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Best 20 Novels of 2022

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Below is a list of my picks of the best 20 novels of 2022, it’s a mix of print, digital and audio, some are novels I chose and some are contracted reviews for Mystery Scene Magazine and Library Journal. I hope you enjoy my picks and maybe they will inspire you to pick up a title or two or three for yourself.


A Wish for Winter Viola Shipman- A Wish For Winter was one of the titles I picked to read for this holiday season and like all of Shipman’s novels it hit so many highs for me.

A Wish for Winter, Viola’s latest holiday tale is tragic yet uplifting, beautifully penned and absolutely unputdownable from beginning to end. A heartwarming story that’s quaintly old fashioned reminiscent of times gone by, yet timely including a diverse cast of players that will have the audience believing in the magic of Christmas and Santa. The characters are an eclectic mix of quirky, charming and down to earth and they will have readers rolling on the floor laughing at their antics and pulling at heartstrings. Susan is a delight, she’s an exceptional star character, practical yet there’s part of her that still wants to believe in magic even when it seems the universe is in cahoots to keep it at bay. And how she handles the escapades put on by her friends and family and especially her BFF is eyerolling and chuckle-worthy yet she tolerates it because she loves them. Then there are Susan’s grandparents, aka Mr. & Mrs. Claus who are the epitome of love and will have every reader wishing they were their grandparents. Readers will fall in love with this factual Michigan town especially dressed in its winter finery and all its fictional residents and the way they care for each other. If you love novels by Susan Wiggs, Kristin Hannah and Patti Callahan you will love this.


A Hard Day for a Hangover Darynda Jones- I reviewed Darynda's first novel in her Sunshine Vicram series for Mystery Scene Magazine and I simply fell in love with the storyline and all the characters so the next two I reviewed for Macmillan Audio and everyone has been a home run.

It’s hard to be sad for the finale of this series when the last book is just as good if not better than the first and there’s always re-reading the series, but gosh just when readers can’t get enough of Sunshine Vicram and her gutsy, quirky crew of characters it’s The End! But what an ending, readers will finally get closure into many of the previous mysteries in the series as well as being front and center for another totally new whodunit to solve as well. Then let’s talk about the drama, usually drama is a turnoff but in this case it’s an equal measure of eye-rolling, belly-laughing and OMGing that just so happens to be the life and times of Sunshine Vicram. Then there’s Sun’s teenaged/avenger daughter, Auri, who try as she might usually puts her foot in it before she turns it around and saves the day and will have readers nail-biting attention until the end. Then Sun’s parents have to be mentioned as well as the other totally unforgettable cast of costars like Sun’s bestie since childhood Quincy Cooper, and of course the eye candy who is Levi Ravinder. It’s hard to imagine that Darynda can outdo herself after this series, but then she’s done it before so Ms. Jones bring us the next best thing!

Lorelei King’s narration is the best way to experience this book and this series, she is the PERFECT Sunshine and gives a really good performance for all the other characters as well including the male voices. But what’s the best is her ability to put the right emotion in the right place making the listening audience either roll on the floor laughing, rolling their eyes or biting their nails. Brava!

Snowed in for Christmas Sarah Morgan- Many of you know I started reviewing and loving Sarah's HQN Presents novels for Romantic Times Magazine waaay back when and when she started writing full length romance and women's fiction I followed right along and she has never let me down.

There’s nothing that says it’s the holidays like a Sarah Morgan Christmas tale and this year is no different, Snowed in for Christmas gives readers a fabulous story, unforgettable characters, family drama, romance, a home really decked out for the holidays and some laugh out loud humor. She will draw her audience from the very beginning with a fantastic plot, flowing narrative, fabulous backdrops and of course the cursed Christmas blizzard that turns out to be a blessing in disguise. So many characters stand out in this novel for so many different reasons it’s hard to pick just one. Nanna Jean is a hoot, a comedienne without trying, outspoken and sincere, Glenda is a great mom, Douglass is the typical clueless dad, Clemmie is a heart-warmer, Alice and Ross are workaholics for different reasons and Lucy needs a Christmas miracle. Whether It’s your first Christmas novel or the last of this season don’t miss out on Sarah’s 2022 holiday tale.

Vanishing Hour Laura Griffin- I have been one of Laura's street team members for a long time and I don't think anyone comes close to her romantic suspense expertise. She's a go-to and I have never been disappointed.

