Thursday, February 10, 2011

Review of In Too Deep by Jayne Ann Krentz

In Too Deep

Jayne Ann Krentz

G P Putnum’s Sons

324 Pages

In Too Deep is the first of The Looking Glass Trilogy.
Fans of the modern day Arcane Society who thought Fallon Jones would never get his mate, stand to be corrected.

Fallon Jones, head of the family business of J&J Investigations long ago moved to the quirky, quaint town of Scargill Cove CA. It’s close to the sea and shrouded in more than the fog rolling off the Pacific, why did he move, well it’s location, location, location. Fallon is a strong probably off the charts chaos theory talent, which helps immensely in his investigations, but not so much his social life which is why he prefers this little town where he can hide in plain sight to aid his reclusiveness.
Isabella Valdez is fleeing for her life from the very people who she once worked for, now she fears they’ve done away with her Grandmother and the only place she has left to run to is Fallon Jones. Fallon knows she’s hiding something, he is after all a strong talent, he just has to keep her safe until she fesses up. In the mean time they have this other small problem, they can’t keep their hands off each other. Chaos, Kismet or disaster, start turning pages to find out.

Ms. Krentz continues her beloved Arcane novels with the irrepressible Fallon Jones, that unlovable character you’ve met in many previous reads and matches him with this spunky, sparkly direct opposite of him, which works like a charm. The plot is of course out of this world, dealing with Victorian paranormal weapons and villains who are just as odd as the heros. Her dialogue is in the ever present Arcane-speak that her fans are used to and love, but if you’re a new reader to this series it may take you a few pages to get it down, once you do you’ll Arcane-speak with the best of them. Her characters are over the top, unforgettable but at the same time very personable. The romance is wonderfully sweet in part because of the hero’s proclivity to chivalry and the heroine’s allowance of it and in part because these two lovers make you smile at every turn. The love scenes are as hot as the romance is sweet, but not too hot to embarrass the reader.

Get ready for another trip in the funhouse that is the Arcane Society with all the quirky members, bad and good and in between, for a bumpy ride to romance, for tense moments with villains to remember and crimes you won’t forget mixed with a cornucopia of odd characters and even odder places. All in all a great read. The only detriment to getting hooked on the Arcane books, is waiting for the next one.

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