Friday, January 14, 2011

Review of Here Lies Bridget by Paige Harbison

Here Lies Bridget

Paige Harbison

Harlequin Teen

224 pages pub date 2-1-2011

What if you died, who would miss you, what kind of impact have you made on your own little word, well if you happen to be Bridget Duke you might want to forget you asked. Bridget has it all, or so she thinks until she finds out some really hard truths about herself

Paige Harbison first time author, college student and 19 year old wunderkind has a great read on her hands with this novel. She hit’s on all the issues that affect kids today, peer pressure, fitting in, wrong from right and who decides what’s wrong and what’s right. Her plot is funny, exasperating, sad and redeeming, it’s a coming of age tale, but it’s also so much more than that, it’s Grimms and Aesop rolled into a comedic tragedy, it’s all about life lessons and ownership in our own choices. It’s a YA that people of all ages should read. All her characters are very well portrayed and realistic as in, if I read another duh or you know I might just scream, but that the audience this is truly aimed at will love. Her protagonist Bridget is frustratingly authentic as the snobby, poor little motherless rich girl who controls her life by controlling (or trying to) the people around her.

People of all ages will enjoy this novel, some for the mere entertainment value, some for the educational value. If you’re a teen buy it for a friend, if you’re a parent buy it for your teen. If you’re neither or both buy it for yourself. It’s just plain good writing and good reading. And Paige kudos to you and here’s to a long and prosperous career.

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