Monday, September 21, 2020

Part 2 of my Interview with Writing Coach Lisa Daily

Hey Gang here is part two of my YouTube Interview with my friend Lisa Daily author, writing coach and publicist for one of my favorite indy mystery houses, Oceanview Publishing

Sorry about the lousy shaking picture LOL I will never get hired for any type of video work :)

Here's a link to part one-



  1. I loved this interview. It's so nice to see you Debbie. I agree with what you said, NetGalley is wonderful. I love getting books from them. I also agree that an author should never go after a blogger because of a bad review. That's a no no. It makes me never want to read that authors books too.

    1. Thanks Mary yes Netgalley rules and yes it is a big no for an author to go after a reviewer or to request they change their number rating higher which has also happened.

  2. Agree on the literary fictions. I loved the Jane Austen Society. Fantastic and it wasn't too shakie🤣

  3. Loved the second part too. I really enjoyed the audio of The Jane Austen Project and has started me on a whole new interest!