Tuesday, June 8, 2021

Review: Tomb of the Queen by Joss Walker

Today I'm reviewing a brilliant new Urban Fantasy/Paranormal Romance by a new writing duo voice in the genre, one is one of my all time favorite authors, J.T. Ellison and the other is a new to me author Alisha Klapheke and together they are a force to be reckoned with!

Publisher: Two Tales Press
Release Date: 6-8-2021
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Librarian Jayne Thorne enjoys her quiet life of tea and books. That is, until she finds a spellbook in the Vanderbilt archives that accidentally gives her access to a magical dimension.

Now she's hunted by a magic-wielding terrorist group called the Kingdom, and the only way for her to survive is to team up with a secret branch of the CIA. Her first mission: Go undercover at Trinity College Library in Dublin to discover the identity of a Kingdom member and determine if the Book of Leinster is actually a magical necromantic grimoire.

With the help of a handsome Irish kickboxer, Jayne uncovers the truth of her unexpected spellbook: The Irish manuscript is one of five grimoires that can raise five dead, master magicians, and secure their totems of power. With these totems comes the power to control the world.

But the spellbook isn't the only thing with secrets in Jayne's new life. Danger lurks in every corner and Jayne must rise to meet her fated role... or perish alongside the rest of the world.


"Writer Joss Walker brings the magic back! It will take a witch with heart, humor, and book smarts-plus some killer kick-boxing skills-to save the world, and Jayne Thorne is the witch we need now. Hold on tight, you urban fantasy fans, because once you open Tomb of the Queen, the action doesn't stop until the last thrilling page." -Laura Benedict, bestselling author of the Bliss House trilogy

My Review:

Tomb of the Queen
Joss Walker

Tomb of the Queen book one in a brilliant new Urban Fantasy/ Paranormal Romance series is the BOMB!

Little did mild mannered Vanderbilt University rare book librarian Agnes Jayne Thorne know that when she had a reaction to touching a very old book it would be the start of a very new life, a life that now includes magic. But when a magical CIA operative shows up at her door and not only tells her but shows her that she just came into her magic and then offers her a job as a CIA Librarian and her first assignment is at the Trinity Library in Dublin to watch over the Book of Leinster an ancient Irish manuscript that she has an obsession with and then tells her that he is also magical. How can she say no.

Ancient texts, necromancy, family drama and shifters staring a tea and pie loving mild mannered university librarian who discovers her magic is putting lightly what the amazing creative writing team that makes up Joss Walker offers readers in, Tomb of the Queen, book one of their new, exciting Jayne Thorne, CIA Librarian, fantasy series.
 The first installation in a new series is always a challenge for authors especially fantasy/UF authors because they not only have to tell their story and create their characters but they also have a whole lot of world building to do. Well this team of two did a first-class job of not only fabulous world building but also created some amazing staring characters, like the kick-butt heroine Jayne who was an unwilling star (at first), her sister Sofia, her CIA handler Ruger Stern, his boss Amanda Newport and one hot Irishman Cillian Pine. Then they go on to make sure every one of the other characters minor and major, good and evil in this novel is unforgettable, pair that to a page turning, awesomely unique, nail-biting storyline and you’ve got yourself one heck of a tall tale.
Bring on book 2!!
Fans of Urban Fantasy, Paranormal Romance, the novels of Karen Marie Moning and Ilona Andrews will find this novel hard to put down.


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  1. I'll need to consider this one - paranormal and urban fantasy with romance. Oh yes! And I know J. T. Ellison is a very good writer.