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#AudibleReview Vanished by Kendra Elliot Narrated by Nick Podehl & Amy McFadden

Today I'm reviewing #1 in Kendra Elliot's Callahan and McLane romantic suspense series, Vanished.

Publisher: Brilliance Audio
Release Date: 6-24-2014
Length: 9hours - 50 minutes
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From Wall Street Journal bestselling author Kendra Elliot.

When an eleven-year-old is abducted on her way to school, the FBI doesn’t waste a moment, sending agents to scour the area and embedding Special Agent Ava McLane with the distraught family. In the eye of the storm is local detective Mason Callahan, whose life is crumbling to pieces - he’s related to the victim, and his longtime confidential informant has just been murdered.

Both he and Agent McLane hole up in the victim’s family home. Every second counts in a kidnapping case, and the stakes keep rising the longer the girl is missing. As Ava and Mason struggle to hold the family together in their darkest hour, the two investigators find themselves drawn to each other.

2015 Overall Daphne du Maurier Award Winner
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My #AudibleReview:

Kendra Elliot
Callahan & McClane #1


Vanished, #1 in Kendra Elliot’s new romantic suspense series featuring Oregon State cop Mason Callahan and FBI Special Agent Ava McClane is a twisty turny whodunit that readers/listeners will not be able to put down or figure out the bad guy until the author decides well into the novel to drop her bomb although she does give some subtle hints along the way so pay attention. Mason and Ava are both genuine real deal characters likeable and believable both loners and both lonely and the slow burning romance between them is convincing. The author also goes into specific detail about the goings on of the case that will also increase the believability factor of the book. It will be interesting to see how the series progresses. Fans of the genre of Laura Griffin or Lisa Jackson will love this book.

Oregon State Police detective Mason Callahan is at the scene of his confidential informant’s brutal murder when he gets a desperate call from his ex-wife telling him her young stepdaughter is missing and presumed kidnapped and asks for his help. Mason offers to be the family’s spokesperson and is also working closely with the FBI to find the missing girl which makes Mason happy as it puts him up close and personal with one very alluring agent.

FBI Special Agent Ava McClane has her hands full enough with this puzzling kidnapping to have to worry about her untimely attraction to a certain Oregon State Cop or about the unsavory antics of her very unstable twin sister. But it looks like Karma has other plans.

The narration isn’t great but it’s not bad either, Nick Podehl makes a very believable Mason and does a good job with all his portrayals however, Amy McFadden just doesn’t click for Ava’s voice. Really the better choice would have been to have Nick narrate the whole book.

 The Series

About the author:
An Amazon #1 selling author, Kendra Elliot has sold over 8 Million books and been on the WSJ best seller list eleven times.
She grew up in the lush Pacific Northwest and still lives there with her family and three cats. She's fascinated with forensics, refuses to eat anything green, and dreams of living every day in flip flops.


  1. I enjoyed this one for the two main characters, but also the way the investigation was handled. You remind me that I need to keep going with the series. :)

  2. The kind of romantic suspense that I like, hmm and #1 in a series is promising. Think I might read rather than listen to it. I like it when you can pick up the next one without waiting a year!

    1. I think I might listen to one more and then read the rest depending

  3. I love Kendra's books, I think maybe I will read it.

    1. read it definitely or maybe you'll like the narration