Friday, February 11, 2011

Review of Love You More by Lisa Gardner

Love you More

Lisa Gardner

Bantam Books

368 pages Release Date March 8, 2011

Love you More is the 5th in the Boston Detective D.D. Warren series.

D.D. Warren has seen some bad scenes in her life and this one is no different, but things are not what they seem, somebody’s lying and nobody’s telling the truth, and beneath the mess of her work is a mess of the personal kind. State Trooper and D.D.’s former lover Bobby Dodge is involved as a liaison between the state and the Boston PD in the case as it involves another State Trooper.
Massachusetts State Trooper Tessa Leoni has sacrificed much for the sake of her six year old daughter Sophie, she’s the reason Tessa became a police officer, but now buried in the deepest mess of her life she has one chance to prove she means it when she says “Love You More”.

Ms. Gardner is in my opinion the best thriller writer out there, maybe it’s because of that mild mannered wife and mother façade which behind lurks a mind that can turn out some of the most heinous literary monsters in her genre, but really it’s because she’s just that good. The plot for Love you More could be found on the headline of any newspaper or scrolled across the screen on CNN. It’s obvious that she goes out of her way to learn the whys and hows of police work and it shows in the finished product. Her dialogue isn’t sweet and flowing prose, no it’s hard nosed police speak and fits right in with her hard nosed protagonist a protagonist that her fans have had four previous novels to learn about her and yet we still yearn for more and in this tale we get more, we get to see D.D. as not just brute strength in a small package but a woman this time, hormonal, weepy, uncharacteristic and utterly believable. Her other characters are all well portrayed and we’ll get to catch up with Bobby Dodge (Alone & Hide) her former lover and then we have her co-protagonist Trooper Tessa Leoni, a petite stick of dynamite who will make you change your mind about her with every new piece of evidence. Her villains are as always chillingly, horrifyingly real and as usual you will have nothing but guesses until Ms. Gardner finally decides to put you out of your misery and let you in on the secret of who done it.

If you love John Sanford, Nelson Demille, Ridley Pearson or Michael Connelly give Lisa Gardner a try because she can bat in the big leagues with the rest of the boys and hit a home run while she’s at it. If you’re looking for a great read to get you through those last bitter days before Spring, a novel that you will go back to re-read numerous times or the next choice for the NYTimes Bestseller list, Love You More is the big IT.

Congratulation Ms. Gardner for another must read.


  1. I loved the relationship between the two detectives - D.D. Warren and Bobby Dodge. What a team and you knew from the beginning that these two cared deeply for each other and were the best of coworkers and friends.
    A great book that I would absolutely pass onto both the males and females. A suspenseful story that keeps you reading until the last page.

  2. Canada, glad you liked the novel, have you read the newest one yet?