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#GIVEAWAY Hometown Hero - Interview with Nicole S. Patrick- Havenport RI

Nicole S. Patrick is another of the authors writing the Havenport RI series, her series is contemporary featuring heroes of the military variety. Read our interview and the excerpt from her latest and Nicole is also sponsoring a #Giveaway. See below for deets!

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Interview with Nicole:

Nicole hi! Welcome to The Reading Frenzy.
You have a series set in Havenport Rhode Island and what’s really unique about this fictional town is that there are other authors who also have series set there.
What drew you to be a part of this group? 
First, hello and thank you for having me as a guest on your blog.  Yes, Havenport is a terrific town and truly acts as a character in all the stories in this heartwarming series created by myself, Ruth A. Casie, Lita Harris, and Emma Kaye. We all met at a New Jersey Romance Writers meeting back I believe in 2011 and “clicked”. I recall sitting down to lunch during one of the monthly meetings and chatting up about lots of things; what we liked to read and write, our backgrounds, families…and the rest is history.  These ladies started off as my writing and business partners, but they’ve honestly become family.
How many authors are writing about Havenport?
From the idea inception it’s been the four of us. We coined ourselves the Timeless Scribes, which is also the name of our small publishing company: Timeless Scribes Publishing, LLC.  For the next set of novellas in Letters from Havenport coming out February 11th, we invited the incomparable author and our fabulous editor DC Stone to participate. Each of the titles of our latest stories begins with a letter spelling out HEART (for Valentines Day). Clever, huh? LOL.  Mine is Rescuing the Ranger.
Are they in the same genre?
All of the stories in the entire series are indeed romance, but the beauty of these tales is their diversity within the romance genre. You can choose from straight contemporary, to military themes, to a bit of paranormal, to women’s fiction. Something for every reader’s taste. But in the end it’s always happily ever after.
Tell us a little about your series set in Havenport.
My books are contemporary stories that make up Havenport Heroes and all of my heroes are military. Who doesn’t love a sexy, alpha male in uniform? My latest entitled, Rescuing the Ranger, is about a former Army Ranger who comes back to town to help his grandmother. Hometown Hero, is about a Marine who returns to his hometown of Havenport to try rebuilding his life after losing a limb in combat.  In A Spirit’s Bond and Say Yes, the Havenport town veterinarian is a former Navy corpsman who finds love and a new four-legged companion when he least expects it. White Christmas is about a former Marine who owns a luxury car repair shop and finds love at…you guessed it…Christmas time. And finally, Make Me Stay is about a Marine directed to visit Havenport by his late mother in order to grant her last wish. In some way or form my heroes all find their way to Havenport in search of their next chapter as civilians.

Nicole's Havenport novels

How many books are available?
How many books are planned?
There are unlimited possibilities for Havenport stories, of course, but I’m hoping for one book per year.
Thanks Nicole for taking the time to answer my questions.
Good Luck with your Havenport stories!

Read an excerpt from Rescuing the Ranger:

Excerpt Rescuing the Ranger

God, she hated making him feel any kind of stress. As much as this connection of theirs felt like a million bucks from the first correspondence, in her heart she knew it would cost him. Getting close to anyone again was dangerous. For him and for her.
How Pete had found her was anyone’s guess.
“Look, Gabe. You said it yourself, you’re decompressing after those tours of duty and I…” She stopped, shaking her head, wanting to warn him away. “I’ll destroy you.”
Her voice broke from exhaustion and worry and…damn it, caring and concern for him stuck in her throat. “My past will eventually annihilate this friendship we’ve built with our letters. It’s best if you don’t get mixed up in it, believe me. That’s one of the reasons I never sent you the email. You don’t deserve it.”
She felt compelled to warn him. Hell, he’d survived war as a Ranger, and she wasn’t about to be the person to bring him harm, not when Adele needed him.
His eyes widened before he let out a cynical laugh.
“You? Destroy me?” He crowded her, pushing her back and against the bed post. His hands wound around her waist, but she couldn’t look up at him, so she fixated on the perfect vee between his pecks. “That’s not possible. My bike helmet weighs more than you.”
“Not physically,” she whispered. “Here, and here.” Frankie finally glanced up and traced his creased temple with her index finger before flattening her palm on his shirt above his heart. God, he was so solid. It would be easy to lean in and borrow his strength. “I know you went through something traumatic back in Afghanistan. I can tell. Those puckers on your hands feel like burns.” At her words, his face paled. “And, you don’t need more strife.”
He closed his eyes for a second and his jaw locked. “You’re so fucking sweet natured.” He caressed the side of her cheek. She wanted to melt into his touch. “Don’t you worry about me, and this isn’t just a friendship. You feel it. Don’t deny it. We’re good together, baby. And believe me, you can’t destroy me. Truth is—you kinda saved me.”

Anthologies by the authors of Havenport

About Nicole:
Nicole S. Patrick is a founding partner in Timeless Scribes, Publishing, LLC and crafts contemporary romances set in the fictional town of Havenport, Rhode Island.
All of the heroes in my books are those alpha men in uniform, who put honor and respect for themselves, their country, and the women they love above all else.
I hope you enjoy the stories as much as I enjoy creating them.

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  1. I love how you tie together the Timeless Scribes, and as an Air Force veteran, I always enjoy reading a hero in uniform. Congrats on the series! Hugs, RO

  2. That looks great. I like that there are books for all types of readers.

    1. Yes, Mary the series really does have something for all reader tastes. Thanks for commenting!!

  3. This is a series that I think I'd enjoy!

    1. Jenea, I hope you get a chance to try it out. It's such fun to write. I feel like I want to live in Havenport! Thanks for commenting! xo Nicole

  4. I've got a soft heart for military romances and military romance characters. This series looks fab and I'm planning to read Rescuing the Ranger soonish. :)

    1. Oh can't wait to see what you think

    2. Sophia, yes, Gabe is to die for! LOL. There's a warm place in my heart for our troops and I love writing military characters. Thanks for your comment. xo Nicole

  5. This series looks good! I enjoy reading about male leads in the military. Thanks for sharing Debbie.

    Lindy@ A Bookish Escape

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