Tuesday, January 14, 2020

Audible Review: Where Winter Finds You by J.R. Ward narrated by Jim Frangione

There is nothing better than when an email comes through from audible telling me that a pre-order is waiting in my library and when that pre-order is a Black Dagger Brotherhood tale it's a win win. 

Where Winter Finds You
A Caldwell Christmas

By: J. R. Ward
Narrated by: Jim Frangione
Series: The Black Dagger Brotherhood Series, Book 17.5
Length: 9 hrs and 37 mins
Unabridged Audiobook
Release date: 11-26-19
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Number one New York Times best-selling author J.R. Ward is heating things up this winter with a holiday novel featuring some of her most iconic Black Dagger Brothers.

When Trez lost his beloved to a tragic death (The Shadows, Black Dagger Brotherhood, Book 13), his soul was crushed and his destiny seemed relegated to suffering. But when he meets a mysterious female, he becomes convinced his true love has been reincarnated. Is he right? Or has his grief created a disastrous delusion?

Therese has come to Caldwell to escape a rift with her bloodline. The revelation that she was adopted and not born into her family shakes the foundations of her identity, and she is determined to make it on her own. Her attraction to Trez is not what she’s looking for, except the sexy Shadow proves to be undeniable.

Has fate provided a grieving widower with a second chance...or is Trez too blinded by the past to see the present for what it really is? In this sensual, arresting book full of the themes of redemption and self-discovery, two lost souls find themselves at a crossroads where the heart is the only compass that can be trusted...but that may require a courage that neither of them possesses.

Listen to a sample:

My Review:

Where Winter Finds You
JR Ward

J.R. Ward’s latest novel in her Black Dagger Brotherhood series is one that fans (this one especially) have been salivating for her to write ever since she dropped the Selena/Therese doppelganger bomb well here it is so put on your seatbelts because this is one bumpy ride. With her iconic streetwise dialogue and characters that fans have grown to love JR delivers yet another fantastic BDB tale just perfect to warm up to on a cold winter night. Former black-sheep Trez has always been a favorite and everyone is hoping his mourning will end and Theresa is a breath of kick-a@s fresh air in this mostly boys club series a strong willed female who even when her heart is breaking will have no trouble sending her lover packing. I have to admit I was worried if the Warden could pull this one off but I shouldn't have because their Phoenix-ish story will have fans reaching for the tissue box and cheering them on. Series should be read in order.
And come on the only way to enjoy this series is by audible and in the capable voice of Jim Frangione, he is the Black Dagger Brotherhood and like in all the past volumes takes fans out of the park with his excellent rendition of the story, the voices and the emotions.
Shadow/Vampire Trez Latimer is still in a very dark place after the tragic horrible death of his shellan/mate Selena but there is a female who works for his brother who is not only the spitting image of his departed love but he believes somehow her reincarnation. He knows this sounds crazy and he’s trying to stay away but when she’s almost injured at his club during a fight between humans and guns he runs headlong into what could be his salvation or possibly his final downfall.
Therese came to Caldwell after finding out she’s adopted and her family kept it a secret. Why she chose Caldwell as a refuge wasn’t clear until her boss’s beautiful brother saves her from harm and she learns that he is the male who has been making love to her in her dreams, her shadow lover and she’s certain that she didn’t chose Caldwell, the fates did.
Are these two fated to be lifelong mates or is fate just playing a dirty trick on them?

And coming March 24th

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  1. I've only tried one of this author's books (The Bourbon King (?) I think it was called series) and really liked it. It was a lot of drama though but I know so many people love her stuff.

    1. OMG That series was like Dallas on steroids right! but yes I LOVE her stuff.

  2. I really need to catch up on this series. I've loved the books that I've read so far and love the characters.

  3. Ah sounds great. While I haven't read this series now in awhile I appreciate the joy of it arriving on publishing day ready to go!

  4. I sadly gave up looong ago, I should re.read

  5. I've read a few books in the series quite a while back and I should catch up and soon because this sounds so good.

  6. I love when a preorder is waiting for me in my library Debbie! This sounds like a sexy romance that I wouldn't want to put down! I need to check out this series, because I know it's really loved! Lovely Review Debbie :)

    Lindy@ A Bookish Escape

    1. It is in the super-series for fans category Lindy a long running series that is worth every word. xo

  7. I finally got my turn for the library wait list copy of Blood Truth that I wanted to read first even if its in the spin off series just in case there was stuff that came up. Now, I'm ready to dive into Trez's story. Can't wait. :)

  8. I stopped at book 10. I really need to get back into this series.