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October '19 Harlequin Special Edition Showcase + Review of A Husband She Couldn't Forget by Christine Rimmer

Welcome to the October 2019 showcase of Harlequin's Special Edition series plus my review of A Husband She Couldn't Forget by Christine Rimmer.

A Man of His Word
by Sandra Steffen
Miniseries: Round-the-Clock Brides

Bringing peace to his best friend’s widow soon becomes a battle of emotions…

Soldier Cole Cavanaugh is on a mission: build a dream addition for the widow of his best friend, who sacrificed his life to save Cole. Right away, with April Avery and her twin girls, it’s like coming home—familiar, warm and then, with April’s impromptu kiss, too intimate. Suddenly, it feels like betrayal—but is this the second chance they need to heal? 
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Bridesmaid for Hire

by Marie Ferrarella
Miniseries: Matchmaking Mamas

She’s a professional bridesmaid…
Who’s suddenly reunited with her ex!

Gina Bongino was almost a bride—but she said no. Now she works as a professional bridesmaid, providing brides with whatever they need on their big day as discreetly as possible. Shane Callaghan, however, is anything but discreet. After ten years, he’s now raising his niece and making wedding cakes…for the exact same wedding Gina is working!

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The Maverick's Secret Baby
by Teri Wilson
Miniseries: Montana Mavericks: Six Brides for Six Brothers

This cowboy cutie won’t settle down
Until he gets unsettling news…

Finn Crawford is going to be a dad. He can only imagine the fireworks when the Ellington family learns he slept with their cherished daughter Avery. Their families have been feuding for years. It’s no wonder sweet, expectant Avery balks at Finn’s suggestion of a convenient marriage. What’s more surprising is that the footloose, flirty rancher might secretly long for something more…

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Their Yuletide Promise

by Stacy Connelly
Miniseries: Hillcrest House

Evie’s life is all work.
Until she invites Griffin to play!

Workaholic Evie McClaren will do anything to prevent the sale of her family’s hotel. Even fake a holiday romance! Wealthy charmer—and prospective buyer—Griffin James seems delighted to play along…providing steamy, realistic PDAs under the mistletoe. Wait. Was that last kiss real? All Evie wants for Christmas is the Hillcrest House Hotel. And all Griffin wants…is Evie by his side—for real.

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What Makes a Father

by Teresa Southwick

Three’s company
Four’s a family

When ER doc Mason Blackburne discovers he is the biological father of twins, he’s doubly thrilled! But he still has to contend with Annie Campbell, the babies’ legal guardian. At first he sees her as just the gatekeeper to his babies—and then he begins to view her in a whole new light. But Mason has a past that might keep him from giving Annie the love she craves.

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A Husband She Couldn't Forget

by Christine Rimmer
Miniseries: The Bravos of Valentine Bay

The career she couldn’t remember…
The marriage she couldn’t forget

Aly Santangelo’s car accident left her with no memory of the past seven years—not her move to New York, nor her divorce from Connor Bravo. Connor reminds the vulnerable beauty that they’re no longer together, even as he lets her into his home—and his bed. But when unchecked passion leads to an unplanned pregnancy, Aly vows to play for keeps!

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My Review:

A Husband She Couldn’t Forget
The Bravos of Valentine Bay
Christine Rimmer
Christine Rimmer’s latest, number 6 in her Bravo of Valentine Bay series, The Husband She Couldn’t Forget is fantastic a second chance romance that shows that two people can make it right the second time around and readers will love seeing her couple rebuild their relationship. In this heartwarming story Alyssa is an endearing character, close to her family especially her mom, while Conner is all man, bluff, ego and pride so even though readers will empathize with him it’s still nice to see him brought to his knees by love. There’s an unforgettable cast of costars who add so much to the tale some beautiful settings and a solid plot making this a wonderful can’t put it down tale. The standouts are definitely Alyssa and Conner and the realistic Santangelo family dynamics.
Alyssa Santangelo was her way home to the Pacific Northwest to help care for her mom who at forty-eight is on bed rest due to late-in-life high-risk pregnancy when she’s involved in a terrible automobile accident. When she wakes up she doesn’t remember lamenting the fact that she’ll have to see her ex again after all the years they've been apart, in fact when she wakes up she doesn’t remember the last seven years. That’s how long her family tells her that she’s been divorced. She’s convinced they’re lying until her (ex) husband shows up and confirms it. If she could remember it maybe then she’d believe it because just seeing him tells her how much she loves him and if she can believe the look in his eyes he loves her too.
Conner Bravo can’t believe that his ex-wife is back in Valentine Bay suffering from amnesia demanding to see him thinking they’re still married. Is this a sign to make right the wrongs he did to her seven years ago when he lied to her and walked away from her and their life together like it didn’t matter. He’ll take the second chance even if he doesn’t deserve it.

Stop by next month for six more heartwarming stories 


  1. Fun! Thanks for sharing all of these with us Debbie!!

  2. It has been awhile since I have a harlequin romance.These sound fun.Thanks for sharing.

  3. Debbie! So pleased Aly and Connor's story worked for you. Thanks for your ongoing support of Special Edition. I do love the new slant on covers that SE is developing. More emotional, softer colors. And I have to say, the cover for Marie Ferrarella's Bridesmaid for Hire? Just so tasty!

    1. they are all tasty Chris and yes I LOVED both Aly and Connor, although I did want to smack his head once or twice :)

  4. They sound so good! thanks for sharing them.

  5. Ah they all sound so readable. My pick would be What Makes a Father because I am kind of a sucker for that kind of set up.

    1. yeah that sounds good to me too, oh heck they all do!

  6. I want to spend the day in bed reading all of these!

    1. I know but you've been sick enough lately so I hope its just by choice that you do!