Thursday, February 3, 2011

Review of Shadowfever by Karen Marie Moning


Karen Marie Moning

Bantam Dell

595 pages

Shadowfever is the fifth and final novel in the Fever series – Or is it

It’s the most magnificent, most awaited and most revealing of the series – yet.

MacKayla (Mac) Lane has been through hell, literally and lived to tell the tale, but she’s in for the journey of her life or maybe her death in her last ditch effort to find and subdue the Sinsar Dubh a dark tomb thought to hold the essence of the Unseelie King, given into the care of the sidhe-seers of the Abbey who let it slip away twenty some years ago. She will battle old foes and new ones, she will love and she will loose and even though she’s already lost so much, this time it may be fatal if not to her life then to her soul.

Ms. Moning ends her epic urban fantasy series with a BANG in this immensely emotional and intensely action packed novel. Her readers will recognize many of the heros and villains of her previous novels along with a few new faces. Pay attention readers because you’ll need to keep your wits about you to take in the myriad of information doled out in this mega-paged, mega-important read. She brings us her requiem with her identifiable no-nonsense in your face dialogue with amazing descriptions of places, beings and objects that her audience will visualize without effort even though most of us have never experienced any of these things personally. She uses her amazingly adept imagination to conjure some of the most fantastical characters ever put on paper and makes them believable in your eyes even in their unbelievable-ness because most of all she gives them heart and soul. And as she tells her tale she tells not one love story but many, romantic love, love of family, love of friends. Her romantic love story is as big as the novel and Mac will get her happy ever after and I can tell you that because Ms. Moning has already said she would, but I’ll let you read it to see what the final outcome is because to tell you here would ruin most of the story. Her love scenes are sexually and sensually depicted with realism and candor but without being garish, she leaves that to describe the villainy.

So you all want to know, is it worth the wait? YES. Will you read it over and over again? Definitely. Will it satisfy her fans? Absolutely.

So wait no longer to fulfill your every fantasy ever brought to you by the once in a lifetime storytelling ability of Karen Marie Moning.

Ms. Moning, my only question is. When will we get to go back to the streets of Dublin?

Kudos for an amazing journey.

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