Monday, September 28, 2020

September 2020 Harlequin Special Edition Showcase + Review of The Slow Burn by Caro Carson

 Welcome to the September showcase of my beloved Special Edition series read all about this month's six enticing novellas and a look at what I thought of Caro Carson's The Slow Burn #2 in her Masterson Texas series.


A Winning Season
by Rochelle Alers
Wickham Falls Weddings (Book #10)

Sliding home…for a lifetime

The girl next door…

Or a grand slam love?

Baseball ace Sutton Reed’s returned home triumphant after years in the majors. When he moves next door to a troubled young man, he’s determined to help—for the boy’s sake andfor the boy’s gorgeous older sister, Zoey Allen. After sacrificing everything to keep her family together, Zoey has no time for romance…even with a hometown hero. But will this unlikely combo be the home run love story they all deserve?
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Changing His Plans
by Jo McNally
Gallant Lake Stories (Book #4)

Is he—and his town—ready for her?

Is he ready to have his mind—and heart—changed?

Ambitious real estate developer Brittany Doyle wants to bring Nate Thomas’s quiet Catskills town into the twenty-first century. Nate is dead set against her proposed plan, fearing it will destroy his mountain community’s rich heritage. But the more time he spends with Brittany, the more she is winning his heart. He just hopes he’s not heading for heartbreak.

In Service of Love
by Laurel Greer
Sutter Creek, Montana (Book #5)

Could a dog help heal them both?

A service dog in training knows just what they need!

Veterinarian Maggie Reid is focused on training service dogs and has no time for romance. Yet Asher Matsuda sends her guarded heart into a tailspin. The widowed single dad has vowed to put his grieving daughter first. He can’t be falling for a beautiful workaholic who hides behind her career. But every dog has its day and this stubborn duo is no different…if only they’ll take a chance on love!

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The Last Man She Expected
by Michelle Major
Welcome to Starlight (Book #2)

How could being so wrong suddenly feel so right?

Falling for her arch nemesis

Isn’t going to happen.

Moving to Starlight was Mara Reed’s first step forward after her devastating divorce. But had she known she’d find Parker Johnson, her ex-husband’s ruthless divorce attorney, there, she might have gone in a different direction. Away from the big city, Mara is seeing Parker in a new light—but is it enough for her to set aside her anger?

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The Maverick's Baby Arrangement
by Kathy Douglass
Montana Mavericks: What Happened to Beatrix? (Book #3)

He’ll do anything for his child’s sake…


Wealthy workaholic rancher Daniel Dubois has everything money can buy, but it’s not enough. If he can’t convince authorities he’s worthy, he will soon lose custody of his orphaned baby niece. Event planner Brittany Brandt rejects Daniel’s marriage of convenience until little Hailey wins her over. Soon they are a cozy family of three—and Daniel’s biggest problem is guarding his heart against his make-believe bride…

The Slow Burn
by Caro Carson
Masterson, Texas (Book #2)

Around her, he found it hard to keep his cool…

Out of the friend zone

And into the fire!

When firefighter Caden Sterling unexpectedly delivers Tana McKenna’s baby by the side of the road, the unlikely threesome forms a special bond. So when Caden offers friendship and a helping hand, single mom Tana can’t say no. Their flirty friendship slowly becomes more, until Tana’s ex and the truth about her baby catches up with her. Can she win back the only man who can make this family complete?
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My Review:

The Slow Burn
Masterson Texas #2
Caro Carson


From page one of The Slow Burn #2 in her Masterson Texas installation, Caro Carson will have readers hooked with her likeable, empathic, perfect imperfect friends to lovers couple, wanting to know where Tana’s lack of confidence comes from and what makes Caden such a Teddy Bear. Then she’ll reel readers in as she unpeels the complex layers of Tana and shows that Caden is the, what you see is what you get, real deal and finally there’s the adorable bundle of joy that puts the icing on the story cake. Her plot is engaging, her situations are relatable, her costars are outstanding and in this time of uncertainty we can all use a little dose of Happy Ever After.

As the director of aquatics at Masterson college, Montana (Tana) McKenna is hoping for redemption for past mistakes by training new Olympic swimming hopefuls, but instead calamity strikes when she learns she’s pregnant and her boyfriend, like everyone else in her life seems to do, abandons her. So when a sexy firefighter/paramedic wants to be her friend she’s not sure she can trust him either but she could really use a friend so she’s willing to take the chance.

Lieutenant Caden Sterling thought he met the woman of his dreams until he discovered she’s pregnant, fortunately there’s no other man in the picture and even though he’s been warned that he’s in for trouble going down this path he’s happy to play the friend card until she’s ready to be his forever love. 


Be sure and stop back by next month for six more fabulous offerings from my friends at Special Edition and of course the Publisher that makes the world go round Harlequin!