Laura Griffin’s latest, Vanishing Hour, has everything romantic suspense and thriller fans love, a chilling intense story, an edge of your seat whodunit and off the charts chemistry between her stars Ava and Grant. As usual this Texas native takes fans to a Texas locale and spins one heck of tale, this time the town is fictional but the surrounding state and national parks are real giving the read substance and credibility, plus as an added bonus readers get up close and personal with search and rescue dogs and handlers. The characters are all incredible and the stars are amazing, Ava is likable and relatable where Grant is more an enigma so yin and yang but they work well together as a couple and as role players in the story. The mystery is solid, the research is thorough, the clues and suspects are many with a red herring here and there for good measure and even the most perceptive reader will have a hard time solving this puzzle until Laura’s big OMG reveal near the end. Fans of thrillers, romantic suspense, strong women protagonists and of this awesome author’s work will stay up all night to finish this best seller bound novel.


Other Birds Sarah Addison Allen- I have loved Sarah's novels from the very beginning, her magic realism makes magic real to me and this latest may be her best yet.

Other Birds is Southern Fried Fiction meets Magical Realism, a poignant and a bit otherworldly coming of age story, a love story and a story that tells readers families aren’t always blood related. Beautifully set on a touristy fictional South Carolina barrier island this master storyteller will have her audience entranced as she weaves her multilayered tale about love, loss, starting over and letting go. Readers will be mesmerized by Sara’s fluid narrative, whimsical dialogue and exceptional quirky characters both corporeal and spectral, especially Zoey who is simply enchanting, a misfit who just wants to belong who just so happens to move into a condo complex full of other misfits who just want to belong and as Sara fills in all the blanks of her story readers will find themselves totally hooked. Fans of Karen White, MJ Rose, Beatriz Williams and Lauren Willig will find this extraordinary novel absolutely unputdownable.


Stay Awake Megan Goldin- I discovered Megan through Macmillan Audio, no one comes close to her psychological thrillers and with this one you will Stay Awake reading all night to finish it. And if I had to pick a top best novel this would be it.

Goldin’s Stay Awake may just be the best thriller of the year, a fast paced super psychological thriller that will keep listeners up all night on the edge of their seat with their nails bitten to the quick; think of a dark Groundhog Day that repeats every time you wake up but instead of trying to impress a girl you’re running from a killer, only you don’t know it and oh by the way every time you wake up it’s, rinse and repeat because you think it’s two years in the past. Wow!  And while Megan builds her story the audience will get fed crumbs that might fill in some blanks but could just as easily be red herrings leaving the audience listening attentively to every word so they don’t miss a breath.

The characters are amazing in this intense chilling novel and everyone plays their role perfectly, Liv will make the audience scream STAY AWAKE more than one time during the novel, she’s vulnerable and wide opened to all the sucker punches she gets during the novel and the lead detective Darcy Halliday is fantastic a no-nonsense cop with a good head on her shoulders, a military background and compassionate. Her fellow detective Jack Halliday is also a good character a Yin to Halliday’s Yang open minded but at times needs coaxing to see things her way. The villain however remains in the shadows until the shocking reveal that will have most listeners bamboozled. Fans of Megan Goldin, Hank Phippi Ryan, and Lisa Gardner will not be able to take off the earbuds until the credits roll.

January LaVoy is the perfect choice for the no-nonsense, practical cops particularly Halliday where Imogen Church plays the confused, bewildered Liv super skillfully. These two orators will give listeners a definite edge over readers.


Man of War TJ London- I first started reading/listening to TJ London's novels through Caffeinated PR. TJ has that rare ability to bring the audience right into the story and she's not afraid to feature the evil abuse and abusers that many novelist don't have the courage to present. Her historical enactments of the Revolutionary War are unmatched and I can't wait for the next in this incredible Rebels and Red Coats series.

TJ’s Man of War is a non-stop action-packed nail-biting tale full of patriotism, heroics and barbarism featuring battles at sea and staring a large cast of unforgettable characters. The main protagonists the star-crossed lovers of Merrick and India/Carolyn are both larger than life. Carolyn is ahead of her time a ravaged beauty who wants to be known for her integrity and intellect and Merrick is running from his past and his family’s disgrace while longing for someone to love him unconditionally.

