Thursday, January 27, 2011

Review of Blood Club by Walt Schnabel

Blood Club

Walt Schnabel

Surry Cottage Books

276 pages

A family in crisis moves to a small picturesque town in New England hoping to become the close and loving family they once were. But there’s more waiting for them in this quaint New Hampshire town then colorful autumn landscapes and brilliant white winters, something lurks just out of the realm of believability, something ancient, something evil and something all consuming that wants it’s next sacrifice. Will this family be a victim or a victor, will they succumb or will they survive.

Mr. Schnabel takes us on a fantastical journey surrounding one small New Hampshire town but in his doing this he brings to our attention some real evils that we humans face each and every day, the addictions, the abuse and the bullying we each do to one another, so that interspersed with the fantasy he gives us all old fashioned good sense and morality lessons, He does this with contemporary dialogue that’s one minute to the point and the next prose like. He does it with characters that are the quintessential residents we imagine in New England, and he get’s the quirky to a tee. The family he portrays in this drama could be living next door to or in any of our homes and he makes them likeable and believable and he gives them some allies that are formidable in their fight against evil. This is very much a good vs evil novel and I love the Native American link that he gives us and also love his Native American character. The story fits well together for the most part and I only noticed a small continuity problem that led me on a merry chase between the middle and end of the novel trying to connect the plot dots. But it in no way effected my liking of the novel which was inventive, creative and interesting. And it also gives those of us who love explosive endings one of those too.

So if you’re a fan of the age old good vs evil tale, a fan of a good mystery, a family drama or urban fantasy you’ll really like this one. But be forewarned, you’ll have no fingernails left at the end of this one and be prepared for your pulse to increase as well.
Thank you Mr. Schnabel for an enjoyable read.

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