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#GIVEAWAY interview Author J.L. Lora author showcase

A Few weeks ago I was part of the Caffeinated PR release day tour to celebrate J.L. Lora's The Autumn You Became Mine. Well today I have a real treat for my readers an interview with Ms. Lora and a fab #Giveaway too. Details below.

A Love for All Seasons

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Interview with J.L. Lora

JL hi! Welcome to The Reading Frenzy.
Your latest release The Autumn You Became Mine just released in October was book 3 in your A Love for All Seasons series and I LOVE the cover.
Tell my readers a little about this book please.

Thank you so much for having me. I’m still smiling about this book. It was so tough to write and I had the most awful writer’s block but just like their romance, telling the story required the right timing. This is more than a second chance, it’s really a third chance romance about two people who have always belonged together but keep getting torn apart. Sometimes they’re torn apart by someone else but they also keep getting in their own way.

He’s always known what she means to him and it’s the same for her but it’s tricky because their love has always come with baggage and complications. When the book opens, both have different goals. His, to stay away from her. Hers is to open the business she’s always dreamed of. Fate and love have other ideas.

Second chance romance and/or friends to lovers romance is my very favorite but it’s also tricky because these characters know each other’s quirks and tells. What was the hardest obstacle to bring Chase and Lauren together?

Chase and Lauren are polar opposites. He’s a daredevil whose whole life is about taking risks. Lauren, on the other hand, can’t afford to be risky. She’s always had to be the responsible one. They know a lot about each other but there’s also a lot about one another they’re in the dark about. This book is about discovery, overcoming emotional obstacles, and individual as well as shared traumas and issues.

How are the books in this series related?

All the main characters are tied together either by blood or a sisterhood of the heart. Adri and Lauren have been best friends since they were in diapers. Winter in book two is their other best friend, whom they met later in life. Chase is Cam’s brother and they forge a friendship with Grayson.

Ties that go beyond blood is a theme in all my books. My characters all have families that they were not born with, like all of us. Those relationships are very important and they shape who we are. I love to be able to show that in my stories.

Is book 3 the finale or will there be more?

There’s at least one more story coming, The Spring in My heart. It’s the book I’m currently working on.

Now I’d like to get a little personal
In your bio you say I write to exorcise the stories playing in my head and move my heart.”
Is your mind so full of stories that you often start a book or series while still working on a previous one?

Yes, I do! I often call my brain a waiting room for my characters. It’s not unusual for one to start speaking while I work in the HEA for another. Lauren and Chase are famous for jumping all over The Summer I Loved You and The Winter of My Love. That’s how they ended up with a novella and a full book.

Right now, as a matter of fact, I have another pair just yapping in a corner while I work on the Spring book.

You immigrated to the US as a teenager from the Dominican Republic and you mention that it was a hard transition and you found solace in books at the library. 
One of the authors you mentioned you came to love is also one I loved reading Johanna Lindsay, I swear no one can write historical romance like her.
What about reading brought you comfort?

Johanna Lindsay has the most convoluted stories. You can’t help but admire and marvel how she makes them work. They’re so addictive.

Writing was my coping mechanism. I come from a really traditional Dominican family. My parents wanted to protect me and shelter me so I didn’t go out as often as other kids my age. I also was missing my mom, other siblings, and extended family in DR. Combine that with all the changes I was going through and the ever-present teenage angst…it was a lot. Books transported and inspired me. In them I found an escape and just imagine what happened when I discovered the romance section. I was devouring so many books a week.

You say writing has been a passion since the 5th grade and that you’ve always dreamed of being a writer.
When did writing romance become a part of that dream?

Romance has always been part of the plan. Not exactly writing romance books but with romance in every book. There was going to be a big a love affair. I grew up on Telenovelas where no matter what they go though, love always wins. I love that. Romance novels always brought such hope and seriously, what’s better than seeing two people find happiness after all the trials and tribulations?                                                                        

Is there another genre you’ve wanted to try your hand in and if so what is it?

There’s definitely a paranormal in my future. I used to write PNR fanfic. It was so much fun. I can’t wait to write the story that’s been whispering one day. Not yet, though. Before that, I want to go back to my romantic suspense/organized crime world for a bit.

JL Thank you so much for taking the time to answer my questions. Good luck with your latest novel and all the novels in your future. 2020 has been a particular challenge for authors. 
Are you planning any virtual events where fans can see you?

Thank you so much for having me again and same to you. I really appreciate this opportunity to chat with you about the voices in my head J  This year has been extremely challenging but I’m lucky to be able to escape into a world where characters tell me their stories and I get to make them forever happy.

I’m currently planning a virtual event. It will be within the next two weeks. I will definitely let you know. I hope you can come and participate. It will be a lot of fun.

 About J.L.

J. L. Lora is a Dominican-American author of contemporary and romantic suspense. Her stories explore the dark side of good characters—people living in the gray areas of life—playing the cards life has dealt them. Her stories manifest her love for badass alpha heroines and take-your-breath-away alpha men. 

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