Friday, January 22, 2021

Review - Bad Love Strikes by Kevin Schewe, MD. FACRO

This book was written Kevin Schewe, a health care hero, a practicing oncologist in Denver, and my oldest daughter's (who we lost in December to cancer) uncle. She gave me this book to read and
I really enjoyed it, it's a combo of coming of age and time travel and am looking forward to reading the next adventure the Bad Love gang goes on.
Here's a shout out to all the Health Care Heroes!!!

Release Date: 9-16-2019
Length: 201pp
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In October 1939, Albert Einstein warns President Franklin D. Roosevelt that Nazi Germany is actively pursuing an atomic bomb and urges him to make sure that the United States develops the bomb first. Roosevelt heeds the warning and launches the “Manhattan Project” in June 1942.
In October 1942, Roosevelt tells Einstein that prudence calls for the U.S. to have a back-up plan to the Manhattan Project in case Hitler gets the bomb first. Roosevelt commissions Einstein to secretly construct a usable time travel machine code named the “White Hole Project.”
In June 1974, an adventurous group of teenage friends, who call themselves the “Bad Love Gang,” discover a tunnel leading to the White Hole Project. They learn how to use the time machine and become the first known humans to travel back in time and return. Their mission is to save Jews and Gypsies from the Holocaust in November 1944 by using a U.S. Air Force B-17 bomber that was known as “The Phantom Fortress.”
An interview with Kevin

My Review:

Bad Love Strikes
Bad Love Series #1
Kevin Schewe


Schewe’s debut is engaging, interesting and full of historical facts that will leave his audience entertained and enlightened.  It’s an improbable yet believable novella about a group of teenaged friends who go back in time and change history starring an over the top yet absolutely genuine cast.  His incredible plot is solid and even though the read is slow at first once the mission begins it becomes an intense page-turner and while the kids banter may at times seem unnecessarily wordy readers will have to remember the ages of these bright young characters and remember back to their own youth to more appreciate this credible chatter. This debut author is an effective storyteller whose voice will only get better with time and leaves his readers after this tale wanting desperately to know what happens next in book 2. This is perfect for YA and adult fans of sci-fi, fantasy and historical fiction.

In 1974 a group of teenaged friends known as The Bad Love Gang literally stumble into a once top secret lab project from WWII one that comes right out of a science fiction movie involving time travel. Now these friends who all grew up together while being affected by all the normal growing pains of teenage years aren’t your normal everyday kid variety, these teens all live in Oak Ridge Tennessee, a suburb of Knoxville that during WWII was known by other names like The Atomic City because of being site of the Manhattan project. And in 1974 (and still today) housed The Oak Ridge National Laboratory, a nuclear research facility and these kids are the progeny of the highly educated folks employed there. So we have a group of kids with higher than normal IQs who are adventurous and like many of us who grew up in the 60s and 70s spent most of the daylight hours outside getting into harmless mischief. What none of them could have ever envisioned when they first found the secret lab was that they would change the course of history when they decide to go back in time to November of 1944 and lead a secret mission of their own.


 About the author:
For 33 years Dr. Kevin Schewe has worked on the front lines of cancer care as a radiation oncologist in private practice. Receiving a diagnosis of cancer and then facing the realities of staging, treatment, side effects, and recovery are challenges that are larger than life. Living with a cancer diagnosis after treatment requires a new view on life and life's priorities. 


  1. Oh good on him, what important work and I bet writing a creative piece of fiction would be a way to light his way. And your daughter's uncle!

  2. This sounds fascinating. I do wonder why a facility like this one was left unguarded so that these teens could find it though.

  3. Time Traveling teens to save people from the horrors of holocaust sounds like a fab story.