Friday, March 29, 2019

Guest Post-by Lucille Moncrief - Drusilla Character Interview

When new to me author Lucille Moncrief reached out to me about her paranormal novella Drusilla I knew I wanted to read the story and when she offered a guest post interviewing Drusilla I hoped my readers would want to learn more about her just like me!

Steampunk Vampires: An Interview with Drusilla

At the beginning of time, The High Priestess Drusilla ruled over the heavens and the surface of the earth with her sister and brother, Calista and Abandon.

As the children of the Sky Goddess, the three siblings were given a choice - life, or death. The daughters chose life, and their mother Sky Goddess gave them dominion over the power to give it. But their brother, Abaddon, chose death.

Abaddon is the first and the oldest of the vampire horde, and his betrayals have locked him into an unceasing war with his sisters. The book, I am Drusilla, takes us to the very beginning of the feud, when gods and mortals lived, died, fought and loved together in a perpetual summer.

The Interview

“Drusilla, can you tell us a little about your brother and sister?” 
Calista and Abaddon and I are older than the earth. We were born from Chaos. As the cosmos swirled into a violent existence, the Mother Goddess and our father, The Being of Light, breathed life into us. The Mother Goddess formed more immortal creatures of our kind, and we became the Coven of the Alpine Manticore. But my sister, brother, and I were the first of her children.

“I see. Your brother, Abaddon, what happened to him?” 
His story is a source of much pain between myself and the Mother Goddess. Before the Mother Goddess created time as the mortals know it, she gave my siblings and I a choice. We could choose life, with her, and rule over the surface of the earth. Or, we could choose death and the underworld. My sister and I chose life, while our brother chose death.

“Was that considered a rebellion on your brother’s part? Choosing death and the underworld?”
No. The Mother Goddess is fair and just and does not trick her children. Our brother’s rebellion was when he slayed our father, and drank his blood.

“Oh. Why did he do that?”
To gain our father’s knowledge of the universe, the cosmos. Our father created the animals of the earth, while our Mother Goddess created immortals and mortal humans alike. By obtaining our father’s supreme knowledge, my brother became all powerful. He can speak to animals, become an animal, and has gained an unmatched power over the human race. More than anything, he can create more of his kind.

The Mother Goddess and our Father of Light created a land and beings in it which lived in harmony. There is no light without darkness, nor can humans live without the creatures of the earth, the sky, and the water. Our brother’s rebellion was usurping the divine order.

“What did your mother do after your father’s death?”
She took away our brother’s power to walk in the sun. He and his kind are confined to the darkness, forever. Although he has usurped the divine order, his taking of our father’s power means that Abaddon is the only one to embody our late father’s divinity. Our Mother Goddess is loathe to do away with his life, whatever it is.

“Oh. So what does that mean for you and your sister?”
It means we must ensure that Abandon and his vampire brethren are kept confined, and controlled within the bounds of what our Mother Goddess dictates.

“I see. So, its almost like a ‘cold war’ between your sister, you, and your brother. Is that about right?”
Yes, I suppose that is an accurate way to describe it.

“Well, have there been any new developments in this war?”
. . .yes, although to say it makes it real, and more painfully so. Abandon has taken my Egino.

“Oh, I’m sorry to hear that. Who is Egino?”
He was to be my groom, and we were to rule hand-in-hand over the Elysian Field. I must return to my sister and find a way to have Egino returned to me.

Will Drusilla find Egino? Read the book, I am Drusilla, from best-selling author Lucille Moncrief on Amazon Kindle today and find out.

 My Review of Drusilla:
I am Drusilla
Lucille Moncrief
Moncrief’s short story, I Am Drusilla is a dark fantasy morality tale that reads like one of the darker Grimm Fairytales. It’s cautionary, telling the reader to be careful what they wish for, about reaping what you sow and creepily entertaining. With an eloquent sophisticated dialogue, characters that are over the top and scarily larger than life it’s the perfect intermission between full-length reads.
Drusilla and her siblings are children of the great goddess, they’re ageless and rulers of the mortal realms. Drusilla and her sister Callista have chosen the light of earth and their brother Abaddon became a vampire and has chosen to rule over the underworld. But Abaddon misses the sun so he’s taken something important from Drusilla to convince her to help him get back into the sunlight. What he doesn’t know is that Drusilla was ready for him.

About the author:
Lucille Moncrief, authoress of The Keystone Curse and the dark erotic paranormal romance series Nefarious, was clearly a stodgy old librarian in a past life. She loves poring over history books and binge-watching PBS’s Secrets Of series. With an avaricious penchant for all things steampunk, Lucille’s breakthrough series, Nefarious, is custom-illustrated with exploding dirigible airships. And unnecessary gears abound.