Thursday, November 7, 2019

Showcase The Dollmaker by Nina Allan

Today I have another fabulous sounding novel just released from my favorite indie publishers Other Press. I know I can't wait to read my copy and I think once you read the blurb you'll want one too!

Publisher: Other Press

Release Date: 10-15-2019




A love story of two very real, unusual people, and a novel rich with wonders that shines a radically different light on society’s marginal figures.

Stitch by perfect stitch, Andrew Garvie makes exquisite dolls in the finest antique style. Like him, they are diminutive, but graceful, unique and with surprising depths. Perhaps that’s why he answers the enigmatic personal ad in his collector’s magazine.
Letter by letter, Bramber Winters reveals more of her strange, sheltered life in an institution on Bodmin Moor, and the terrible events that put her there as a child. Andrew knows what it is to be trapped; and as they knit closer together, he weaves a curious plan to rescue her.
On his journey through the old towns of England he reads the fairytales of Ewa Chaplin–potent, eldritch stories which, like her lifelike dolls, pluck at the edges of reality and thread their way into his mind. When Andrew and Bramber meet at last, they will have a choice–to remain alone with their painful pasts or break free and, unlike their dolls, come to life.

Read an excerpt:

I had been writing to Bramber for more than a year before I understood that we were destined to be together. The next time I wrote, I included my phone number. When Bramber wrote back, she said there was no payphone at West Edge House, and that she didn’t have a mobile. I wasn’t sure I believed her—who doesn’t own a mobile these days?—but on reflection I decided she was simply one of those people who dislikes using the telephone. This small insight into her personality only endeared her to me further. Certainly I didn’t perceive it as a problem. Soon she would come to trust me as I trusted her. And in the meantime there were our letters, which I looked forward to as harbingers of a new reality, a reality in which we would confess our togetherness, becoming more fully ourselves in a way that is only possible in the presence of that rarest of human sympathies: mutual love.
The idea that I might go and see her did not occur to me at first. I had not been invited, after all, and I was hardly the sort of person who could present themselves at someone’s door in the sure and certain knowledge of being welcomed inside. My life thus far had taught me enough about rejection not to actively court it. But once the initial seed had been planted—a television documentary about the decline of the tourism industry in the West Country—I found myself unable to uproot it. I would go west, I decided. And even if my bravery was not rewarded, at least I would have the satisfaction of knowing where I stood.
Other works by Nina

About the author:
Nina Allan is a novelist and short-story writer. Her previous fiction has won several
prizes, including the British Science Fiction Award for Best Novel, the Novella Award, and the Grand Prix de L’Imaginaire for Best Translated Work. She lives and works in Rothesay, on the Isle of Bute, Scotland. The Dollmaker is her third novel.