Thursday, March 12, 2020

Audible review: Husbands and Other Sharp Objects by Marilyn Simon Rothstein narrated by Pamela Almand

I love the daily Kindle deals and when one sounds really good and comes with an added bonus of the audio for $1.99 I'm known to scoop them up. This is one of those hidden gems.

Publisher: Brilliance Audio

Release Date: 3-6-2018

 8 hours - 45 minutes
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A heartwarming, hilarious novel for anyone who has ever had a family, from the author of Lift and Separate.

After a lifetime of marriage, Marcy Hammer is ready to get herself unhitched - just as everyone else in her life is looking for a commitment. Her new boyfriend, Jon, wants to get serious, and her soon-to-be ex-husband, Harvey, is desperate to get back together. When her headstrong daughter announces a secret engagement to Harvey's attorney, Marcy finds herself planning her daughter's wedding as she plans her own divorce.

Now with two huge events on the horizon, the indomitable Marcy soon realizes that there's nothing like a wedding to bring out the worst in everybody. From petty skirmishes over an ever-growing guest list to awkward confrontations with her sticky-fingered new in-laws, pulling off the wedding is going to be a challenge; seeing her divorce through is going to be a trial. And trying to make everyone happy might prove to be impossible - because in the end, Marcy alone must make a choice between something old and something new.

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My Review:

Husbands and Other Sharp Objects
By Marilyn Simon Rothstein
Narrated by Pamela Almand

Rothstein’s Husbands and Other Sharp Objects is refreshing, intuitive and entertaining giving readers not only out loud belly laughs but heartwarming and sobering moments too. The big refresh is that our typical martyr Jewish mother protagonist Marcie who’s lived her whole life for her family voluntarily sacrificing for them has now got to learn to add both NO and ME to her vocabulary without thinking she’s being selfish. The other refreshing part to a reader of a certain age is that it’s so nice to have a protagonist who is my age and who thinks like me and even though I’m not Jewish and my marriage of over 30 years is solid that we share many of the same situations and problems. The narrative is timely and has a great flow the family dynamics is spot on and Marci’s dead mother speaking in her head is the perfect comic relief. The other characters are also perfect in their roles especially Marci’s steadfast friends and her beau Jon, her children are also perfect even though they all need a good kick in the but at one time or another during the novel. This is perfect for a reader of a certain age someone who enjoys thought provoking women’s fiction and family drama.
The narration by Pamela Almand is fantastic, she’s got the NYC via Connecticut accent down pat, does a brilliant job on both male and female voices plus puts enough of distinguishable differences in the voices for listeners to identify each one. 
Marci Hammer is trying to get this new life of hers figured out. She’s left her cheating husband (Harvey the bra King) of over thirty years who now has a new baby momma. Has a new job she loves, a new love of her own, someone who she feels really gets her. But all’s not cozy when her estranged husband wants to get back together her kids make it quite clear they’re not interested in meeting her new beau and her daughter Amanda gets engaged. When the wedding planning becomes more like a battle field where the gloves all come off it puts Marcie right in the middle of a familial war zone the one place she does not want to be.

About the author:Marilyn Simon Rothstein is the author of Lift and Separate, winner of the Star Award presented by the Women's Fiction Writers Association for Outstanding Debut. Husbands And Other Sharp Objects is her second novel.
About the narrator:As a former 747 captain for Northwest Airlines, Pam's low-pitched voice served her well coming from the flight deck to calm and reassure her passengers.
Now, with over a decade of professional award-winning voice acting experience, she provides voiceover and narration with not only calm professionalism and authority, but also conversational, friendly Mom-warmth...or smoky, sulty, low-pitched smoothness... all the way to dynamic and bright energy for infomercials and CTAs!
Medical, corporate, and technical narrations come naturally, the result not only of growing up the daughter of a Colorado cattle rancher and moving into a highly-technical aviation career, but also aided by naturally clear diction and a neutral English, easy-to-understand voiceover style.



  1. I've been curious about this. Wonderful review, Debbie!

  2. I love a story that gives me belly laughs. The narrator sounds fantastic with the way she can do different accents and genders so well! This story sounds very entertaining. Great Review Debbie :)

    Lindy@ A Bookish Escape

  3. Oh I am going to see if this an option for me. Sounds like wonderful fun yet with a message or two.