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Showcase August '18 Harlequin Special Edition

Welcome to the August '18 Harlequin Special Edition showcase read all about the six ladies and gents who're on their way to their Happy Ever After.

You know there's always a new chapter to be written. Harlequin Special Edition stories show that whether it's an old flame rekindled or a brand-new romance, love knows no timeline.

Falling for the Wrong Brother by
Michelle Major

Book one of the Maggie & Griffin trilogy
Runaway bride Mayor Maggie Spencer doesn’t anticipate the fallout from fleeing her wedding. But both the town’s rival families are in turmoil, and her reputation is in question. And riding to her rescue is her ex’s brother! Once, bad boy Griffin Stone ran from challenges, but now, though the timing and the town are against them, he’ll have to fight—for Maggie and their forbidden love.

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How To Be A Blissful Bride by

Stacy Connelly

Alexa’s always played it safe.
Until one wild weekend changed her world!
After a romantic fling left her breathless—and pregnant—heiress Alexa Mayhew never expects to see Chance McClaren again. But when she bumps into him while on vacation, the truth comes out. Instant daddy Chance wants to do the right thing for his baby—and Alexa. But is the globe-trotting adventure junkie ready to give up his career to be the family man Lexi craves?

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Six Weeks To Catch A Cowboy by

Brenda Harlen

Haven’s celebrity cowboy is back 
…with a pint-size surprise!
Kenzie Atkins was a lovestruck teenager when Spencer Channing left Haven in the dust. But the biggest news isn’t the rodeo champion’s hotly awaited homecoming—it’s the little girl who calls him daddy. Spencer’s newfound daughter is bringing out Kenzie’s yearning for a family—and for the sexy single cowboy who still sets her heart ablaze! Maybe the roving bull rider is finally ready to ride off into the sunset for the ultimate happily-ever-after…

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Special Forces Father by
Victoria Pade

First comes fatherhood…
Then comes love? 
Marine Liam Madison has always been focused on serving his country. But when he learns that he’s the father of orphaned four-year-old twins, servicetakes on a whole new meaning. Fortunately, the kids’ loving, gorgeous nanny, Dani Cooper, is by his side every step of the way as he learns the ropes. And as Liam falls hopelessly in love with his children, he might just be falling in love with their nanny, too…

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The Little Maverick Matchmaker by

Stella Bagwell

The courtship of dillon’s father
Rust Creek Ramblings
The town’s new doctor, widower Drew Strickland, is dedicated to his job and to his seven-year-old son, Dillon. Young Dillon has set his sights on making pretty school librarian Josselyn Weaver a part of their family. But Drew is afraid to love again, and Josselyn fears rejection. Buckle up your backpacks, dear readers, and see if a bighearted little boy can lead his grieving dad and our favorite librarian down the path to true love!

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The Sheriff of Wickham Falls by

Rochelle Alers

You can search the world over…
But sometimes love is right next door.
Deputy Sheriff Seth Collier is content to serve and protect the citizens of Wickham Falls…until the sexy ex-marine meets his new next-door neighbor. Dr. Natalia Hawkins left the big-city ER for a small-town practice. And while Seth is everything her nasty ex wasn’t…Natalia’s head says to leave him in the friend zone. But her heart says this may be a second chance at love.

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