Friday, February 28, 2020

That Harlequin Feeling

Today I'm so happy to bring you yet another innovative way Harlequin, the publisher who makes the world go round, does just that. 

Introducing That Harlequin Feeling!

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Unapologetically Celebrate Positive Feelings with Harlequin

Toronto, ON and New York, NYFebruary 24, 2020
Two years of extensive consumer research has reaffirmed what Harlequin has believed for 70 years: that reading a Harlequin romance novel makes women feel uplifted, inspired and empowered. As a result, Harlequin is launching That Harlequin Feeling, a new national campaign that celebrates the powerful and positive feelings that millions of readers get from Harlequin books.
That Harlequin Feeling campaign is an unapologetic celebration of the happiness Harlequin brings to readers’ lives,” says Farah Mullick, Senior Director, Retail Business Development at Harlequin. “Harlequin romance novels have it all: hopeful fresh starts, dramatic family sagas, unexpected twists and turns. Readers feel a deep emotional connection to the characters and their happy endings.”
With two books sold per second worldwide, Harlequin reaches readers internationally in 32 languages. An innovator in the billion-dollar romance industry, Harlequin pioneered the series romance model. Harlequin Series includes 12 romance lines with recognizable branded packaging and a set number of books published on a reliable monthly schedule. Sixty-six original titles are released in print and ebook formats across the 12 Harlequin series every month. Each series offers a unique type of romance, from suspenseful reads to inspirational stories of faith and family.
Harlequin’s consumer research helped define the distinct characteristics of each series for readers and influenced new cover designs that communicate the incredible variety of stories. “The new look drew heavily on insights from thousands of romance readers,” says Tony Horvath, Creative Director, Series & Digital Publishing at Harlequin. “The results are contemporary, spontaneous covers that reflect what readers want to see in 2020. Similar to a movie poster, the book covers tell a story with one image.”
Harlequin is encouraging women in North America to discover That Harlequin Feeling by downloading two free ebooks from

About Harlequin

Harlequin is a leading publisher of commercial fiction and narrative nonfiction. The company publishes more than 100 titles a month, in both print and digital formats, that reach audiences globally. Encompassing highly recognizable imprints that span a broad number of genres, the publisher is home to many award-winning New York Times and USA TODAY bestselling authors. Harlequin is a division of HarperCollins Publishers, the second-largest consumer book publisher in the world. Through HarperCollins’s global publishing program, Harlequin titles are published in 17 countries and 16 languages. For more information, please visit and Follow Harlequin on Instagram and Twitter: @HarlequinBooks.


  1. 2 books sold per second worldwide, now that's impressive.

  2. Harlequin books do make me feel happy and manage to put a smile on my face :) I love that these books are translated in to so many languages, so that so many readers from all over the world can en joy them.

    Lindy@ A Bookish Escape

  3. Harlequin certainly does a wonderful job and has such wide ranging books published too. Go them.

  4. Harlequin has always been a part of my reading life but this article just showed me how impactful they've been to the reading world as a whole.

    1. Hi Leona thanks for stopping by. Yes they have been and continue to.