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#GIVEAWAY Review Witching Moon by K.E. Bonner sponsored by Author/Guide

Today I'm psyched to bring you my review of a fantasy debut by K.E. Bonner called Witching Moon a mix of history, mystery, fantasy and a touch of romance set at the end of the U.S. Civil War. I'm also pleased to share with you my interview with the author and her publicist Author/Guide is generously sponsoring a #Giveaway of the print book (see details below).

ISBN-13: 978-1947860926
Publisher: Belle Isle Books
Release Date: 6-1-2021
Length: 298 pp
Reading age-13-17yr
Source: Publicity agent/Author for review
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Every once in an eon, when the Earth eclipses the moon on a winter solstice, an immortal is born under a witching moon.

Anne has always had the strangest feelings-memories she couldn't place; strangers she inexplicably yearned for. After she rescues the enigmatic Phillip from a shipwreck, her comfortable life on the island of Cusabo is shattered, and the mystery of her destiny starts to fall into place. Anne leaves behind the life she's always known and sets out with Phillip on an arduous journey to Amaranth, where her ancient family awaits her. But the path is dark and daunting, and Anne's powers have only just begun to manifest.

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My Interview with K.E. Bonner

Karen Hi, welcome to The Reading Frenzy
Tell my readers a bit about your novel, Witching Moon.

One morning, Anne discovers a shipwreck victim tossing in the waters off her island, and she heals him. This young man, Phillip of Amaranth, recognizes Anne as immortal and explains that the strange memories that she has been having are from her past life. Immortals can only be killed in a certain way, but they can be reborn under a witching moon. Phillip gains her trust and vows to lead Anne to her long, lost family on the island of Amaranth. But there are other immortals searching for Anne, who want her to become a member of their ancient tribe. Anne leaves the comfort of her island and ventures into the unknown determined to find her people and where she belongs. 

I really enjoyed Witching Moon I’m interested in learning why you chose to set it at the end of the US Civil War?

I was raised in something of a time warp in South Carolina. When people talked about the war, they were talking about the Civil War. I grew up surrounded by that history, and I needed a war. The immortal tribes of Witching Moon manipulate mortal governments into starting wars so that they can fight with each other within the guise of mortal wars. My immortals can’t live out in the open, society would never accept them, so they must live in the shadows.

I know authors get their novel ideas from many different sources.
Where did the idea for this novel come from?

Anne spoke to me. She appeared at the edge of my thoughts, sort of like you might see a shadow move in your peripheral vision and turn to look but find nothing there. Anne told me she was a healer. At first, I thought it was my younger self speaking to me, and maybe it was, but she morphed into Anne. I’ve always loved the lowcountry between Charleston and Savannah, where marsh tacky ponies graze on the wild sea oats and Blackbeard the pirate once sailed. There is no Cusabo island, but when the first explorers came to the South Carolina sea islands the Cusabo Indians lived there. I write organically, meaning that I pay attention to what the universe puts in my way and incorporate that into my writing. Once I had a strong feeling for Anne and what she was about, the rest of the story fell into place; I just typed it out. I know that sounds crazy, but that is how I write. There is magic in my process. I grew up with the singing and shoutin’ and redemption of tent revivals, I was raised on magical realism. 

You and I both suffer from dyslexia I have a love hate relationship with autocorrect and reconciling my checkbook can be a challenge.
Does it present a challenge for writing for you?

I am a horrendous speller, and I get numbers mixed up in my head. I read at a glacial pace; this helps me absorb the words. I also write slowly. My dyslexia has been a blessing in disguise; it has made me slow down, re-read, and pay attention. I pick up on small details because of my dyslexic brain and I often see things from several different angles at once.

I also really enjoyed all your characters from your protagonist(s) Anne and Phillip all the way down to the most minor role and there are a few who would really work in a sequel.
Will there be a book two or is this a stand alone?

There will definitely be a second book which will take place during WWI. Rex comes back and forms the Black Hand, which assassinates Archduke Franz Ferdinand to start WWI, giving Valen and Rex an excuse to invade France and Amaranth. Anne must navigate her new life at Amaranth with Bello and Rowan tugging her in different directions. Rory, Phillip, Marie-Helene, and Ram-An will all return as well.
(Oh I can’t wait!)