If there’s one word that keeps coming to mind in the Man of War novel it’s authenticity, the narrative is full of authentic seaworthy terms and descriptions of the workings on a ship of that era, it’s also full of authentic period perfect items of clothing and vocabulary that would be used by people of that time period. Then there are the characters some good some evil but all authentic and listeners who enjoyed TJ’s Rebels and Redcoats novels will easily identify the names of the characters in this novel.

As in all TJ’s Revolution novels she’s not shy about her brutal content but it’s apparent that it’s not used for shock value, it’s used for character building/development and especially for realism. If you’re a fan of no holds barred historical novels staring realistic, arresting characters than Man of War is for you.

The full cast of narrators is the absolute best, each voice fits the character both emotional and substantively and listeners will enjoy each and every narrator.


Night Work Nora Roberts- Nora Roberts needs no introduction and as a rule I have enjoyed most of her writing but I have to say that Night Work stands out for many reasons, it's fabulous storytelling and her main protagonist is male in this novel which her readers can tell you is unusual. But let me assure you that you will fall into this story.

In Nora Roberts’ latest stand alone she mixes it up for readers by featuring a male central character. Now Harry/Booth is charming and endearing but usually Nora leaves her top spot for a woman, he’s also a cat burglar and we’re not talking about a Robin Hood type character although readers will find it hard to find too much fault with the enigmatic master thief it’s still a bit out of character for a Nora Roberts lead player. The storyline is emotional dealing with love, loss, revenge and redemption and the characters are absolutely unforgettable especially Booth and Miranda. There are few close second in winning supporting roles like Aunt Maggs, Sebastian and Dauphine and her villain is just pure narcissistic evil (every reader will pray for his downfall). After the first third/introduction part of the novel the last two, non-stop action packed nail biting, thirds speed by. Fans of The Thomas Crown Affair, To Catch a Thief and The Sting will not be able to put this book down.

Will Damon’s narration is absolutely first rate, his accents and superb language skills make Harry/Booth sound like a native of whatever role he’s playacting as whether it’s Cajun, French, Italian etc.. He’s also profoundly good at his female roles and gives the audience the emotional score that compliments Nora’s narrative.


Bloomsbury Girls Natalie Jenner- I met and fell in love with Natalie Jenner through a blog tour of her first novel, The Austen Society, sponsored by the FAB AustenProse tour and when her next novel came out it was a no-brainer for me.

After the rave reviews and success of The Jane Austen Society the Divine Ms. Jenner has done it again! Bloomsbury Girls is smashing and this brilliant author deals with office romances, coworker conflicts while promoting girl power. The novel begins right at the beginning of 1950 a few years after The Jane Austen Society ends and stars one of the main characters from the book, Evie Stone, fans will remember the maid who catalogued the entire Chawton Library.

The backdrop is impeccably researched and gives the audience a genuine armchair experience of 1950s post war London still battle scarred but healing. Ms. Jenner has also outdone herself with the easily read, flawless flowing narrative that gives readers that fabulous fly on the wall view of the read where they know things that characters are scratching their heads about. But don’t think there aren’t any AH HA!, moments because there are plenty. There are also some really famous cameo appearances plus some memorable returning characters from the previous novel.  Speaking of the characters, they are superb, some larger than life, some who just think they are and some that will pull at heartstrings but all imperative to the telling of this tale. And of-course it’s the Bloomsbury Girls, Evie, Grace and Vivien who are the real stand-outs and will steal the show along with reader’s hearts. Fans of WWII fiction, literary fiction, women’s fiction and stories staring strong female leads with unsinkable attitudes will stay up all night to finish this amazing work of fiction.

English actress Juliet Stevenson is a superb choice for the narration of this marvelous work of fiction, she gives life to every character from the most minor to the three female stars. Her voice is precise and understandable and while telling the story delivers the right emotion at the right time.


City of Time and Magic Paula Brackston- I have loved the work of Paula Blackstone for many years and I think this is my favorite series so far. I reviewed this for Macmillan Audio.

