Monday, February 14, 2011

Review of The Chimney Still Stands by Tammy Snyder

The Chimney Still Stands

Tammy Snyder

Self Published-ebook form only

192 KB-Approx 178 pages

Tandon Bowman has had many regrets in his life, but perhaps the most important was JulieAnne Peterson. He’s not a man to look back, but now as he heads to the only place he’s really ever called home he reflects on his life, past and present because there will be no future for him. He looks back at the could have beens and the wish there weres and he contemplates the choices he’s made and the costs that came with them and as he nears his final destination he’s amazed that “The Chimney Still Stands” a testament to time. He also knows first hand that sometimes happy endings only happen in fairy tales, the truth is sometimes love isn’t enough and sometimes that’s the ultimate cost of being true to yourself.

Welcome to a brave new world and debut author Tammy Snyder. It’s not enough she writes the novel, she also published it, marketed it and I hope with all my heart that it pays off for her because it deserves to. In her debut novel Ms. Snyder takes us close to her heart and home to the still wilds of Arkansas and the Buffalo River. She gives us a story line that could easily be told from one friend to another, sitting in a hair salon or gossiping in the grocery store isle or even over the back fence and she does it with pleasant to read, easy to understand language, dialogue that will take her readers directly into the pages of the novel as she expertly describes places and scenes and people we can clearly imagine. She also accomplishes this feat with far fewer pages than other novelists and the tale is told to the fullest so don’t worry that there’s more you should know. Her hero of this story is someone we all would be proud to know, a man who was brave enough to live his life by his terms, with honesty and integrity and unselfishness. Her other characters are stars in their own rights and are very well developed and portrayed in this drama. This is a love story, but not your typical Harlequin Happy Ever After tale. It’s the love of a woman, the love of your family, but most important the love of oneself.

If you like the novels of Nicholas Sparks you’ll love this one. It’s a poignantly told drama that will make you laugh, make you cry and at times make you angry, and isn’t that just what a great author can do, pull all the emotions out of her readers.
Don’t hesitate to get this read, all you need is an e-reader, a box of tissues and a love of a great story.


  1. Talk about making you cry...Debbie, you've got me nearly sobbing with joy! What a wonderful review you blessed me with. I cannot thank you enough and I am sooo glad you liked it! You have completely made my year! And, I might add, you definitely have your own way with words! See you on Facebook.

    Thanks again!

  2. It was wonderful Tammy, I can't wait to read what you come up with next