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Sophia Rose Reviews- 10-Minute Stretching: Simple Exercises to Build Flexibility into Your Daily Routine by Hilery Hutchinson

Today once again I welcome my friend Sophia Rose to the blog to share a review that frankly is very timely because I don't know about you but I've found that I really stress out over things more since being cooped up and I cope with it by cooking baking and eating when I should be stretching.

10-Minute Stretching: Simple Exercises to Build Flexibility into Your Daily Routine by Hilery Hutchinson

Non Fiction, Health
Publisher:  Rockridge Press
Published:  1.19.21
Pages:  225
ASIN:  B08SB7986X
Rating: 5
Format:  eARC
Source:  Callisto Publishing

Sellers: Amazon

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GoodReads Blurb:

Fit stretching exercises into your day with easy 10-minute routines

Discover how easy it is to improve your flexibility, reduce pain, and eliminate stress with just a few minutes of stretching every day. This illustrated guide provides you with essential stretches and simple routines for increasing your range of motion, supplementing physical therapy, and more.

Featuring 60 individual stretches for your neck, feet, and everything in between, the detailed instructions and informative images in this book give you everything you need to incorporate stretching into your life. You’ll also find insight into how to develop short, multi-muscle routines for everyday living, exercise, and even injury recovery.

This collection of stretching exercises includes:

**Stretches for the whole body―Practice a variety of stretching exercises that target nine critical muscle groups, from head turns and cross-body stretches to hurdler’s stretches and towel pulls.
**10-Minute routines―Improve the effectiveness of your stretching and make it easy to stick with thanks to 35 short routines you can do virtually anywhere.
**Clear guidance―Find the exact stretches and routines you need fast thanks to chapters focused on specific muscle groups.

Keep yourself fit and flexible with this guide to simple and effective stretching exercises.


Sophia Rose's Review:

As I get older, I accumulate more body and health issues and lose my flexibility and balance.  I’ve been concerned about this and wanted a practical and doable regime to combat these issues.  I hit upon this title and noted the subtitle so it was with brimming eagerness that I took up this book and began familiarizing myself with the stretches and dabbling with a few of the routines.


10-Minute Stretching begins with a forward about the goal of the book and then the first part gets into the science behind stretching with what it’s for, why it works, and how it works along with cautions to always pay attention to your body as you go and adjust as needed.  There is a glossary of terms to reference back like when one forgets what a static or a dynamic stretch is.  The author urges that the person make this a regular practice because the benefits of stretching are felt more if done as a routine rather than on rare occasions.  There is also a reminder to breathe in with part of the stretch and breathe out with the second part.  Biggest thing is don’t forget to breathe through these stretches.


The next section of the book is one of the largest and includes an easy, but detailed list of the stretches by body section starting at the top with the head and neck and working the way down to the ankles and feet.  Stretches do not miss a major muscle or joint, but also include the significant ones, too.  Each stretch comes with two pages.  One summarizes the stretch with type, motion, affected areas, what it’s good for, and instructions with the second page a clear illustration and markings of the movements as well as ways to alter for a deeper stretch or accommodate for a lesser stretch.  The materials needed are no more than a bolster pillow for ‘the fish’ and stretchy bands or towels.


After the description section, there are the routines.  The routines are ten minutes or less in time frame.  The list of routines may not be exhaustive, but they cover a lot of needs from daily activities (gardening, playing with children, work), to activities like tennis or hiking, to injury recovery, aches and pains, and even full body release and stress.  There is a small section that explains how a person can create their own personalized stretching routine.  Personally, I was happy with the ones I tried.


I do walks around my neighborhood after I start my day so I chose to do the morning stretch and then the walking stretches.  Both include four-five stretches.  I get frequent headaches and have lower back pain on occasion so I added these stretches in the afternoon now and then.  I did the evening stretches right before bed on most nights.  After three weeks, I can honestly see a difference- not a profound difference since I have a long way to go, but a difference in flexibility, balance, and overall feeling good.  I have had to do a lot of the accommodations suggested like sitting in a chair rather than bending from a standing position, reaching behind with a hand towel to extend my arm reach, stretching from a kneel and not reaching the extension that the pictures portray, but I still get a good stretching workout.


All in all, the author’s practical instruction worded in layman’s terms and the guided pages and illustrations made this book an enthusiastic success for me.  I can heartily recommend it to those who are in the peak of fitness to those, like moi who are nearly as far from fit as it gets.  It is a wonderful place to start and does wonders within a short time to encourage the stretcher to keep pressing on.


Author’s Bio:

Hilery brings a plethora of knowledge with over 50 certifications and 18 years of experience in the wellness industry. She is known for her highly customized approach and well thought out health coaching and wellness programs. She has traveled around the world teaching her own certification programs in personal training and Thai Yoga Massage. She has also taught her specially designed yoga and fitness classes in 13 different countries.

Hilery likes to help her clients make small changes one step at a time until they become a habit. She has the capability of seeing what you are truly capable of and will hold you to that standard! You will feel your own self-confidence improve and feel deeply listened to and supported on your journey. You will be amazed at what a difference small changes make and feel a personal transformation happen quicker than you could imagine!

Hilery has been going through her own battle with illness over the past five years and it has given her even more insight, empathy, and knowledge to help her clients on a much deeper level.


Sophia’s Bio:

Sophia is a quiet though curious gal who dabbles in cooking, book reviewing, and gardening. Encouraged and supported by an incredible man and loving family. A Northern Californian transplant to the Great Lakes Region of the US. Lover of Jane Austen, Baseball, Cats, Scooby Doo, and Chocolate.

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  1. That's great that you are seeing some progress from doing the stretches.

    1. Yes, I needed to see there was some progress to keep me encouraged and keep at it. :)

  2. Great review. I sit in a commute chair most of the day, so I need this.

    1. Yes, it is great for taking a break after an hour or so and doing one or two of the stretches. I'm pretty sure it even gets my brain kickstarted again. LOL

  3. I need this too Sophia Rose fantastic idea. Thanks for sharing this!!

    1. Sure thing, Debbie. I was no sooner thinking that I need to do stretching more and then this book was right there to catch my attention. :)