Friday, April 14, 2023

Macmillan Audio review of: Murder at Haven's Rock by Kelly Armstrong

So I heard so many good things about this novel from many of my blogger and reviewer friends that I knew I had to get my hands on it. I'm so glad I did, read on to find out why.

Publisher: Macmillan Audio
Release Date: 2-21-2023
Length: 10 hours, 33 minutes
Source: Publisher for review
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“I can’t say enough good things about the audio editions and narrator Thérèse Plummer, who has done a phenomenal job throughout the entire series."—The Bibliosanctum

New York Times bestselling author Kelley Armstrong’s Rockton Novels had one of the most unique towns in crime fiction. Murder at Haven's Rock is a spinoff, a fresh start... with a few new dangers that threaten everything before it even begins.

Haven’s Rock, Yukon. Population: 0

Deep in the Yukon wilderness, a town is being built. A place for people to disappear, a fresh start from a life on the run. Haven’s Rock isn’t the first town of this kind, something detective Casey Duncan and her husband, Sheriff Eric Dalton, know firsthand. They met in the original town of Rockton. But greed and deception led the couple to financing a new refuge for those in need. This time around, they get to decide which applicants are approved for residency.

There’s only one rule in Haven’s Rock: stay out of the forest. When two of the town's construction crew members break it and go missing, Casey and Eric are called in ahead of schedule to track them down. When a body is discovered, well-hidden with evidence of foul play, Casey and Eric must find out what happened to the dead woman, and locate those still missing. The longer Casey and Eric don’t know what happened, the more danger everyone is in.

A Macmillan Audio production from Minotaur Books.

My Review:

Murder At Haven’s Rock
Haven’s Rock #1
Casey Duncan #8


Murder at Haven’s Rock is a fantastic mystery/thriller and brand-new spin off series to Kelly Armstrong’s Rockton series. So yes its best if the prior series has been read but it’s not a requirement as I really enjoyed this novel and will now go back to read the Rockton series because I want to know more about Casey, Erick what led them to Haven’s Rock. The narrative is candid and a bit in your face and compliment the personalities of the main protagonists Casey and Eric, plus Kelly’s excellent storytelling will keep the listener engaged from page one until the end. New readers like me will be antsy to go back to the beginning and find out about the origins and both new and seasoned fans will be anxiously waiting for the next Haven’s Rock installment. Fans of puzzling mysteries, of Rachel Cain, Laura Griffin or Lisa Gardner will love this chilling edgy thriller.

Therese Plummer is an excellent choice for this novel, not only is she the perfect Casey and other female roles but she delivers believable male voices and different vocal intonations and accents with perfection. She also manages to add the right amount of emotion or lack thereof in just the right places making this the best choice for the total enjoyment of this novel.

Haven’s Rock is deep in the Yukon wilderness, it wasn’t founded by miners in fact the founders have gone to great lengths to make sure it’s not near any human settlements and have spared no expense to make the town everything they want and need to be as off the grid as possible because Haven’s Rock is for people who don’t want to be found.  It’s also the second town of its kind and Detective Casey Duncan, her husband Sheriff Eric Dalton and their rough and tumble crew of inhabitants can’t wait to move in. In fact they’ve hired an assemblage of craftsmen and women who’ve promised to keep their mouths shut and get the town built with no questions asked. Then just before the town is finished Casey and Eric are notified by the construction foreman that two of the builders have gone missing and she needs Casey and Eric to get to Haven’s Rock fast and find them. When they get there its not one of the missing crew they find but a well hidden dead woman’s body. Now they’ve got to locate the missing crew members, discover who the dead stranger is and is her death connected to the two people who are missing?

About the author:
Kelley Armstrong believes experience is the best teacher, though she’s been told this shouldn’t apply to writing her murder scenes. To craft her books, she has studied aikido, archery and fencing. She sucks at all of them. She has also crawled through very shallow cave systems and climbed half a mountain before chickening out. She is however an expert coffee drinker and a true connoisseur of chocolate-chip cookies.



  1. I was excited for this spinoff and enjoyed it. I am so glad you did as well.

    1. i really did Kim and all thanks to you and Sophia Rose :)

  2. Yay! I'm glad you enjoyed it. I was sucked into the Rockton series and was glad to see this spinoff.

  3. Theresa Plummer I like and this book sounds good, great when you want to go back and see what came before. A great sign.

    1. I agree and yes Therese is someone I've also enjoyed before

  4. I really enjoyed this one! You are in for a treat when you read the earlier books!

  5. I need to try one of her thrillers one day