Did you always see yourself writing or are you an accidental author?

I would have loved to major in literature or history in college, but I didn’t think I’d be able to get through all the reading and writing, so I studied biology and chemistry, then went to Emory to become a Physician’s Assistant. I work as an anesthetist, and I love helping others. I’m always meeting new people and often those people share their stories with me. I’ve always been a voracious reader, which gave me the tools to become a writer. By the way, one does not have to go to college to become a writer; one simply has to write. Oh, sure, the writing will be horrendous at first, but over time it will improve.

What authors do you admire?

Toni Morrison, her use of language is pure magic.

Pat Conroy, The Water is Wide is one of my favorite books.

Rick Bragg resonates with me, and I love how he loves his mama.

George Orwell. Larry McMurtry. Judy Blume. Jane Austin. Flannery O’Conner. Madeline Miller. Delia Owens. Maurice Sendak. Rebecca Wells. Kimberly Elkins. Alfred Lobel.


What was the last good book you read?

Animal Farm by George Orwell blew me away. I think I skimmed over it or read the Cliff Notes in high school just so I could pass the test. I know high school K. E. Bonner didn’t appreciate Animal Farm. When I read it earlier this year, even though I knew what was coming, I audibly gasped at the end. I love that book so much. George Orwell is a genius to put such brilliant work into fairy tale form. I love how you can re-read an old book and find a new meaning. The book hasn’t changed, but you have, and that changes the interpretation. 

Karen I know the pandemic is waning but there are still restrictions depending on where you are.
Will you be having any author events, signings etc. For Witching Moon?

I am working on author’s events with local bookstores now. Check my Instagram at @kebonnerwrites for where I’ll be and when. Also, if you want to drop me a line go to:, I’d love to hear from you!

Karen Thank you for taking the time to answer some questions.
Good luck with the book!

 My Review:

Witching Moon
K.E. Bonner

Set at the tail end of the Civil War and beginning on the SC barrier island of Cusabo K.E. Bonner presents readers with, Witching Moon, an enticing tale with a unique blend of history, mystery, fantasy and a touch of romance. While on their epic journey from the US to an enchanted island off the coast of France Bonner has her protagonists Anne and Phillip contend with some of the societal issues of the time like native American injustices, slavery, the Underground Railroad and the unfortunate ravages of war, and as she develops their relationship she also introduces her audience to some really cool secondary characters both friend and foe. The book is fast paced and has some really creative world building mixing real and imagined and although the book is targeted for a YA audience, adult readers will also find this very enjoyable.

Growing up on Cusabo Island Anne always knew she wasn’t born into Mama Jane’s family and even though knew she was loved like she was, she knew she was different, for one thing she was born with the healing touch and from a young child had strange dreams that somehow felt familiar and always left her feeling like part of her was missing. Then one day she rescues Phillip a shipwreck victim from drowning and when he wakes up tells her fantastic tales about witching moons and a place called Amaranth, a place where immortals live, a place where she belongs. Anne wants to call it nonsense but in her heart she knows he’s telling the truth. So she says goodbye to the family and only life she’s ever known to meet her destiny. But the journey won’t be easy, there are other immortals who want Anne for themselves and will stop at nothing to get her.

About the author:
K. E. Bonner was always the first kid to sit down during a spelling bee. It wasn’t until she was an adult that she was diagnosed with dyslexia, which explained why she had to study three times harder than everyone else. Being dyslexic taught her perseverance and kindness, her two favorite attributes. Ms. Bonner lives in Georgia with her husband, two sons, and two dogs. When not writing, she loves to read, swim, explore new places, and meet fascinating people. If you have a dog, she would love to scratch behind its ears and tell it what a good boy or girl it is!

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  1. A fascinating and captivating historical. Thanks.

  2. Sounds both different and interesting. And fancy you both having to deal with dyslexia, and how Karen can share with us the bonus side of that.

    1. Yes I didn't know until I was working at a bank that I had it.

  3. Sounds like a wonderful story. Great interview, as always too. Thanks for sharing.

    Melanie @ Books of My Heart

    1. my pleasure. I feel like I've lost more than a year. It's been a struggle to blog where I used to be a month ahead in my postings now I'm flying by the seat of my pants. It's been a horrible year for us and I'm hoping light at the end of the tunnel will get me back on my game.