Thursday, November 3, 2022

Audible Review: The Haunted Heist by Angie Fox Southern Ghost Hunter Mysteries #3

Today I'm reviewing the #Audible edition of The Haunted Heist by Angie Fox, #3 in her Southern Ghost Hunter Mysteries. See why this local author keeps me coming back!

Publisher: Audible
Release Date: 06-14-2016
Length: 6 hours - 30 minutes
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USA Today Best-Selling Series!

Just because she can see the dead doesn't mean Verity Long wants to spend her days hunting ghosts. Instead she's over the moon to land a marketing job at the local bank...until she finds her new boss dead in the vault. Even her ghost friend, Frankie, knows that's no way to start a career.

Relieved to let the police take charge, Verity steps aside, bound and determined to keep her ghost sightings to herself. But when she learns the main suspect in the murder is a very crooked, very dead mobster, Verity knows it's up to her to solve the case.

She teams up with her ghostly gangster buddy, Frankie, as well as the irresistible and charming Ellis, and the three of them search haunted mob hideouts, hidden passageways, and historic cemeteries for the facts behind the heist of the century - and a modern-day motive for murder.

Too bad uncovering the truth could very well make Verity the next victim....
Listen to a sample:

My Audible Review:

The Haunted Heist
Southern Ghost Hunters #3
Angie Fox


In The Haunted Heist, book 3 of Angie Fox’s enchanting Southern Ghost Hunters Mysteries, Verity Long is still trying to get her life back in order, after Virginia Wydell, arch nemesis and mother of both her ex, Beau and current love interest Ellis is still determined to blow it to smithereens. Then there’s the gangster ghost Frankie that she’s kind of for lack of a better word, guardian to and they’re still trying to determine why he’s haunting her home.
Things are looking up when she gets a graphic design job at the bank, that is until her boss the bank President is found murdered in the vault and someone is trying to blame it on a long dead hit man. It just so happens Frankie knows this hit man and hopefully Verity, Frankie and Ellis can solve the murder.
Readers will enjoy great storytelling, a super mystery, memorable returning and new characters both corporal and ethereal, and Verity and Ellis’s blooming romance plus a lot of ghostly fun with Frankie (in a ghostly speakeasy) and his friends and enemies.
Fans of cozy mysteries and mysteries featuring ghosts will not be able to put this one down.

Tavia Gilber does a fantastic job of narrating, she gets Verity and Frankie and puts her heart and soul into every role she plays.

New York Times and USA Today bestselling author Angie Fox writes sweet, fun, action-packed mysteries. Her characters are clever and fearless, but in real life, Angie is afraid of basements, bees, and going up stairs when it is dark behind her. Let’s face it. Angie wouldn’t last five minutes in one of her books.

Angie is best known for her SOUTHERN SPIRITS™ mysteries, and for her ACCIDENTAL DEMON SLAYER books. She has also just released The Monster MASH trilogy. Visit her at


  1. Great narrator and a cozy with a ghost or two is always something that makes the sleuthing that more fun.

  2. This is great! I just listened to Pecan Pies and Dead Guys from the same series. I do love these stories and Tavia's narration of it.

  3. I have been having a great time with this series. I hope to tackle book 6 sometime this month. Great review!

  4. I read her ages ago, and these sound so fun