This series just keeps getting better and better and The City of Time and Magic is absolutely awesome and the best one yet. Not only has Xanthe finally confided her secret to her mother and Liam but fans of the Marvelous Ms. Brackston will recognize perhaps her greatest (before Xanthe) heroine, Elizabeth from The Witch’s Daughter as the wife of Erasmus. The first two books did contain some danger but were more fanciful than the last two which were much darker as both Xanthe’s role as time-spinner and the series itself evolves. The tale is fast paced and the narrative flows fabulously and how Paula switches from present day dialogue to Nineteenth Century speak is superb. The storyline is an intriguing edge of your seat puzzle that gives the audience that fly on the wall feel. The characters continue to amaze especially Xanthe and now that she and Liam are a couple it gives a sometimes romance feel to the mystery, plus now with Elizabeth involved readers will have to wonder if she’ll be making more appearances in upcoming novels. Only time will tell. From page one to the breathtaking last page fans will devour this unputdownable novel. Series should be read in order.

Marisa Calin’s narration continues to awe she’s the perfect Xanthe and does a superb job on all the voices giving them just enough of a difference so that her audience can tell them apart and is excellent on both male and female parts. Plus she adds just the right emotion to every sentence taking listeners right inside the story and giving them an added dimension that reading alone can’t do.


Dark Horse Gregg Hurwitz- A Year or so ago Macmillan Audio offered me a review audio of #6 in the Series Prodigal Son and for someone who doesn't usually care for this type of novel I have to say that Gregg made me a believer. I think this is the best thriller series out there. In fact I love it so much that I went back and bought all the back copies.

#7 in the Orphan X series is freaking fantastic and fans will get another dose of this OCD plagued, automaton-esque, flawed yet perfect hero. In this installation X finds himself way over his head in the emotion department with 16- year-old Joey, X program dropout, tech extraordinaire and his charge wants something he doesn’t think he can give her. Plus Mia and Peter a woman and her young son who have somehow inched their way under his skin and into his heart are facing something Evan doesn’t know if he can cope with. What he needs is to get into his X Zone the uber-focused zen-like alter-ego he uses to fight the fight of The Nowhere Man and when dealing with this ruthless Mexican Cartel leader he’ll get his wish and much more. Fans get ready for non-stop breathless, edge-of-your-seat action and a continuing kinder gentler X mixed in with a fabulous storyline and characters both good and evil who will make a lasting impression long after The End. Series best read in order.

The brilliant Scott Brick continues to wow as he narrates this series, he is the perfect Evan but every role he plays is impeccable giving listeners an added dimensions and an unfair advantage over readers.


Lightning in a Mirror Jayne Ann Krentz- This is the end of the marvelous Ms. Krentz's Fogg Lake Trilogy and it was amazing. I have loved all of Jayne's novels in all three of her writing personas, Jayne Ann Krentz, Jayne Castle and Amanda Quick.

Book 3 in JAK’s Fogg Lake trilogy is freaking, fantastic, filled with so many psi and paranormal Krentzerisms that traverses her unique three Jaynerverses. This novel features Olivia from Lark and LeClair and a most unexpected hero in Harlan Rancourt and amazingly these two seemingly very different people fit together like a glove and it’s interesting how this talented author makes the romance magic happen. Readers have a full stable of terrific, good and evil-doers and will fall in love with this duo as they delve into danger trying to find this lost lab before catastrophe strikes. The narrative is a fast paced, action packed, fly on the wall account bringing readers right into the story, and experiencing for themselves all the different preternatural events. The plot is part continuation of the trilogy storyline but a big part unique to this novel. JAK fans will recognize names and organizations, like The Foundation and The Arcane Society and Vortex from her many writings as Jayne Ann Krentz, Amanda Quick and Jayne Castle and will be better served reading this in order.


A Streetcar Named Murder T G Herren- I was given this novel to read and review for Mystery Scene Magazine's very last :( issue and I can tell you right now that I will follow this series and get the next and next it was just that good.

T. G. Herren’s debut New Orleans Mystery, A Streetcar Named Murder, is an aptly titled dark cozy. It’s an interesting and beautifully written whodunit about starting over, secrets, lies, and murder. 

Single mom and widow Valerie Cooper finds herself at loose ends when her twin boys head off to Louisiana State University. Relying on friends to keep her balanced, she spends her days rambling around her big (and now too quiet) Irish Channel antebellum house.

When she receives an inheritance from her late husband’s uncle that includes part ownership in an upscale New Orleans antiques shop, it’s a prayer answered: a new purpose and income for home upkeep. Plus, it’s a way to get rid of pesky real estate agent Collete Monaghan who’s suddenly interested in selling Valerie's home. Curious to learn more about her mysterious benefactor, Valerie begins to look into her inheritance—but asking questions begins to prove dangerous, even deadly.


