point feel to them that may have kept the pace a bit slower but not to worry it doesn’t affect the enjoyment and readers will still get their immortal fix, an exciting side-story romance while catching up with the rest of the clan including a cameo appearance by the Goddess Annani herself. And like the rest of the books in this series they must be read in order.

As a black ops operative Turner has faces life and death situations on a daily basis but now with a diagnosis of cancer he’s facing certain death – unless his intuition that he’s a dormant immortal is true and he can convince the leader of the clan to allow him to try to transition. He’s got one ace in the whole his new love interest is the clan’s hot blooded, fiery redheaded doctor.
Bridget has lived a long time (she’ll never tell just how long) and in that time she’s only loved one male, her son. But now this sexy, intense dark operative has come into her life and he could just be the one. There’s just a few problems, he’s human, he has cancer and he could be delusional because he thinks he’s a dormant but even if he is he’s way to old to transition.
In the mean time back at the keep the clan’s new village is ready to start taking residents and there’s another immortal and dormant falling in love.

Some exciting news for series fans I.T. has just published Goddesses Choice Annani's story and a sequel to the series buy HERE on Amazon

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Meet I.T.:I.T. Lucas, author of the Children of The Gods series, lives in Southern California with her five favorite guys. Ever since she'd met the love of her life at a high-school party, they've been doing everything together; from majoring in business and then starting and running their own, to raising four wonderful boys.
A voracious reader, her interests run the gamut from fantasy, sci-fi, and paranormal romance, to forays into the mythologies and histories of ancient civilizations, philosophy, the nature of the universe – physical and metaphysical, and more.
Still, if not for her sons' insistence, she would've never thought of incorporating this fascinating trove of information into fiction. Of course, what they had in mind were not the smart yet steamy paranormal-romance novels she ended up writing… which they can't read… Their dad, naturally, reads everything, offers suggestions, and with the right incentives, proofreads.


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  1. Love your books They keep me reading until I have to go to sleep because my eyes are so tired Thank you for creative mind and talented writing