Monday, November 4, 2019

Audible Review Wives of War by Soraya Lane

This was my first experience with Soraya Lane but you all know I can't resist a WWII novel and I'm so glad I picked this up because it follows British doctors and nurses who worked in the trenches fixing up all the injured soldiers during WWII.

Wives of War

By: Soraya M. Lane
Narrated by: Heather Wilds
Length: 10 hrs and 13 mins
Unabridged Audiobook
Release date: 07-01-17
Language: English
Publisher: Brilliance Audio
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London, 1944. Two young nurses meet at a train station with a common purpose: to join the war effort. Scarlet longs for the chance to find her missing fiancé, Thomas, and to prove to her family - and to herself - that she's stronger than everybody thinks. Nursing is in Ellie's blood, but her humble background is vastly different from Scarlet's privileged upbringing. Though Ellie puts on a brave face, she's just as nervous as Scarlet about what awaits them in France.

In Normandy, the two friends soon encounter the seemingly unflappable Lucy. Scarlet and Ellie are in awe of her courage and competence, but the experienced nurse is well aware of the dangers of the job they've chosen - and even she is terrified they won't make it home alive.

Pushed to their limits by the brutality of a world at war, Scarlet, Ellie and Lucy will need to rely on each other - and the power of their friendship - to survive.

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My Audible Review:

Wives of War
Soraya Lane
Narrated by Heather Wilds
Lane takes readers back to the last days of WWII and into the trenches with British/UK nurses and doctors delivering a chilling realistic walk back to a past we should never forget where good overcame evil but the cost was incredibly high. Her three star nurses are all wonderful characters, genuine and going through more than most of us could bear. The author doesn’t pull any punches as she delivers a gritty reminder of what happened “over there” and the sacrifices and unbearable conditions the doctors and nurses dealt with during the fighting and just how many of the people who were there to save the soldiers never came home.
Heather has a great voice and did a proper English and okay American accent and she delivers a good performance as the “narrator” however when she takes on the character’s persona(s) she never seemed to match the emotional turmoil and explosive content of the novel.
Lane’s Wives of War follows the lives of three WWII British battle nurses who for individual reasons all learned the nursing trade and voluntarily went into the mouth of hell and came out on the other side of war alive but forever changed.
Ellie: An Irish lass living in England who signed up because all her brothers were in Europe fighting the Nazis and wanted to do her part too.
Lucy: An English forward thinking trained nurse who always wanted to be a doctor and knew her skills wouldn’t go to waste serving to save the soldiers serving their countries.
Scarlet: A British society girl who’s fiancé was serving in France but when she and his family stopped getting his letters she signed up to serve as a nurse determined to find him.

About the author:
Soraya M. Lane graduated with a law degree before realizing that law wasn't the career for her and that her future was in writing. She is the author of historical and contemporary women's fiction, and her novel Wives of War was an Amazon Charts bestseller.
Soraya lives on a small farm in her native New Zealand with her husband, their two young sons and a collection of four legged friends. When she's not writing, she loves to be outside playing make-believe with her children or snuggled up inside reading.
For more information about Soraya and her books, visit or, or follow her on Twitter @Soraya_Lane

About the narrator:
Heather Wilds has appeared in numerous plays on the London stage to great critical acclaim. She has also performed in award-winning films, appeared on TV and in commercials, and works as an audiobook narrator and voice actress.


  1. Even though these type of reads can be so hard, I love them. I definitely think this is one that I should grab!

  2. I love learning about WWII. I can never get enough of this time period. I'm glad that this story was able to deliver a gritty and realistic portrayal of this time. Excellent Review Debbie :)

    Lindy@ A Bookish Escape

  3. I really like the sounds of this one and the era of time is one that I find interesting too.

    1. yeah it's my favorite and I'm always happy to find a new author to wow me too!

  4. II haven't listened or read this one of hers but I know she does do a good job of this era. Will have to keep it in mind.

    1. I thought of it when I read your comment about her Cowboy romance book I featured. I hope you get to try it

  5. This is definitely going on the list. It sounds fab, Debbie.

    1. it was but maybe read it the narrator left me wanting.

  6. Oh yes... i could see myself being swept up in this. Awesome find. I too love the period.

    1. Yep you'd like it Kim but I think you'd have a problem with the narrator too

  7. It sounds like something for me, and I hope they all survive!