Dessert Star Michael Connelly- I review Michael for Library Journal and this latest staring Harry Bosch is quintessential Connelly and absolutely unputdownable.

“Another home run for Connelly …The plot is an exceptional piece of crime drama, and the short chapters help keep the expectations high and the flow smooth. The narrative is unapologetic hard-edged cop-speak, and Bosch and Ballard rock every page. VERDICT Fans of police procedurals, dark cat-and-mouse mysteries, and Connelly’s iconic characters will find this soon-to-be-best-seller absolutely unputdownable.
– Library Journal Starred Review

One Step too Far Lisa Gardner- I also review Lisa Gardner for Library Journal and I have to say that Frankie, her latest series star is one of the most unusual and one of the best Lisa has to offer.

 Gardner’s second novel featuring Frankie Elkin (following Before She Disappeared) is beyond brilliant. This time Frankie is up against a sadistic killer and the remote, rugged Popo Agie Wilderness area in the Wyoming Shoshone National Forest. Five years after a hiker went missing there during his bachelor party/camping trip, eight people search for his remain, including his father; an SAR expert and her dog; a Bigfoot hunter; and a last-minute addition, loner and cold-case-missing-person-finder extraordinaire Frankie, who’s recovering from alcohol addiction. Soon it becomes obvious that someone is sabotaging the group’s mission. Frankie tries to piece together the frustrating puzzle pieces of the case while calculating how much danger the group is in when it’s made clear that the saboteur is out for blood. Gardner’s narrative is a mix of beautiful prose and ingenious, intense, edgy dialogue; her research is meticulous; and it’s amazing how this master storyteller turns Frankie, a broken urbanite, into a wilderness survivalist hero.

VERDICT Gardner’s latest is perfect for fans of unputdownable, gritty cat-and-mouse mysteries, compassionate underdog protagonists with self-deprecating senses of humor, ruthless killers, and “didn’t see it coming, OMG” endings.


Santa’s Little Yelpers David Rosenfelt- I first fell in love with the Andy Carpenter series through Macmillan Audio but this novel I was honored to review for the last issue of Mystery Scene Magazine and I also reviewed the Macmillan Audio version.

Readers will enjoy a steady paced mystery with a mix of roll-your-eyes funny and deadly serious, with a little litigation etiquette and a few Ah-ha! moments thrown in, as Andy gets deep into defending and solving mode aided by his incredibly talented K-team (and of course his three adorable four-legged sounding boards). Rosenfelt fans and lovers of animal mysteries will find Santa's Little Yelpers absolutely captivating, a festive and furry legal case wrapped up nicely and tied with a bow.

The audio book narrated by Grover Gardner is the best way to experience this book in my humble opinion, reading alone is great but Grover instills all the emotion, angst and drama that reading alone just can’t deliver. He’s the perfect Andy is fabulous at the rest of the eclectic cast of characters and his expert recounting will let the listening audience perfectly visualize the story. Now all we need is the next book in the series!


Lover Arisen JR Ward- What can I say about the Warden, she's amazing, creative, and a scary brilliant storyteller. 

Wow it’s amazing that #20 in the amazing Black Dagger Brotherhood series, Lover Arisen, can still possess originality and vitality and it’s because the Warden is just that good.

There is a lot to love about the series and this novel in particular; but one thing is the story inside a story that JR gifts to readers in every episode. This novel stars Balthazar and Erika but JR keeps the audience informed on all the other goings on at the BDB Mansion plus the lives of all the Vamps and subspecies in Caldwell. Nor does the author pull punches with etiquette or language so if you’re offended by constant F Bombs, Rap loving Brothers who don’t mind showing their fangs and explicit love scenes this is not for you but if you love the honest and unvarnished type of characters and a series that keeps you on your toes because it’s ever evolving this is right up your down and dirty alley. Fans of Urban Fantasy and paranormal romance will love this series but if you’re a new fan you’d be better off starting from the top.


Little Souls Sandra Dallas- Sandra Dallas is a long time favorite and I was honored to review this novel for Macmillan Audio.

