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Review Mindful Eating-Interview with author Nathalie Seaton

Today I'm reviewing a book that I am actively using in my every day eating habits and hope to be using them for the rest of my life. It's about looking at eating in a new way.

ISBN-13: 978-1952213267
Publisher: JK Publishing 
Release Date: 06-15-2021
Length: 190 pp
Source: Author for review
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Are you seeking out a healthy way to help yourself overcome eating issues or an eating disorder?

Are you already familiar with the concept of mindful eating, but you want to find a book that you can use as your bible on the subject?

Maybe you have tried eating mindfully before, but know that without the relevant and vital information you need, any attempts to change your diet will likely be futile.

Or perhaps you have never even heard of mindful eating, but you are desperate to make a change for the better and are willing to try anything?

Have no fear! Mindful Eating is the perfect book for you, packed with essential tips and tricks about how you can begin changing your diet for the better, and subsequently improve your life in the process.

And the best part? If you follow the guidance in this book, then you can still eat whatever you want!

Mindfulness is a practice that allows you to gain control over your eating habits and make changes for the better. Mindful eating allows you to seek methods that tackle eating problems head on, and release their power over you.

Gone will be the days of stressfully counting calories, restricting what you can eat, and creating a bad relationship with food.

Reading this book will not only change the way that you eat, but it will also change your life. Can you really afford to miss out and such life-altering information?

In this book, learn more about this and so many more benefits that come from mindful eating.

Inside Mindful Eating discover:

● How to to find the middle ground between restrictive eating and eating mindlessly

● How you can eat any food you want if you are a mindful eater (absolutely no foods are off-limits)

● How to Find Joy in Every Bite

● How to cope with your personal and emotional problems without overeating

● How to identify overeating triggers and how to deal with them

● Practical tips to help you with your weight loss efforts

● How to eat Mindfully during holidays, special events, or when going out

● How to overcome binge eating, emotional eating, and other eating disorders in a healthy way

● How to deal with your cravings

And much, much more!

Isn't it time you took back control of what you put into your body?

Grab a copy of Mindful Eating, and change your life for the better today!

My Interview with Nathalie:

Nathalie hi! Welcome to The Reading Frenzy.
I really enjoyed your book and learned a few tips.
What made you write Mindful Eating?

Hi Debbie! I’m very happy you liked my book. I wrote it because I noticed that so many people are trying to lose weight, gain weight, or improve their eating habits. It isn’t easy, but change is possible. There is a way to consume food in a healthy way, without any feelings of guilt or shame, and enjoy it too! This method is mindful eating.

Now if you search Mindful or Mindless Eating on the web or Amazon yours will not be the only choice.
Why should my readers chose your book?

My book was published couple months ago and overtook or is catching up with number of great reviews the books that were published several ears ago… I’m confident you will not make a mistake if you will choose my book, the newest book on mindful eating.

In doing research for the book was there a mindless eating habit that surprised you?

I was surprised how much we can eat and not to feel satisfied after that when we eat mindlessly (when we eat in front of TV or computer)

If you had to choose just one mindful eating activity which would it be?

I really like the Hunger Scale method. It can help you to determine the extent of your hunger, and help you decide whether you should be eating. The scale ranges from one to ten and describes several stages of hunger, as created by Eugenia Killoran. Whenever you feel like eating, pull out this scale, and find out just how hungry you are, or whether you are about to eat mindlessly. The most comfortable hunger levels range from three to six. If you want to eat mindfully, then eat when you rate your hunger at level three. Stop eating as soon as you reach level six. Sticking to these scale points ensures you do not go hungry while preventing overeating.

Most of us know that diets don’t work yet we always fall into trying the next new one.
Why do you think that is?

I am constantly in search of the "perfect diet" but I am fully aware that the perfect diet does not really exist. However, all diets have their advantages (one diet can help you to lose unwanted weight fast, another can help you with particular health problems) and it is a real pleasure for me to talk about this, with you, in my books!

I think the one word that most describes mindful eating is aware.
Do you agree?

I didn’t think about that earlier but you a completely right and I agree with you.

Nathalie thank you for answering my questions. I see you have published more than just this book on diets/eating.
What’s next?

Yes, I have several books on nutrition, most of them are about particular diets. These days eating mindfully cached all my attention and, who knows, maybe I will have another book on similar topic if my readers will ask for that. If you will have any questions or just want to chat with me – you can find me in my Facebook group:

My Review:

Mindful Eating
Nathalie Seaton


I like millions of you put on a few extra shall we call them pandemic pounds in the last year plus and would love to be able to take them off and like many of you know from experience that diets don’t work. So when the author approached me about reviewing this new book I said of course.

I found Mindful Eating very helpful because knowing why your eating is half the battle, in a nutshell mindful eating means eating with awareness, focusing on physical cues for why you’re eating.

The author goes through many mindless eating problems and how to correct them and tries to prepare the reader to be a mindful eater by knowing if you’re eating to nourish your body or to fill an emotional void.

She also goes over the Catch 22 problem of eating out because it’s so easy to “supersize” our meals that are usually too large to begin with.
Preparing your own meals is one solution another is eating slower (my own Waterloo).

Whether you’re looking for just some good eating tips wanting to lose weight, eat healthier or deal with unhealthy eating habits you will find great information in this book.

I personally found a solution to one of my own eating problems; I am a fast eater, always have been and learned from this book that eating rapidly is unhealthy because it causes digestive problems and causes overeating. (covered in chapter 4-Benefits of Mindful Eating)

Here are the chapter in the book:
The Science of Eating
Unhealthy Eating Behaviors
Mindful Eating Matters
Benefits of Mindful Eating
Principles of Mindful Eating
Make Mindful Eating a Habit
Coping Strategies instead of Eating
Mindfulness and Eating Disorders
Mindful Eating and Weight Loss

The author makes it clear that she is not a health professional and that although the book is a factual amalgamation of many sources it is for educational and entertainment purposes only. She urges readers to consult with their own health professionals before engaging in any dietary changes.

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About the author:

I am Nathalie, a simple wife, mother and writer. I am passionate about reaching a balance between the pleasure of good food and an investment in what we have most precious: HEALTH.

I am constantly in search of the "perfect diet" but I am fully aware that the perfect diet does not really exist. However, all diets have their advantages and it is a real pleasure for me to talk about this, with you, in my books!

If you would like to improve your nutrition for health or weight-management reasons (with the two often being related) – you should definitely check my books. I know that the best diet for you is the one you can stick to and I will do my best to provide simple, easy to follow, step by step instructions how to do that.

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  1. Fantastic review Debbie. It sounds like she touches on some relevant topics with regard to eating habits.

  2. Totally agree the perfect diet doesn't exist! Mindful eating is good I agree and mindless eating is a danger. I never give a thought these days to calories although once I was ruled by them. Now food isn't an issue really.

    1. I'm learning Kathryn and the older we get the more we need this