NYT Bestseller Sandra Dallas’s latest literary historical is absolutely unputdownable, packed with secrets, lies, heartbreak and healing. Set in Denver during both WWI and the Spanish Flu Pandemic staring two forward thinking sisters, the men who loved them and the little girl who needed them as much as they needed her.

Needless to say its’ eerily familiar to read a historical novel based on the facts of the 1917 flu epidemic that mimics the events of the past couple of years with just as much misinformation, confusion, fear mongering and government cover-ups back then as we all experienced during the Covid-19 pandemic. Then throw in a murder, bootleggers and a World War and Sandra Dallas has herself one powerful novel. The dialogue is period perfect and will take listeners/readers right into the story along with the vivid first-person narrative through Lutie’s eyes. Both sisters plus Dorothy are the definite stars in the novel, they plus a few strong supporting characters brilliantly carry the story. Plus seeing the flu epidemic through the eyes of a nurse like Helen and her doctor fiancé Gil gives the tale a more genuine feel and experiencing the tragedies that befall all three of our female stars produces sympathy and empathy from the audience. Those who love historical novels based on facts, the work of Lauren Willig, Beatriz Williams or the novels of this exceptional author will find this read amazing.

The narration by Carly Robins is exceptional. She finds just the right nuance to become every character from high society to a rough around the edges copper, a prostitute to a small frightened little girl. She also goes between male, female and child voices so expertly it sounds like multiple narrators.


River of Luck Donna Augustine- Donna Augustine has become my to-go fantasy author I met her on line years ago and have loved everything she's written since.

Donna Augustine’s #3 in her Torn Worlds series, River of Luck, is freaking fantastic and the best one yet staring a couple of unforgettable star-crossed characters that will stay with readers long after The End.
Donna gifts her readers with an incredibly imaginative, edge of your seat, urban fantasy romance including a fanciful narrative that is equal parts terrifying and whimsical and a troupe of characters that are totally over the top yet likeable (or hateable) and relatable. Staring Dante an alpha pack leader and River an undiscovered new species who are the undisputed stand outs in this tale. River has a heart of gold and a spine of steel and Dante is your average everyday clueless alpha, breaking bones first and asking questions later and their love story is both heartening and heartbreaking. Fans of this author, I.T. Lucas and JR Ward will experience an unputdownable novel and by the end will be pleading with the author for more in this delicious series. While this story could stand alone like all series is best read in order.

The Lost Summers of Newport Karen White, Lauren Willig & Beatriz Williams- When this trio of novelist collaborate on a novel it's so seamless that only long time fans of all three can pick out who wrote what and that's only because they love to namedrop from their other works.

The latest team effort from White, Williams and Willig is an exceptional piece of literary fiction featuring three strong females and spanning over a century from the late 1800s to present day highlighting the secrets, lies, consequences and buried bodies surrounding one Newport RI mansion. These storytellers are all masters of their art, drawing their audience right inside the story, keeping them turning pages with their tightly plotted interweaving tales. The main protagonists are all fabulous and readers will have a hard time picking favorites and the secondary characters both good and not so good are utterly unforgettable. The story is seamless and only long-time fans will know who created whom because of the obvious name dropping interlaced within the stories. The narrative flows beautifully and compliments the period it reflects and the backdrops are out of this world and over the top displaying the extravagances of the well to dos of Newport past and present. Fans of any of these award- winning authors, amazing historical fiction and/or strong female protagonists will have a hard time putting this read down.


Happy New Year to you all and may 2023 lead you and me to many, many more wonderful literary journeys.



  1. Some of these also made my top 10 lists: Man of War, Dark Horse, and A Step Too Far. But I read some of the others too. Feel free to link up to our top 10 post if you like Debbie. Great picks.

    Anne - Books of My Heart

  2. I see four here I read and loved, and two I am going to read, one of which will be my first book of 2023. Great reading year Debbie.

    1. ooh can't wait to see which one makes the first. Happy New Year Kathryn

  3. I have not read any of these but quite a few sound wonderful. I really like Sarah Morgan's books and have heard only good things about Snowed In for Christmas. I look forward to reading it. Paula Brackston's books are so tempting. I really need to give her work a try. I hope you have a Happy New Year!

    1. Thank you Cat ;-), Paula's works are a mix of Urban Fantasy, Paranormal Romance and Magic Realism so if you're a fan of these you will love her.

  4. Great year. I want to try the new Sarah Addison Allen